Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 397 - What I Admire The Most Is Your Shameless Self-Confidence (2)   

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Chapter 397: What I Admire The Most Is Your Shameless Self-Confidence (2)


Zhou Shu laughed out loud. “I know your Consort Hua has a red mole under her right breast.

“Also, you, Emperor Wei Wu, can only last for thirty breaths in bed. I know all these.”


The Great Wei soldiers below couldn’t help letting out an uproar.

No man in any world could stand such an insult.

Emperor Wei Wu’s face flushed red as his spiritual essence reversed. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Mirror of Retribution behind his head turned into a ray of light and entered the back of his head. The Great Wei’s imperial cauldron also fell to the ground with a bang.

Emperor Wei Wu’s reaction made the Great Wei soldiers even more puzzled. His Majesty was actually provoked by such crude remarks?

Could it be…

What the Great Xia’s King of the South said was true?

“All of you are just tools of Emperor Wei Wu. Do you really think that after he succeeds, you can sit back and enjoy riches?” Zhou Shu pointed at the Great Wei soldiers. “If the Mirror of Retribution wants to infect the imperial cauldron, it needs boundless blood energy. Where do you think this blood energy comes from?

“Other than Emperor Wei Wu asking you to kill your compatriots to obtain blood energy, all of you are just backup blood energy!”

All the Great Wei soldiers took a step back and involuntarily moved farther away from Emperor Wei Wu.

Seeing this, Emperor Wei Wu was so angry that he spat out another mouthful of blood.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense! Don’t you know what kind of person I am?!” Emperor Wei Wu roared. “I did all this to make Great Wei last forever!”

“I’m afraid it’s to make yourself immortal.” Zhou Shu sneered. “You really do everything for longevity. Women, power, people, what do you care about?

“Wei Wu, Wei Wu, so what if you can live forever? Aren’t you still alone?”

“I am the destined one. Ever since I ascended the throne, I have been alone!” Emperor Wei Wu said angrily. “Zhou Shu, you’re disrupting my army’s morale. I will kill you today!”

A red aura rose from his body, and the scent of blood spread for a hundred kilometers.

At this point, the Great Wei soldiers could already tell that Emperor Wei Wu was not in the right.

“Great Wei soldiers, kill him!” Emperor Wei Wu shouted.

The Great Wei soldiers hesitated. Everyone looked at each other, unsure whether to attack.

Emperor Wei Wu was furious. He could tell that the Great Wei soldiers were already suspicious of him!

Damn it!

Why does Zhou Shu know so much?

Why does he know so much about the Mirror of Retribution?

It’s impossible!

He even knows about the mole on Imperial Consort Hua’s body and my…

Could it be that when I was in bed with Imperial Consort Hua, he was peeping from the side?

“Wei Wu, a just cause enjoys abundant support, while an unjust cause finds little support. Even the Great Wei soldiers can’t stand it anymore. Why don’t you die?” Zhou Shu said loudly.

“If I were you, I’d be too ashamed to live.

“I’ll be merciful and lend you my sword. Kill yourself.”

Zhou Shu flicked his sleeve, and the earth-grade Great Destroyer Sword turned into a beam of light that shot forward.

Hundred Steps Flying Sword!

In the Great Wei army, dozens of experts hesitated, but none of them made a move.

What Zhou Shu just said made them re-look at their own situation.

They were horrified to discover that what Zhou Shu said might really be the truth!

The emperor might really sacrifice them to the Mirror of Retribution!

At the thought of this, they were shocked and furious. They didn’t have the courage to question Emperor Wei Wu for the time being, but they still dared to watch.

This world was not like the dynasties in Zhou Shu’s previous life. The status of officials was not that low.

Seeing this scene, Emperor Wei Wu’s eyes had already turned red. At first glance, he was not much different from a humanoid demonic beast.

With a roar, he slashed out and hit the tip of the earth-grade Great Destroyer Sword.

With a loud rumble, the earth-grade Great Destroyer Sword flew backward.

