Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1187 - Three-Lives Stone

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Chapter 1187: Three-Lives Stone

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Everyone was dumbfounded to see their attacks rendered ineffective.

An Tianzuo frowned and said, “From the looks of it, the blood-colored hand is something like a scapegoat. It has an extreme Yin attribute. It’s very difficult for ordinary strength to really injure it. Only the most extreme Yang forces can do so.”

“Unfortunately, Miss Jing didn’t come. Her Essence Energy Art is extreme Yang. It’s the nemesis of these Yin creatures,” An Sheng said with a sigh.

“Although I’ve long expected to encounter such a creature, the Yang-type Companion Beasts we prepared aren’t enough to kill the scapegoat. If there’s no other way, I’m afraid we won’t be able to go down the river to find the Three-Lives Stone,” Lu Bushun said gloomily.

“Commander Jia, can I trouble you to lure the bloody hand out again? Let me give it a try,” Zhou Wen said to Jia Nong.

“Of course.” What Zhou Wen and Li Xuan had done was enough to make Jia Nong and company respect them. Therefore, Jia Nong didn’t think too much about it. He immediately asked An Tianzuo for permission before heading down the river.

Perhaps angered by the previous attack, the moment Jia Nong entered the river, the blood-colored hand rushed out unexpectedly.

As it was too sudden, An Sheng didn’t have the time to warn them. Just as everyone was alarmed, they suddenly saw a golden light flash.

Before the blood-colored hand grabbed Jia Nong, the golden beam pierced through the blood-colored hand.

A golden monkey appeared behind the blood-colored hand. It opened its mouth and sucked in the blood mist that formed the blood-colored hand. Like red milk tea, it was sucked into the monkey’s mouth. The blood-colored hand couldn’t resist at all.

The remaining portions of the blood-colored hand wanted to escape back to the River of Forgetfulness, but it was too late.

Two earrings on the little monkey’s ears shattered one after another, turning it into a dark-gold behemoth. Golden light shone everywhere over its body. Wherever the golden light went, it dispersed the yellow fog over the River of Forgetfulness, revealing a huge blood-colored ghostly shadow.

The blood-colored ghostly shadow was neither human nor ghost. Lurking in the river, one of its palms had been severed.

Truth Listener roared and rushed above the fleeing blood-colored shadow. It opened its mouth and swallowed it as though it was slurping jelly.

That’s… the Companion Beast that fought Di Tian… Human Sovereign… Could Zhou Wen be Human Sovereign… An Jingyu suddenly jolted when he saw Truth Listener transform. He thought of something unbelievable as he widened his eyes and couldn’t help but look at Zhou Wen who was standing by the River of Forgetfulness.

It wasn’t just An Jingyu. Everyone who had seen Truth Listener fight Di Tian recognized it. After all, Truth Listener’s appearance and battle had been too shocking.

That was a terrifying existence that could withstand a Calamity-grade creature. Even five years later, no human had such a Companion Beast.

“No wonder. So that’s how it is. It’s no wonder that in Netherworld City, even the torture tools in the torture chambers have to obey Young Master Wen’s orders. So Young Master Wen is Human Sovereign… I never expected…” Lu Bushun said in delight.

The way everyone looked at Zhou Wen changed. If it was only respect before, now, their eyes seemed to be filled with worship.

To be able to fight alongside Human Sovereign made them feel honored.

“Adjutant An… Is Young Master Wen really… that person?” Lu Bushun wasn’t sure as he whispered to An Sheng.

“If you think so, so be it. If you think otherwise, so be it,” An Sheng said ambiguously.

Lu Bushun was somewhat depressed. He felt his heart itching to know the answer. Meanwhile, over the River of Forgetfulness, Truth Listener had already shown its might.

Truth Listener charged into the River of Forgetfulness. Wherever it passed, the yellow smoke was melted by the golden light from its body. Scapegoats appeared one after another.

However, Truth Listener was extremely effective against dimensional creatures like scapegoats. As long as the scapegoats approached it, they would immediately be devoured. It was like a god incarnate.

The scapegoats that originally made people feel terrified now gave off a weak and pitiful feeling.

After Truth Listener charged around for a while, it suddenly discovered a strange stone erected by the riverside where the smoke dissipated.

The stone was thirty feet tall and stood alone near the riverbank. However, it was different from ordinary river rocks. The stone was red in color and its form resembled a baby in swaddling clothes. The stone emitted a faint red glow.

Previously, it had been hidden by the yellow smoke and scapegoats in the river and couldn’t be seen. Now that it was right in front of everyone, they immediately felt that it was extraordinary.

“Is that the Three-Lives Stone?” Li Xuan asked as he sized up the strange stone.

No one could answer him. No one had seen the legendary Three-Lives Stone before, so they naturally couldn’t tell if it was real or fake.

“Overseer, let me give it a try.” Jia Nong sought An Tianzuo’s permission.

An Tianzuo nodded slightly as Jia Nong flew towards Three-Lives Stone.

With Truth Listener there, the surrounding yellow smoke and scapegoats didn’t approach. Jia Nong successfully arrived in front of the strange stone. He extended his smoky fingers that swiped at the Three-Lives Stone.

The white-haired granny had said that as long as they could leave their names on the Three-Lives Stone, they wouldn’t be affected by the River of Forgetfulness Soup.

However, Jia Nong’s finger failed to leave any marks on the strange stone.

Jia Nong condensed his strength again. This time, he used all his strength. The gray smoke converged into a sharp blade and slashed at the strange stone. The strange stone remained unharmed. It didn’t leave a mark.

“Let me give it a try.” An Jingyu wanted to use his temporal powers to leave a mark on the strange stone.

He pointed at the strange stone. Although it was only a single point, countless fingers seemed to point at the same spot.

This move of his was called Water Droplet Penetration. It used the power of time to turn the attack of a single tap into a continuous attack. With An Jingyu’s present ability, he had actually repeated the same tap more than three hundred times.

However, despite such continuous attacks, the Three-Lives Stone remained unmoved. It didn’t leave any imprints—not even a fingerprint.

Although they had found the Three-Lives Stone, they couldn’t leave their names on it. It was no different from not having found it.

Everyone looked at An Tianzuo and Zhou Wen. They suspected that Zhou Wen was Human Sovereign and felt more respect for him. They couldn’t help but think of him when they encountered problems.

Zhou Wen and An Tianzuo had no intention of making an attempt. Instead, An Tianzuo walked back and arrived in front of the Bridge of Helplessness. He asked the white-haired granny, “Ma’am, how can one leave their name on the Three-Lives Stone?”

The white-haired granny said coldly, “The Three-Lives Stone is about three lives. One naturally has to have a past and present life to leave a name on it. Without a past and present life, it’s naturally impossible to leave a name on it.”

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