Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1682 - Exquisite Nine Orifices

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Chapter 1682 Exquisite Nine Orifices

What’s that? Zhou Wen was alarmed. Although his true level was at the Terror grade, a Terror-grade creature that was capable of killing him was truly rare.

What was even stranger was that other than Truth Listener, no other ability could see it. That was what made it most terrifying.

If the enemy had such an ability, wouldn’t they be able to kill anyone they wanted? Ignoring the fact that it was difficult to guard against them while sleeping, even if they weren’t sleeping and had their eyes wide open, they would still be silently killed. They wouldn’t even know how they died.

Even an ability like the Teacher Domain that could analyze the rules of various powers couldn’t sense the existence of that thing. This was a little terrifying.

Zhou Wen chose to enter Dragon Gate Grotto again, wanting to figure out what it was. After entering the dungeon again, the white dragon returned to its original appearance. It didn’t seem to have really died and become a ghost. The ghost-like form was likely its ability.

After killing the white dragon again, the spectral white dragon appeared again. Just like the last time, it silently charged at Zhou Wen. This time, Zhou Wen chose to dodge.

The spectral white dragon’s speed was naturally inferior to Zhou Wen’s. It chased after Zhou Wen, but it couldn’t keep up with his speed.

As Zhou Wen dodged, he observed the white dragon and realized that it didn’t seem to have the ability to use other skills in such a strange state. All it did was constantly attempt to burrow into Zhou Wen’s body.

He summoned Tyrant Behemoth and got it to face the spectral white dragon, but Tyrant Behemoth couldn’t see it at all. Even under Zhou Wen’s orders, Tyrant Behemoth used all its strength to strike the spectral white dragon only to hit air. As for the spectral white dragon, it passed through Tyrant Behemoth’s body like passing through a wall. Tyrant Behemoth immediately died and fell to the ground.

This time, Zhou Wen saw it clearly. At the instant the spectral white dragon passed through Tyrant Behemoth’s body, it transformed into a humanoid spectral creature.

This thing looks very similar to Teacher’s appearance… Zhou Wen looked at the spectral creature and realized that it was 70% similar to Wang Mingyuan’s appearance after his mutation. However, it looked more inhuman than Wang Mingyuan. Instead, it looked like the legendary Dracotaur. It had a dragon head and a human body. It was extremely strange. The spectral creature maintained its Dracotaur form for a short period of time. Not long after passing through Tyrant Behemoth’s body, it transformed back into the spectral white dragon.

Zhou Wen made some more attempts and realized that all sorts of Companion Beasts would die on the spot if the spectral white dragon passed through their bodies. They weren’t injured at all; it was as though their souls had been taken away.

Every time the spectral white dragon took a Companion Beast’s life, it would take on a Dracotaur form.

After making some more attempts, he realized that other than Truth Listener, no other force could injure it in its spectral white dragon form. However, in its Dracotaur form, there were some forces that could injure it.

For example, the power of the Dao Sutra and Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra could cause damage to it when it was in its Dracotaur form.

What a strange ability. After all sorts of tests, Zhou Wen had a comprehensive understanding of the spectral creature. He immediately used the power of the Dao Sutra to shatter it with a punch.

‘Killed a Terror creature, Nine Orifices Exquisite Dragon. Discovered Essence Energy Crystal…’

‘Killed a Terror Guardian, Realm Crosser…’

Zhou Wen stared blankly at the notification on his phone. He wasn’t in the mood to even look at the items that had fallen to the ground.

What’s going on? Could it be that the Guardian parasitized the Exquisite Nine Orifices Dragon… Many thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind. He was certain that Wang Mingyuan had likely fused with the Realm Crosser.

He looked down at the items that had fallen to the ground and realized that other than Essence Energy Crystals, there was something else that Zhou Wen had never seen before.

It was something that resembled ice and crystal. Its shape was extremely irregular, like a heart or a skull. However, they didn’t look like one either. On the ice crystal-like object were nine different-sized holes.

This item’s name in-game was ‘Exquisite Nine Orifices.’ Zhou Wen picked it up and carefully read its information.

Exquisite Nine Orifices: Able to clear up Companion Beasts.

Zhou Wen recognized these words, but he didn’t know what they meant when they were strung together.

Does clearing up here mean clearing some aperture in the body, or does it mean something like clearing doubts in the form of an epiphany? Zhou Wen only knew of the enlightenment meaning commonly used among humans.

However, that usually meant that a person was too slow and couldn’t learn anything. One day, it was as though they had suddenly figured out something. They could learn anything with just some simple instructions.

However, Zhou Wen couldn’t guess the exact effects of using this phrase on a Companion Beast.

If it was just to make Companion Beasts smart, it didn’t seem to be of much use to Zhou Wen. This was because to him, most Companion Beasts were just tools. He could control Companion Beasts to fight without needing them to be too smart. Furthermore, Zhou Wen’s main Companion Beasts were basically highly intelligent. There was no need for them to become smarter.

After searching the hidden dungeon, he didn’t find anything else. He was almost certain that this Exquisite Nine Orifices was the reward for this hidden dungeon.

The items in-game had to be used in-game and couldn’t be taken out of the game. If he left them in-game, he was afraid that they would be gone after the dungeon respawned. Zhou Wen had no choice but to decide which Companion Beast to use the Exquisite Nine Orifices with.

I’ll show it to Neonate. Zhou Wen wanted to summon Demonic Neonate, but he couldn’t. Only then did he recall that Demonic Neonate was still evolving and couldn’t be summoned.

In fact, if it was something that unlocked intelligence, Zhou Wen still had a choice. It was to use it on the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General. The fellow was like a machine that only knew how to kill. Its intelligence didn’t seem to be high, so if it could become smarter, it would definitely be even more terrifying

Unfortunately, the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General’s stats and skills were ultimately a thorn in Zhou Wen’s heart, so it was best not to use it on him.

Demonic Neonate is evolving. I can forget about the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General. Then, who should I use it on? Zhou Wen thought of his Companion Beasts and finally summoned Truth Listener.

Truth Listener’s intelligence wasn’t low, but it couldn’t speak the entire time. Therefore, it gave off the feeling that its intelligence wasn’t high.

Zhou Wen wasn’t sure what the Exquisite Nine Orifices was for. Furthermore, he didn’t have any Companion Beasts that he especially wanted to improve. Giving it to Truth Listener was a pretty good choice.

Upon receiving Zhou Wen’s order, Truth Listener swallowed the Exquisite Nine Orifices. Then, golden light suddenly erupted from its body as the six earrings on its ears began to shatter.

Is the effect that strong? Zhou Wen was given a fright. He hadn’t let Truth Listener shatter the earrings for a long time. Now that all six earrings had been destroyed, it would be terrible if something happened.

The only thing he was glad about was that they were in-game. Even if something really happened, it wouldn’t affect Truth Listener in real life.

If all six earrings were destroyed in reality, Truth Listener even had the risk of escaping Zhou Wen’s control. This had happened before.

Zhou Wen stared intently at the phone screen as he watched Truth Listener’s body transform into a terrifying golden ape after the earrings shattered. Golden light erupted from its body as a violent aura nearly tore out of the screen.

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