Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 516 - Since You’ve Given Me So Much,

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Chapter 516: Since You’ve Given Me So Much, I’ve Decided To Be Merciful To You (2)

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One of the important reasons Zhou Shu had chosen to pretend to be Yao Qing was that Yao Qing was a shut-in. If there was nothing important, he would not leave his home.

If not for the huge commotion caused by Hu Li’s advancement ceremony, Zhou Shu wouldn’t have needed to worry about the real Yao Qing appearing.

Zhou Shu had just handed the map to Xiao Jianghe and found an excuse to send him out of Hu Li’s camp when he was called over.

“Demon King Hu Li, were you looking for me?” Zhou Shu arrived at Hu Li’s tent.

“Yao Qing, come here quickly.”

Hu Li had already completely stabilized his cultivation, and his face was full of excitement. Breaking through to the Demon King realm could make him happy for 300 years!

“I’ve thought carefully about what you said about the celebration. It makes so much sense!” Hu Li continued. “Your father’s blood flows in your body. Your thoughts are indeed different from demonic beasts like us.”

Zhou Shu was speechless.?Is this a compliment or a curse?

“I’m the only one who advanced to the Demon King realm in the past thousand years! The thirteenth Demon King of the Demon Realm, isn’t that awesome?!” Hu Li said triumphantly. “How can I not let those fellows who used to look down on me know something so awesome?

“There’s a human saying. What’s it called? If you don’t show off when you’re rich, it’s like walking in the dark in beautiful clothes—”

“If the rich don’t return to their hometown, it would be like wearing brocade and walking in the dark,” Zhou Shu said speechlessly.

Although there were no allusions from Earth in this world, similar things had happened, so there was this saying on the Ten Nations Continent.

“Damn it. That’s what I said!” Hu Li cursed. “Humans are so cunning. They can talk so beautifully. I can’t learn this no matter how hard I try.

“It’s a good thing you’ve enlightened me. Otherwise, I’d still be fighting with these words.

“Anyway, that’s what I mean. I, Hu Li, have made a comeback! I must let those people who looked down on me in the past experience it!”

Hu Li continued, “So, the celebration you mentioned suits me. If we’re going to do it, we’ll do it big.

“Nephew, you’re smarter than me. I want to ask you to help me prepare this matter.” Hu Li patted Zhou Shu’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m a Demon King now. I definitely won’t let you work for free.”

“Demon King Hu Li, you’re being too polite,” Zhou Shu said. “You and my parents are old friends. We’re not outsiders. It’s my honor to help you.”

“Nephew Yao Qing, I’m f*cking liking you more and more.” Hu Li patted Zhou Shu and laughed loudly. “Why didn’t I realize that you were so likable?

“In the past, you were like a shut-in, always cultivating behind closed doors…”

“I used to be young and insensible. Now it has dawned on me, and I’ve turned over a new leaf,” Zhou Shu said. “I’m happy to help you, Demon King Hu Li, but I have a request.”

“Yao Qing, feel free to speak. There’s no need to hold back when you’re talking to me.” Hu Li thumped his chest.

“Actually, it’s nothing. I can’t handle the preparation of the ceremony alone, so I have to borrow some manpower from you, Demon King,” Zhou Shu said. “Demon King, as you know, I’ve never liked leading troops. Last time, I suffered a huge loss when I fought the humans. All the demonic beasts under me are gone.”

“Oh, I was wondering what it was about.” Hu Li waved his hand. “It’s just demonic beasts. All the demonic beasts under my command will be handed over to you, Nephew Yao Qing.

“As long as you do a good job for the advancement ceremony, not only will I let you use all the demonic beasts under my command, but you can use all my resources as well.

“I have only one request. This celebration must be grand. It must be grandiose!

“I want those demonic beasts to know that I’m now the thirteenth Demon King of the Demon Realm! How dare they look down on me and say that I will never become a Demon King for the rest of my life. I’ll show them this time!”

Hu Li was smug. He wanted to teach all those people who had looked down on him a lesson.

It seemed that he had indeed been looked down upon in the past.