“Traitors, since you listen to rumors, then all of you can die!” Emperor Wei Wu roared.

His body slowly floated up, and the Mirror of Retribution appeared above his head again. On the mirror, a blood-colored light shone.


The blood-colored pillar of light landed on a Great Wei expert. In a breath, the expert’s face revealed a look of fear. His entire body was like a balloon deflating. In an instant, only a layer of human skin was left.

Emperor Wei Wu’s aura actually became stronger.

This strange scene stunned everyone.

Only Zhou Shu, who had seen this scene before, sighed in his heart. Emperor Wei Wu is really crazy to use such heretical methods.


The blood-colored pillar of light emitted by the Mirror of Retribution kept sweeping across the Great Wei army. Large swaths of Great Wei soldiers turned into human skin, and the air was full of the smell of blood, making people nauseous.

No matter how stupid the Great Wei soldiers were, they now knew that what Zhou Shu said was true. They were all just tools for Emperor Wei Wu.

“Wei Wu, enough!” a shout sounded, and a figure suddenly appeared in front of the red pillar of light. Who else could it be but Zhou Shu?

“Courting death!” Emperor Wei Wu shouted.

The Mirror of Retribution shone brightly, as if it wanted to devour Zhou Shu as well.

“Heaven Slaying Sword Art!” Zhou Shu let out a clear shout.

The earth-grade Great Destroyer Sword returned to its sheath and unsheathed. An extremely dazzling sword beam cut through the red pillar of light with a whoosh and slashed at the Mirror of Retribution along the blood-colored pillar.


The sword beam touched the Mirror of Retribution and made a crisp sound. The Mirror of Retribution was not damaged at all and fell back into Emperor Wei Wu’s hand. However, the blood-colored pillar of light also disappeared.

“Why don’t you get out of here? Are you waiting to die?” Zhou Shu turned around and shouted coldly at the first-rank expert he saved.

The first-rank expert of Great Wei had a complicated expression on his face. Emperor Wei Wu wanted to kill him, but the Great Xia’s King of the South, who should be the enemy, saved him.

He gritted his teeth, cupped his hands at Zhou Shu, and retreated.

As soon as he retreated, the soldiers of Great Wei began to retreat.

The remaining Great Wei soldiers surged out like a tide. Soon, only Zhou Shu and Emperor Wei Wu were left within a radius of several kilometers.

But after the Great Wei soldiers retreated several kilometers, they stopped and stayed there to watch the battle between Zhou Shu and Emperor Wei.

“You think you can win this way?” Emperor Wei Wu stared at Zhou Shu, the killing intent in his eyes almost piercing a hole in the sky. “Once I kill you, everything will be back on track!”

“Wei Wu, do you know what I admire most about you?” Zhou Shu’s lips curled up slightly.

In his anger, Emperor Wei Wu subconsciously blurted out, “What?”

“It’s that shameless confident look of yours.” Zhou Shu clicked his tongue. “Just like how you ask Imperial Consort Hua if you’re good—”

“You deserve to die!” As soon as Emperor Wei Wu heard Zhou Shu say this again, he was overwhelmed by anger. “I must kill you. Ahhh!”

“One’s strength is not measured by the volume of their voice,” Zhou Shu said. Even Emperor Wei Wu’s roar could not cover his casual voice.

“You’re far from capable of killing me.”

Zhou Shu straightened his back slightly, and a towering aura erupted from his body.

“Even if you are the heavens, you will still be cut apart by my sword.”

Zhou Shu’s voice echoed in the air. “What right do you have to block me?”

Heaven Slaying Sword Art!

A sword beam filled the sky, and the sky seemed to have been cut in half.

The soldiers of Great Wei, who were several kilometers away, were all trembling in fear. Even they felt that their souls would be destroyed by this sword, let alone Emperor Wei Wu, who was the first to bear the brunt.

A scream shook the sky and earth. Where the sword beam dissipated, Emperor Wei Wu’s body split in the middle, and blood and organs flowed to the ground.

The insufferably arrogant Emperor Wei Wu was dead.

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