Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1318 - Not Necessarily

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Chapter 1318: Not Necessarily

“Do you want to see the Zhang family wiped out?” Drought Demon Fairy’s voice sounded again.

“Twenty years.” Zhang Chunqiu’s voice remained as firm as steel. “Every death of the Zhang family adds ten years. You have to return what you have taken from the Zhang family.”

“You still have ten seconds.” Drought Demon Fairy’s cold voice wafted over again.

Time ticked by, but Zhang Chunqiu remained unmoved. He pressed his palm on the coffin and calmly muttered to himself, “Sis, I’ll accompany you in the journey of death.”

Just as Zhang Chunqiu was about to be demonized and he was about to destroy the coffin, the surrounding Earth fire suddenly converged. Although the Zhang family didn’t recover from the symptoms of the demonic transformation, it didn’t worsen.

“Twenty years. I’ll permit it.” Drought Demon Fairy ultimately submitted. Just as Zhang Chunqiu had said, if she had the ability to snatch Zhang Yuzhi away, she wouldn’t have negotiated with the Zhang family.

Killing Zhang Yuzhi was easy, but to fuse with her required Zhang Yuzhi’s willing cooperation. If she really killed all the Zhang family members, it would be impossible for Zhang Yuzhi to fuse with her willingly.

“Then make an oath.” Zhang Chunqiu remained calm. He didn’t feel any joy from escaping death.

“Do you really have a death wish?” Drought Demon Fairy said coldly.

“I just don’t want to die for no reason,” Zhang Chunqiu said indifferently.

“I, Drought Demon, swear on my name that I’m willing to contract with this human for twenty years. If I violate this oath, I will incur the world’s contempt.” Drought Demon ultimately couldn’t resist the temptation of escaping and made the oath.

“Sis, don’t blame me. I had no choice.” After hearing Drought Demon Fairy’s oath, Zhang Chunqiu walked towards the Corpse Flower with the coffin.

The Corpse Flower was snow-white and crystalline. It looked spotless, but it emitted a demonic aura that left one shuddering.

Eldest Uncle Zhang finally heaved a sigh of relief. Although the process was harrowing, the Zhang family was finally safe. Furthermore, to be able to contract an existence like Drought Demon for twenty years, the Zhang family’s meteoric rise was only a matter of time.

In the future, he might even become the true ruler of Earth, not just one of the six hero families.

At that moment, Eldest Uncle Zhang suddenly felt that although Zhang Chunqiu’s actions were too risky, he had obtained huge benefits.

Under everyone’s gaze, Zhang Chunqiu carried the coffin to the Corpse Flower and slowly placed the coffin on it.

Just as the Corpse Flower was about to devour the coffin and Uncle Zhang believed that it was finally over, he suddenly saw a golden glow in Zhang Chunqiu’s hand.

“Supreme Venerable Sovereign… be quick, as if this were a command… Limitless Heaven and Earth… Borrowing from the Universe… Heavenly Five Thunders…” Zhang Chunqiu’s white hair and clothes fluttered. He still had the protection of a spirit as the yellow paper talisman in his hand emitted a golden glow.

He was just too close to the Corpse Flower. No one could stop him in time. The moment the yellow paper talisman that emitted a golden light touched the Corpse Flower that was inches away, golden lightning erupted.

The golden lightning carried an extreme Yang force that instantly charred the Corpse Flower into ashes.

Eldest Uncle Zhang’s mouth gaped open. He was dumbfounded. He muttered to himself nervously, “No… No… Impossible… How can this be… No… Impossible… We can’t die… We can’t die…”

Many people from the Zhang family were also alarmed. They never expected Zhang Chunqiu to dare do such a thing. No one knew that Zhang Chunqiu would do such a thing.

However, Zhang Siyou seemed to feel relieved. The Celestial Master Five Thunders Talisman that the ancestral Celestial Master had left behind was something he had given to Zhang Chunqiu to protect him. Zhang Chunqiu had used it to destroy the Corpse Flower. Although he hadn’t informed Zhang Siyou, Zhang Siyou felt that this was how the usual Zhang Chunqiu acted. Although he knew that the Zhang family would not be able to escape calamity, he wasn’t to be blamed.

“Do you know what you have done?” Drought Demon Fairy’s cold voice sounded.

“Stirring of the Earth fire, growth of the Corpse Flower, and rise of the dead. None of the three conditions can be missing. Now that you don’t have the Corpse Flower, it’s useless even if you rise from the dead. All I know is that you can’t be resurrected.” Zhang Chunqiu remained calm.

“Your rashness will cost the entire Zhang family,” Drought Demon Fairy said again.

“Death? It doesn’t matter. I’ve already done what I wanted. Even if everyone in the Zhang family dies, one person won’t die and that’s enough…” Zhang Chunqiu’s white robe fluttered as he pressed his hands on the coffin. A net-like golden light filled the coffin, causing it to instantly disappear.

“I’m afraid death is only an extravagant hope for you.” Accompanying Drought Demon Fairy’s voice, the Earth fire expanded again and enveloped the Zhang family.

“Go. Go as far as we can.” Although Zhang Siyou knew that escaping was useless, it was better than standing there and waiting for death.

Some of the members of the Zhang family fled. Some were still hesitating when they saw their seventh great-uncle, who had committed suicide, crawl up from the ground. He wiped the blood from his head and quickly flew back. As he flew, he shouted, “What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you running? It’s always the Zhang family who busts ghosts. Do you want to become ghosts?”

Everyone was stunned before they were overjoyed and fled with their seventh granduncle.

Unfortunately, although they fled quickly, how could they be faster than an existence like Drought Demon Fairy? As they flew into the sky, the Earth fire had already enveloped them.

Many Zhang family members fell to the ground. Their hair, skin, nails, and pupils rapidly turned white as they demonized.

Zhang Chunqiu didn’t escape. He knew that he couldn’t escape either. As he looked at the Zhang family members who had been painfully demonized, Zhang Chunqiu felt somewhat guilty, but he didn’t regret his decision.

He had done what he wanted to do and saved the person he wanted to save. It was enough for the Zhang family to have one person live, and one who wasn’t affected by the demonic nature.

“Everyone in the Zhang family will become devils because of your actions. They will no longer have any human feelings. They will neither be human or ghost. They will devour blood like their lives depend on it and feed on their own kind… Do you regret sacrificing everyone for just one person?” Drought Demon Fairy asked coldly.

“Despite knowing the bedevilment, there are things that need to be done. What’s there to regret?” Zhang Chunqiu said calmly.

“Is that so? Some people might not think so.” Drought Demon Fairy seemed to be implying something.

Zhang Chunqiu’s expression changed slightly. This was because he had already seen Zhang Yuzhi, who he had sent away using the Five Ghosts Transfer, walk back.

“Yuzhi, don’t come over. Leave this place immediately.” Zhang Chunqiu wanted to rush towards Zhang Yuzhi, but his body had been severely demonized. He fell to the ground.

Zhang Yuzhi looked at the Zhang family members who had turned into ghostly demons. As she walked over, she cried and said, “Brother, if I live like this, my life will be more painful than death.”

“Fool, it’s useless even if you return now. Without the Corpse Flower, Drought Demon can’t be resurrected. She won’t let us off either. You will be sending yourself to death for nothing by returning…” Zhang Chunqiu said.

“Not necessarily.” Drought Demon Fairy’s voice was filled with mockery. As she spoke, a Corpse Flower condensed in the flames again.

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