Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 409 - I Have To Thank Emperor Wei Wu For This (2)  

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Chapter 409: I Have To Thank Emperor Wei Wu For This (2)


The fake imperial cauldron was full of blood energy, but it only lasted for a moment before the sword beam cut it.

Cracks appeared on the fake imperial cauldron before it shattered like an egg shell.


Thunder suddenly sounded in the sky. As the fake imperial cauldron shattered, blood tornadoes appeared out of thin air and swept everything around them in.

Then a gigantic blood vortex appeared in the air. In the center of the vortex, it looked like a black hole had been born.

Dozens of first-rank demonic beasts were caught off guard and were sucked into the blood vortex before disappearing into the black hole at the center of the vortex.

This sudden scene was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Xiao Jianghe and the others were already dumbfounded.

The blood vortex expanded at a visible speed, instantly engulfing the Demon Realm army.

The Demon Realm army let out a shocking roar. They wanted to escape with all their might, but the ground seemed to move. They ran and flew desperately, but it was as if they were faking it.

All the demonic beasts were extremely shocked. They had no idea what was going on.


Zhou Shu’s aura continued to rise, and the blood storm enveloped his body. But it was as if he and Great Wei’s imperial cauldron weighed more than ten million kilograms, and he remained rooted to the ground.

Soon, only the enormous blood vortex remained in Xiao Jianghe’s eyes. Zhou Shu and the million-strong Demon Realm army could no longer be seen.

Xiao Jianghe was extremely shocked. The blood vortex spread to the distant horizon.

Even from several meters away, Xiao Jianghe could still feel the terrifying aura emitted by the blood vortex.

If the Criminal Army had crossed the line just now, they would probably have been swept into the blood vortex like the Demon Realm army.

In that case, it was hard to say if they would live or die.

A million troops had been devoured. What could a mere 30,000 of them do?

“Your Highness!” Xiao Jianghe shouted hoarsely.

The commotion of the blood vortex was so huge that even Meng Bai and the others in the camp, who were hundreds of kilometers away, noticed it.

Their hearts went cold. Something’s wrong!

Meng Bai’s heart sank. Without hesitation, he shouted, “Move out!”

Before he could finish, several figures flew out first.

Yin Wuyou, Lu Wenshuang, and Cao Chenyang were the first to fly toward the blood vortex.

In a place close to the blood vortex, Yao Qing and his 5,000-strong demonic beast army were dumbfounded as they watched the million-strong Demon Realm army being swept into the blood vortex.

Yao Qing trembled and broke out in cold sweat. Fortunately, they were not with the Demon Realm army. Otherwise…

Yao Qing was both afraid and glad.

There was confusion in his eyes too.

If the million-strong Demon Realm army was finished just like that, what should they do?

In other words, the King of the South could even destroy an army of a million demonic beasts. Wouldn’t destroying 5,000 of them be child’s play?

Could it be that I, Yao Qing, have to beg for my life like Yao Buqi?

Yao Qing thought of Yao Buqi, who was hiding in another place not far from the blood vortex, trembling.

It’s too savage!

Lord Yao Lian is dead, and the million-strong Demon Realm army is gone!

It was actually done by one person!

Fortunately, he was careful and knew that this human was extremely cunning!

He had indeed kept such a trump card!

It’s okay, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter, Yao Buqi thought to himself. You’re the leader of his miners. He won’t kill you if you just dig properly.

On his hands and knees, he staggered toward the Huaxia Pavilion’s Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament branch.

It was too dangerous here. It was safer in the human camp!


Yin Wuyou, Lu Wenshuang, and Cao Chenyang landed from the sky.

In front of them was a huge blood vortex. A terrifying aura assaulted them, and they could even smell the nauseating smell of blood.

“What happened?” Cao Chenyang frowned.

Xiao Jianghe shook his head.

Although he had witnessed the entire process, he had no idea what had happened.

He knew nothing about this blood vortex!

“Where’s Zhou Shu?” Yin Wuyou didn’t care about anything else. She was only concerned about Zhou Shu.

She didn’t see Zhou Shu anywhere and immediately became anxious.

“His Highness is inside,” Xiao Jianghe said hoarsely.

“Huh?” Yin Wuyou was anxious and was about to rush in.

“No!” Lu Wenshuang and Cao Chenyang moved at the same time and pulled Yin Wuyou back.

Although they didn’t know why, they could tell that the blood vortex wasn’t anything good.

If Yin Wuyou rushed in, it was hard to say if she would survive.

“Let go of me!” Yin Wuyou was anxious. “Zhou Shu is still inside. He needs help!”

Yin Wuyou knew that Zhou Shu would fall into a weakened state after every battle. She had to go over.

“His Highness forbids anyone from crossing this line.” Xiao Jianghe pointed at the line on the ground.

“You bastards!” Yin Wuyou was furious. “If anything happens to Zhou Shu, I won’t let you off!”

“Wuyou, calm down,” Lu Wenshuang said seriously. “The situation is unclear now. If you go in now, you might cause trouble for Master!

“With Master’s cultivation, if he can’t withstand it, then it’s the same if we go in!”


Before she could finish, she saw the blood vortex begin to contract.

It contracted so fast that it was almost visible to the naked eye.

At the same time, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the black hole at the center of the vortex. It was as if a world existed inside.

“That is…” Cao Chenyang’s expression changed, and his pupils constricted. “The Demon Realm! His Highness broke through the barrier between this world and the Demon Realm?”

Cao Chenyang was extremely shocked. “The Demon Realm army was sent back by His Highness?”

“His Highness did say that.” Xiao Jianghe frowned.”He did say that he would send these demon cubs back to their hometown.”

They looked at each other. This couldn’t be true, could it?

The king dealt with the million-strong Demon Realm army alone?

How did he do it alone?

Cao Chenyang seemed to be talking to himself. He had been in the Demon Realm for ten years. Had the Ten Nations Continent already developed to this extent?

He couldn’t believe that such an expert would appear in the Ten Nations.

“No, I’m not fighting alone.”

Before Cao Chenyang could finish his thought process, a voice came from the retreating blood vortex.

Zhou Shu appeared in their line of sight. He held Great Wei’s imperial cauldron in one hand and the Mountain Suppressing Sword in the other.

With his back facing everyone, Zhou Shu continued, “I have to thank Emperor Wei Wu for this. If not for his perverse acts, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. Unfortunately, a fake imperial cauldron was destroyed just like that.”


Suddenly, the imperial cauldron in his hand tilted and fell from his hand, crashing to the ground.

A faint aura of blood spread from Zhou Shu’s body, and he grunted.

“Xiao Jianghe!” Zhou Shu shouted. “Watch this place. If any demonic beasts try to pass through here, kill them without mercy!”

“Understood!” Xiao Jianghe replied.

“Grand Minister!” Zhou Shu called out again.

“Yes, I’m here.” Yin Wuyou had already rushed over and pounced over like a swallow returning to the forest.

She familiarly placed Zhou Shu’s arm on her shoulder and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Feeling Zhou Shu’s body pressed against hers, she inexplicably felt more at ease.

Cao Chenyang was already used to Zhou Shu’s habitual actions after every battle.

“Your Highness, is that the Demon Realm opposite?” Cao Chenyang pointed at the blood vortex that was only a few feet in size.

“Yes.” Zhou Shu nodded. “It will continue for a while. During this time, the Demon Realm army might counterattack. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Zhou Shu patted Yin Wuyou’s shoulder. Yin Wuyou understood, and clouds appeared under her feet as she flew into the sky with Zhou Shu.

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