Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1235 - Fighting for the Jade Ball

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Chapter 1235: Fighting for the Jade Ball

The moment Zhou Wen appeared in the room, he locked onto the soccer-sized jade ball and reached out to grab it.

Liu Yun’s speed wasn’t slower than Zhou Wen’s. He also extended his hand to grab the jade ball. Their fingers touched it almost at the same time.

The spectators were alarmed when they saw that Looter King and Thief Sage had appeared to snatch the jade ball simultaneously.

They shared the same thoughts as Zhou Wen and Liu Yun. They felt that the jade ball was very likely a Dragon Turtle Companion Egg. If they could really get it, its value was inestimable.

When Zhou Wen saw Liu Yun touch the jade ball, he suddenly sucked at it, hoping to pull it over.

To his surprise, Liu Yun had the same thought. The two of them sucked hard at the same time, but they failed to pull the jade ball towards them.


Almost at the same time, Zhou Wen’s Asura Saber and Liu Yun’s dagger slashed at each other, hoping to force the other party back, but they only managed to collide.

With this collision, the two of them exerted too much force. The terrifying force forced the two of them to retreat as their fingers left the jade ball.

Seeing the jade ball fly out again, everyone’s hearts rose to their throats as their gazes involuntarily followed the jade ball.

However, in the next moment, everyone felt their vision blur. The jade ball had somehow landed in Liu Yun’s hand.

“As expected of the Thief Sage. His hands are just too fast,” Zhang Chunqiu exclaimed. With his eyesight, he failed to see how Liu Yun had taken the jade ball.


A gunshot sounded as Liu Yun’s head exploded after obtaining the jade ball. The Guardian armor on his body was like paper—completely useless.

However, a strange scene happened. Liu Yun, whose head had exploded, turned into quicksand and scattered on the ground. Another Liu Yun held the jade ball and vanished in the blink of an eye. He had likely teleported out of the dimensional zone.

Everyone was dumbfounded. This series of actions left everyone flabbergasted. Before anyone could react, Liu Yun had already left with the jade ball.

When they turned to look at Looter King, he was nowhere to be seen. Furthermore, the live broadcast of the Cube had stopped and returned to the scene outside the dimensional zone.

Without a doubt, the Dragon Turtle was already dead.

“As expected of the Thief Sage. He’s too awesome. His hands are so fast that it makes one’s hair stand on end. I didn’t see how he took the Companion Egg.”

“If you could see it, would he still be called the Thief Sage?”

“Thief Sage is really impressive. That’s a Calamity-grade Companion Egg!”

“If he really hatches it, won’t he be invincible?”

“How can a Calamity-grade Companion Egg be hatched so easily? If he’s not careful, he might even lose his life.”

“That’s true. If the Thief Sage can’t hatch it in a short period of time, I’m afraid he will encounter grave danger.”

“Hehe, I reckon many powerful fellows have already taken action. As long as it isn’t hatched, Thief Sage won’t have a moment of peace.”

“It’s no longer an issue of peace. I’m just afraid he won’t live long enough to hatch the Companion Egg.”

In fact, just as most people guessed, many factions had already begun tracking Liu Yun’s whereabouts.

They knew that a Calamity-grade Companion Egg wasn’t that easy to incubate. As long as they could kill the Thief Sage before he hatched it, the Companion Egg would be theirs.

Who wouldn’t be tempted by a Calamity-grade Companion Egg? Even in the dimension, a Calamity-grade was already an overlord. Apart from Human Sovereign, they had never heard of a second human possessing a Calamity-grade Companion Beast.

Liu Yun wasn’t stupid. Therefore, he immediately used interstellar teleportation to leave Venus. After returning to Earth, he plunged into an uninhabited desert.

At that moment, Liu Yun was extremely excited. That was a Calamity-grade Companion Egg. As long as he could hatch it, he, Liu Yun, would be a virtually invincible existence on Earth. The League of Guardians and the Holy Spirit Association had nothing on him.

As for the agreement with Zhou Wen, Liu Yun threw it out. He definitely couldn’t let Zhou Wen have any chance of coming into contact with such a good item.

When I, Liu Yun, appear again, it will be time to change the world. Liu Yun also knew that this wasn’t the time to be happy. He had to quickly escape to a safe place.

The temptation of a Calamity-grade Companion Egg was just too great. It was likely that the League of Guardians and the Holy Spirit Association had already taken action. Even the six families might have sent people to snatch the Companion Egg from him. He had to find a safe place to think of a way to hatch it.

What kind of Companion Beast will it be? From the looks of the dragon carapace, it should be armor, right? Liu Yun was already imagining himself wearing the Dragon Turtle armor and facing the experts who came to hunt him. He would stand steadfast with his hands behind his back. No matter if they hit him until exhaustion, they couldn’t injure him at all. Instead, he would rebound any force directed at him back at them until they were dead.

“I really do live up to the nickname ‘Thief Sage.’ In the future, when I wear the Calamity armor to mug others, they will obediently hand over their spoils to me. Would I need to be sneaky? As a thief, I should have the demeanor of a thief. I’m a role model among thieves. I’m a gentleman among thieves, the elegant and charming Thief Sage…” Liu Yun was about to drool. He imagined the scene of thousands of beautiful girls falling for him in the future. He could make those beautiful girls faint from excitement with just a look.

“With a pet in hand, the world is my… my… my…” Liu Yun subconsciously touched the jade ball in his arms. With this touch, his expression changed drastically as he stuttered.

“What’s going on? Why did it turn into stone?” Liu Yun threw the stone ball in his arms to the ground.

The stone ball shattered the moment it landed. It was clearly an ordinary stone—not a Companion Egg.

“What’s this? Where’s my Companion Egg? Where’s my ball?” Liu Yun was dumbfounded when he saw the shattered stone ball.

Soon, Liu Yun came to a realization and immediately knew what had happened.

“That bastard Zhou Wen tricked me again!” An extremely furious roar sounded in the wilderness, scaring the surrounding animals into retreating. The wild birds scattered in all directions.

He had paid such a huge price to use the only Quicksand Substitute he had, but he ended up with this crap.

Zhou Wen also returned to Earth with a ball in his arms. It was the jade ball spat out by the Dragon Turtle.

When he first touched the jade ball, he had already left a mark on it. The reason he didn’t use Sky-Stealing Sun-Swapping to retrieve it immediately was that he wanted Liu Yun to take it away. He was afraid that the dimensional creatures behind the door would target the person who obtained the jade ball first. The outcome was as he had expected. Liu Yun was first to be hit.

“Eldest Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother, you were the one who wanted to vie for it with me. You can’t blame me.” Zhou Wen hugged the jade ball and found it more and more pleasing to the eye. He was just short of kissing it.

This was a Calamity-grade treasure. Perhaps he would have a true Calamity-grade Companion Beast soon, not a disobedient defective creature like Truth Listener.

“Come on, baby. Let me see your stats.” Zhou Wen took out his phone and snapped a picture of the jade ball.

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