Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 517 - My Lackey, I Want To Be The

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Chapter 517: My Lackey, I Want To Be The Richest Man in the Demon Realm (1)

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“Tell me. Am I stupid?” Yao Jun asked in a hoarse voice after pulling a demonic beast over.

The demonic beast was more shocked than him. He stammered, “L-Lord Yao Jun, I don’t know.”

If you don’t know, that means I’m really stupid!

Yao Jun felt a little lost.

I didn’t realize I was so stupid. Everyone knows it except me.

The demonic beast he had grabbed carefully took a few steps back and then fled.

He was a demonic beast that was not even at the third rank of the Martial Dao. He didn’t dare to get involved in the matters of Yao Jun and Yao Qing.

“What’s-your-name.” Zhou Shu patted Yao Jun’s shoulder. “It’s fine if you’re a little stupid. As the saying goes, the slow start early. As long as you’re more diligent than others, you might be able to become a Great Demon in the future.

“If you’re stupid and lazy, then you’re really hopeless.

“For your own future, come on. Roll up your sleeves and work hard.”

Zhou Shu’s voice was bewitching.

Yao Jun’s head snapped up. His ugly face looked menacing.

“Yao Qing, thank you for letting me know the truth!” he said in a low voice. “If it weren’t for you, I’d think I was a genius! I’m nothing but trash!

“You’re right. I’m already so stupid. If I’m still lazy, what’s the point of living? Tell me what you want me to do. I’ll do it with my heart.”

Yao Jun’s expression was firm. “If you don’t find me stupid, from now on, I’m willing to follow you and become your most loyal lackey!”

Zhou Shu was stunned.?Are you serious?

There were no slaves on the Ten Nations Continent.?A first-rank demonic beast like you wants to be my lackey?

He couldn’t understand the thoughts of these demonic beasts.

He had just casually said a few words, and Yao Jun believed him?

Didn’t he think that if he was really stupid, how could he have become a first-rank demonic beast?

Becoming a first-rank demonic beast was not so easy to achieve.

Even if he believed that he was useless, there was no need to make himself a lackey.

Seeing that Zhou Shu was silent, Yao Jun sighed and said dejectedly, “As expected, you look down on me for being too stupid.”

Well, he’s not happy that I won’t let him be my lackey.

“Not really…” Zhou Shu pondered. “I won’t discriminate against you because you’re too stupid. I’ve always believed in the saying that hard work can make up for talent. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what this means. You just have to understand that hard work can change fate.

“If you’re willing to follow me, as long as there’s no problem with Lord Hu Li, I’m fine.”

“There’s no problem with Lord Hu Li. I’m not his vassal. I have autonomy,” Yao Jun said excitedly.

“Greetings, my lord!” Yao Jun fell to his knees and cried out.

“Alright, get up.” Zhou Shu put on a dignified expression. “Since you’ve become my lackey, you have to do what I say without hesitation. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being heartless.”

“Don’t worry, Lord Yao Qing. If I slack off at all, I won’t complain even if you kill me!” Yao Jun said loudly.

“Alright.” Zhou Shu nodded. “Pass on my orders first. Tell all the demonic beasts under Lord Hu Li to return to his territory.

“Moreover, I’m going to draw some drawings for you. You’ll follow the drawings and go mining for me.”

“Follow the drawings?” Yao Jun looked ashamed. He couldn’t understand what Lord Yao Qing was saying. He, Yao Jun, was indeed useless. He was really too stupid.

Zhou Shu explained, “It means finding exactly the same thing as what I drew for you. Do you understand now?”

“Yes.” Yao Jun wished he could find a hole to hide in. He looked at Zhou Shu with gratitude.?Lord Yao Qing is too good to me. He still has the patience to explain such things to me.

He will even help me draw things clearly just in case I don’t understand.

Yao Jun’s eyes turned red.

“The Demon King Hu Li’s advancement ceremony is a joyous occasion for the entire Demon Realm, so I’m preparing to hold a grand ceremony for him,” Zhou Shu said seriously. “What I’m asking you to find concerns the construction of the Demon King Palace for Demon King Hu Li. You can’t be careless at all, understand?”

“I understand! Lord, although I’m stupid, please believe that I will definitely do my best and not disappoint you,” Yao Jun vowed.

“I believe you.” Zhou Shu patted Yao Jun’s shoulder. “The more there are, the better. The demonic beast army is at your disposal.”

“I promise to complete the mission!” Yao Jun went off valiantly.

Zhou Shu laughed in his heart.

Who would have thought that his mining army would return?!

Just the thought of having two million demonic beasts mining for him made him drool.

How many mines would they dig up?

Why did he suddenly feel that these demonic beasts were a little cute?

Zhou Shu shook his head and stepped into a tent.

He had to put on a full show to fool the demons.

In the Huaxia Pavilion’s Demon Realm branch, Xiao Jianghe faced Meng Bai, Wang Mu, Bai Qiancheng, and the others and said in a deep voice, “For the safety of His Highness, we must kill Yao Qing at all costs!”

Zhou Shu had asked Xiao Jianghe to stop Yao Qing from appearing. But in Xiao Jianghe’s opinion, the best way to prevent Yao Qing from appearing was to make him disappear from the world.

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