Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1677 - Easy Advancement

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Chapter 1677 Easy Advancement

“Am I still living in a dream?” The disciples of the Niten Flying Immortal Palace widened their eyes in disbelief.

With just one strike, Honn Shinsakura had actually defeated the unparalleled Mohe in sword technique. It was unbelievable.

However, what surprised them the most wasn’t that Honn Shinsakura had defeated Mohe with one strike, but that Zhou Wen had only taught him three simple strikes, allowing Honn Shinsakura’s Sword Dao to advance so rapidly.

Honn Shinsakura’s sword technique was originally weaker than Sei Gasakai’s. Even Sei Gasakai had been defeated by Mohe with one strike, but now, Honn Shinsakura had turned the tables. This was an unimaginable difference.

All the disciples of the Niten Flying Immortal Palace looked at Zhou Wen as though they were looking at a god or an immortal pill. It was as though they could immediately ascend to immortality if they swallowed him.

The people who knew Honn Shinsakura found it even more unbelievable.

Take Shiraishi Satomi for example. She often practiced swordsmanship with Honn Shinsakura, so she knew his Sword Dao very well. But now, she realized that Honn Shinsakura’s Sword Dao was like the sea, making it impossible for her to see its depths. It even made her feel puny in front of a mountain.

And all of this was because Zhou Wen had taught him three strikes. It was miraculous.

Mohe stared intently at Honn Shinsakura. He couldn’t believe that Honn Shinsakura had become so strong just because Zhou Wen had taught him three strikes. However, the truth was right in front of him, so he had no choice but to believe it.

If Honn Shinsakura had such standards long ago, he wouldn’t have watched Sei Gasakai’s defeat without doing anything.

Is Zhou Wen’s teaching standards so high or is Honn Shinsakura’s perceptivity too terrifying? This thought flashed through Mohe’s mind as he instantly answered himself.

Honn Shinsakura had been with Sei Gasakai for so many years. If his talent was really that strong, he would have long formed his own faction. He would have long surpassed Sei Gasakai, so he wouldn’t have waited until now to have such a breakthrough.

The only explanation was that Zhou Wen’s Sword Dao was just so powerful.

Although Mohe wasn’t willing to believe it, he had to admit that he didn’t understand how Zhou Wen had taught him. This made him suspect his realm and standards for a moment.

“You lost,” Honn Shinsakura retracted his blade and said to Mohe.

“I definitely won’t go back on my word. I won’t stop anyone from the Niten Flying Immortal Palace from going anywhere.” With that said, Mohe ignored Honn Shinsakura and turned to Zhou Wen. He stared at him and said, “Deceit King lives up to his reputation. You’re even stronger than the rumors. I wonder if you dare fight me?”

Zhou Wen was filled with joy because with Honn Shinsakura’s epiphany, his Teacher Domain had risen from the Human Realm to the Hell level.

Even Zhou Wen hadn’t expected such a speed of advancement. At that moment, he was doing the math. If he did it a few more times, wouldn’t the Teacher Domain easily advance to the Heaven level?

In fact, it wasn’t as simple as Zhou Wen imagined. The reason the Teacher Domain could advance from the Human Realm to the Hell level was that Honn Shinsakura’s talent and perceptivity were excellent. He had undergone three epiphanies under the influence of the Teacher Domain, causing his Sword Dao to reach an unbelievable realm. In terms of Sword Dao, even a Heaven-level swordsman wasn’t completely confident of defeating Honn Shinsakura. It could be said that Honn Shinsakura was already a true sword master.

If it were an ordinary person with inferior talent and perceptivity, it was hard to say if they could even experience a single epiphany, much less three.

The Teacher Domain could only impart experience and influence perceptivity, but it wasn’t powerful enough to force enlightenment.

It could be said that the Teacher Domain and Honn Shinsakura were mutually fulfilling each other’s wishes. Furthermore, Honn Shinsakura had three epiphanies. Apart from his talent, the immense pressure was also an important reason.

The fate of the Niten Flying Immortal Palace lay on his shoulders, giving him the motivation to exceed his limits. If it were any other time, he might have gained an epiphany once or twice under the influence of the Teacher Domain instead of three times.

It wouldn’t be easy for Zhou Wen to use the Teacher Domain to produce such a person.

Thankfully, there were many geniuses on Earth. There would be plenty of opportunities in the future. However, Zhou Wen had many geniuses he could use. There was just another problem. Zhou Wen had to have a deep understanding of the Dao they cultivated. Otherwise, the Teacher Domain’s abilities would be greatly reduced.

“Come find me after you advance to the Heaven level.” Zhou Wen wasn’t too interested in fighting Mohe.

After the two battles, Zhou Wen had a general understanding of Mohe’s realm. Mohe’s realm was considered very strong among humans, but it was only strong. If he wasn’t at the Calamity grade and didn’t have the shocking ability to deal reflective damage, it was impossible for him to be so famous at his realm.

These words were practically saying to Mohe: “Your abilities aren’t good enough. Go back and train for a few more years.”

If Zhou Wen had said those words when he first arrived, even the disciples of the Niten Flying Immortal Palace would probably have thought that he was too arrogant and conceited.

However, everyone felt that there was nothing wrong with Zhou Wen’s words. Mohe couldn’t even defeat Honn Shinsakura, who had learned three strikes from Zhou Wen, so how could he be Zhou Wen’s match?

When Mohe heard Zhou Wen, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows slightly. “Perhaps your Sword Dao realm is indeed above mine, but a Sword Dao realm isn’t the only criterion that determines victory.”

“From the looks of it, you are very confident in your ability to reflect damage,” Zhou Wen said calmly.

“Do you dare or not?” Mohe said coldly.

“It has nothing to do with whether I dare or not. What’s the benefit of fighting you?” Zhou Wen said with a smile.

“What benefits do you want?” Mohe was first taken aback before he asked with a frown.

“If you lose, tell me why you insist on having the Niten Flying Immortal Palace join the Family Clan of Gods,” Zhou Wen said.

Zhou Wen had always been puzzled by this question. Although the Niten Flying Immortal Palace was not a small faction and Sei Gasakai and Honn Shinsakura were considered elites among humans, they didn’t seem worth the Family Clan of Gods’s attention. At the very least, there was no need for them to pay such a huge price for the Niten Flying Immortal Palace, much less be so insistent.

“Sure.” Mohe hesitated for a moment before agreeing to Zhou Wen’s request.

Since they could no longer recruit the Niten Flying Immortal Palace into the Family Clan of Gods, this secret was meaningless to them.

Furthermore, even if Zhou Wen knew this secret, he might not be able to obtain any benefits from it.

“Then let’s not waste any time. Let’s begin.” Just as Zhou Wen said that, he gathered the power of the Ancient Sovereign Sutra and struck out at Mohe’s head.

The Calamity Zone condensed by the Ancient Sovereign Sutra was called the Human Sovereign Sacrifices to the Heavens. This power could restrain Starlord Cherished Kismet’s ability to deal damage-also an ability to reflect damage. Zhou Wen also wanted to know if the Ancient Sovereign Sutra’s power could restrain Mohe.

When Mohe saw Zhou Wen’s incoming palm strike, he had no intention of dodging. He knew that his Sword Dao realm was inferior to Zhou Wen’s. Instead of wasting time competing in technique, he might as well use his strongest strength to determine the victor.


Zhou Wen struck Mohe’s head with his palm, producing a dull thud.

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