Although he had been a Great Demon in the past, there were also differences between Great Demons. Some senior Great Demons had looked down on him.

Now that he had caught up and broken through to the Demon King realm, becoming the first demonic beast to break through to this realm in a thousand years and the thirteenth Demon King of the Demon Realm, he indeed had the right to be proud.

When Zhou Shu left Hu Li’s camp, even with his experience, he felt like he was in a dream.

Hu Li handed over the military power of his demonic beast army just like that?

This was an army of two million demonic beasts!

Not only that, but Hu Li’s own treasure vault was completely open to Zhou Shu!

Previously, Hu Li was only a Great Demon, and his cultivation was far inferior to Demon Queen Tushan. But Hu Li had another identity, which was the leader of the tiger demons.

He led an army of two million demonic beasts. This was not something that Demon Queen Tushan could compare to.

In terms of rare items, Tushan’s treasure vault far exceeded Hu Li’s. But in terms of the number of treasures, she couldn’t compare to him.

Hu Li had given Zhou Shu all the authority to enter and exit his storeroom. In other words, if Zhou Shu wanted, it would be easy to empty his storeroom.

In any world, apart from war, the richest people were involved in construction and organizing events.

Holding an advancement ceremony for Hu Li, even if Zhou Shu didn’t have any bad intentions, was enough to make an ordinary demonic beast rich.

Zhou Shu would be letting down Hu Li’s trust in him if he only took a little!

He felt that he would already be generous if he only left a pair of underwear for Hu Li.

Hu Li, oh, Hu Li, don’t blame me,?Zhou Shu thought.?I only wanted to trick you, but you gave me too much. If I don’t take it, I’ll be looking down on you.

But you won’t lose out. Speaking of which, being the poorest Demon King in the Demon Realm is still impressive, right? It sounds much better than being the thirteenth.

Zhou Shu couldn’t help smiling. “You, come here!”

He raised his hand and called the passing Yao Jun over.

“Is there something wrong?” Yao Jun said coldly. Because of what Zhou Shu had said, Lord Yao Li had broken through to the Demon King realm, but he hadn’t gained anything. He was feeling depressed now. Could it be that he was too stupid?

As soon as he saw Zhou Shu, Yao Jun couldn’t help doubting himself. Therefore, when the other demonic beasts approached Zhou Shu, he had avoided him.

“You know this, don’t you?” Zhou Shu waved his hand. There was a tiger tooth in his hand. It was the size of an adult’s fist and as white as jade. There was even light flowing on it.

“The commander’s seal?” Yao Jun’s expression changed slightly. This was Hu Li’s commander’s seal. Holding this commander’s seal was equivalent to becoming Hu Li’s spokesperson. He could mobilize an army at will!

Thinking of what Lord Hu Li had said in public, Yao Jun didn’t doubt the authenticity of the commander’s seal in Zhou Shu’s hand.

“Greetings, Lord!” Yao Jun cupped his hands and bowed to Zhou Shu, or rather, to the commander’s seal in his hand.

“It’s good that you recognize this.” Zhou Shu nodded in satisfaction. “Lord Hu Li has given me full authority to organize the Demon King advancement ceremony for him. The army is at my disposal. I’m short of a messenger, so you can be my messenger.

“Pass down my orders. Recall all the soldiers outside. Within ten days, they must return to Lord Hu Li’s territory!”

“Understood!” Yao Jun said in a deep voice.

After saying this, he couldn’t help saying, “Yao Qing, although you are Lord Hu Li’s benefactor, please show me some respect. You clearly know my name!”

“Really? I’m not good at remembering unimportant matters,” Zhou Shu said calmly.

Yao Jun was furious.?My name is unimportant?

What a bully!

Yao Jun clenched his fists. If not for the fact that he was holding Hu Li’s commander’s seal, he would definitely beat him up until his face was covered in blood!

“Don’t mind me. I’m a blunt man. I have to speak the truth even if it offends others,” Zhou Shu continued. “I’ve told you and Lord Hu Li the same thing. In the end, Lord Hu Li broke through to the Demon King realm, but you remained in place. It’s not surprising that I forgot your name, right?”

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