Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 408 - I Have To Thank Emperor Wei Wu For This (1)  

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Chapter 408: I Have To Thank Emperor Wei Wu For This (1)


The attacks of more than one hundred first-rank demonic beasts landed on the translucent city wall that was several kilometers long.

Amid the deafening sound, Zhou Shu stood with his sword horizontally. An unnatural red light flashed across his face, but he didn’t take half a step back.

Behind him, the two imperial cauldrons had mostly turned bronze. The blood-red color that originally occupied the body of the real cauldron was only left with a tenth.

Moreover, the blood-red color was still constantly moving toward the fake imperial cauldron.

Zhou Shu’s expression was calm. His divine sense swept across the real and fake imperial cauldrons, and his expression became even more serious.

He now had the sensation of walking on a tightrope.

The duration of the divine ability Total Annihilation was limited. Once the effect wore off, things would be troublesome if he didn’t attain all his goals.

But at this point, he had nothing to regret.

“Who’s next?!” Zhou Shu shouted, his gaze like a sword as it swept across the first-rank demonic beasts.

When he killed a first-rank demonic beast just now, he didn’t completely scare the demonic beasts off.

But when his gaze landed on them, they still involuntarily took a few steps back.

“Don’t be afraid, everyone! He’s bluffing! I don’t believe he can kill us all!” another first-rank demonic beast roared.

Since the Great Demon Yao Lian died in battle, their army wouldn’t be able to escape punishment, especially the first-rank martial artists. Who knew what kind of blame they would face when they returned to the Demon Realm?

Instead of that, it was better to fight. If they could kill Zhou Shu, they would make up for their mistake!

Even if they couldn’t kill him, dying here would save their clans from disaster!

With this thought in mind, the more than a hundred first-rank demonic beasts unleashed their innate divine powers again.

Destructive divine powers smashed toward Zhou Shu.

At this moment, the million-strong Demon Realm army had already rushed over.

In the million-strong army tide, Zhou Shu and the translucent city wall that stretched for kilometers were like small boats in the waves that could capsize at any moment.

Sword light flashed, and Zhou Shu’s feet seemed to have taken root as he forcefully blocked this wave of attacks.

“Xiao Jianghe of the Criminal Army is here. Don’t you dare hurt my king!” Xiao Jianghe couldn’t bear it any longer. With a loud shout, he led the army and rushed out.

“Get the hell back!” Zhou Shu’s voice exploded in Xiao Jianghe’s ears like thunder.

Xiao Jianghe’s movements suddenly stopped, and even the Criminal Army behind him stopped.

They didn’t understand why the king was acting like this.

The Criminal Army was not weak. They could totally help him share part of the pressure.

This was an army of a million demonic beasts!


A sword light descended from the sky, drawing a thousand-foot-long mark on the ground.

“Xiao Jianghe, if you dare to cross this line, you’re not part of us anymore!” Zhou Shu’s voice sounded.

Xiao Jianghe and the others were stunned. His Highness said before that he didn’t want us to die in battle easily. So it’s true.

But in this situation, why won’t he let us fight?

Xiao Jianghe clenched his fists tightly, and his eyes turned red. He let out a suppressed roar, but he didn’t dare to cross the line.


A dazzling light exploded. Xiao Jianghe could clearly see that although Zhou Shu still didn’t take half a step back, blood was already seeping out of the corners of his mouth, eyes, and ears.

Xiao Jianghe gritted his teeth so hard that his gums were already bleeding. The Seven Seas Dragon Armor on his body emitted a dazzling light, and a flood dragon swam continuously, its spiritual essence boiling.

“Your Highness!” Xiao Jianghe roared. “We can fight!”

“Hmph!” Zhou Shu snorted coldly. He waved his arm, and hundreds of thousands of sword lights shot out, forcing back the hundred-plus first-rank demonic beasts.

“His power is fading, everyone. He’s dying!”

The first-rank demonic beasts roared.

Zhou Shu’s eyes were a little dull. He also knew that the divine ability Total Annihilation had almost reached its limit. His power was already beginning to fade.

Within a few breaths, he would enter a weakened state. By then, he would be powerless for a day.

His divine sense swept past the two imperial cauldrons behind him. On Great Wei’s imperial cauldron, there was only a trace of blood-red color left. If he didn’t look carefully, he wouldn’t even be able to tell.

As for the fake imperial cauldron, its entire body had already turned blood-red, making it look extremely bewitching.

I can’t delay it any longer! Zhou Shu narrowed his eyes and shouted coldly, “Come!”

With a flick of his wrist, he sheathed the Mountain Suppressing Sword. The two cauldrons, one on each side, were already in his hands.

“Demon cubs, I’ll send you back to your nest today!” Zhou Shu laughed and raised his hand to smash the fake imperial cauldron at the Demon Realm army.

“Imperial cauldron!” he shouted again. Great Wei’s imperial cauldron shone brightly. Light drilled into the ground, and the ground rumbled.

Zhou Shu held Great Wei’s imperial cauldron. The light seemed to connect his palm to the earth and mountains.

There was a hint of blood-colored light mixed in with the pure light. It was incredibly weak, but it was oddly glaring.

Zhou Shu’s face flushed red as he snorted.

“Heaven Slaying Sword Art, destroy!”

Zhou Shu grabbed the hilt of the Mountain Suppressing Sword with his other hand. With a loud shout, the Mountain Suppressing Sword was unsheathed.

A dazzling sword beam that defied time and space slashed at the fake imperial cauldron.

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