Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 248 - Qin Emperor, You Owe Me An Explanation (1)

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Chapter 248 Qin Emperor, You Owe Me An Explanation (1)

The sword light and the tiger claw collided, and time seemed to stop for a moment.

Everyone felt the sound in their ears disappear completely. It was utterly silent.

This feeling was a stark contrast to the killing on the field.

This feeling was extremely strange and uncomfortable.

But the feeling lasted only for an instant. Then a deafening sound filled the air.

A shadow flew high into the air.

Everyone was stunned. The Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry and the Great Xia diplomatic mission stopped what they were doing. They seemed to see something unbelievable.

Meng Bai stood there, stunned. He even blinked, doubting his eyes.

After a moment, he gasped.

Standing in front of him was Zhou Shu.

And the one who flew out was the general of the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry!

Just like Xu Shi, the general of the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry was sent flying dozens of feet away by Zhou Shu’s sword.

Zhou Shu didn’t even take half a step back!

If Meng Bai hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed it!

The other party was a first-rank martial artist.

Even he was no match for the other party’s combined forces. Zhou Shu was only a fifth-rank martial artist. How could he force the other party back with a single strike?

Meng Bai looked at Zhou Shu. The spiritual essence fluctuations on Zhou Shu’s body were indeed only at the fifth rank of the Martial Dao.

There was no mistaking this.

But he could clearly see that the power of the sword strike just now was definitely not inferior to a first-rank martial artist!

Is that pure power?

What’s going on?

Is this a divine technique similar to the Iron Smelting Hands Technique?

What has his mysterious senior brother taught him?

As Meng Bai pondered, he saw Zhou Shu’s figure flash and attack the general of the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry.

The Great Destroyer Sword turned into a sword shadow reflecting the moonlight. Like a meteor chasing the moon, it slashed at the long saber of the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry general.


There was another explosion, and the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry general stepped back again.

After two consecutive attacks, everyone finally understood that Zhou Shu could really suppress two first-rank martial artists!

After slashing twice in a row, Zhou Shu felt refreshed.

Even when he was fighting Xiao Shunzhi, he didn’t feel so carefree.

It turned out that the feeling of attacking without holding back was not bad!

Back then, before his Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique reached perfection, he could already fight Xiao Shunzhi to a draw.

Now, his Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique had reached perfection, and so had his Golden Bell Shield Technique.

Zhou Shu’s strength had already reached a shocking level.

Even a first-rank martial artist was far inferior to him in terms of strength.

Moreover, although the perfected Golden Bell Shield Technique could not completely block the attack of first-rank martial artists, first-rank martial artists would have to put in a lot of effort to severely injure him.

Would Zhou Shu give them the chance?

“Today, the Great Destroyer Sword has gained another victory!”

Since Zhou Shu had already decided not to hide his strength, he wouldn’t hold back.

With a loud shout, the Astounding Heavenly Eighteen Swords Technique transformed into sword shadows filling the sky. With boundless strength, they enveloped the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry general.

The Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry general only saw sword lights covering the sky.

Almost without thinking, he flew backward.


There was a soft crack as the visor of the general’s helmet was cut open. There was a cut on his face too, a cut that threatened to split his head in two.

If he hadn’t dodged quickly, his head would have been split in two.

He dodged. The tiger demonic beast he rode didn’t have this luck.

The three-meter-tall tiger demon beast’s eyes flashed with disbelief. With a bang, its enormous body split in two.

Blood and internal organs flowed all over the ground. The scene was extremely bloody.

In just a few moves, the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry general who had almost killed Meng Bai was severely injured, and his mount was dead!

The scene fell silent.


The blood on the Great Destroyer Sword dripped to the ground along the tip. The sound was abnormally ear-piercing.

Zhou Shu slowly raised his arm and pointed the Great Destroyer Sword at the general of the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry.

“Aren’t you going to kill all of my Great Xia diplomatic mission? Come on!” Zhou Shu shouted.

There was a shocking wound on the general’s face. His flesh was exposed, and it was abnormally terrifying.

“Retreat!” He shouted. Without hesitation, he turned around and plunged into the forest, instantly disappearing.

“You want to leave? Not so easy!” Zhou Shu snorted and chased after the general with his Riding on Cloud and Wind Technique.

With the general’s shout, the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry and demonic beasts roared and instantly scattered, rushing into the dark forest.

The Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry’s mounts were all demonic beasts.

The forest was the home of demonic beasts. If they wanted to escape, the Great Xia diplomatic mission’s guards couldn’t stop them at all.

Yin Wuyou, Lu Wenshuang, Chen Ji, and the others attacked one after another, but they only left behind a few corpses of the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry. The rest of the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry had already fled into the forest and disappeared.

“Where’s Zhou Shu?” Yin Wuyou exclaimed. “Oh no, he’s in danger!”

Yin Wuyou wanted to chase after him, but she suddenly stopped after taking a step because she realized that everyone was looking at her strangely. Would Zhou Shu be in danger?

Would someone who was able to kill a first-rank martial artist and severely injure another be in danger?

The one in danger should be the general of the Tiger Leopard Wolf Cavalry, right?

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