Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild - Chapter 569 - Quite Lucky

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Chapter 569: Quite Lucky

“The State Minister is here too?”

Lu Sheng only regained her senses after a while.

The King of Hades nodded slightly and smiled. “I hope they don’t cause any trouble.”

After speaking, he bade the three of them farewell and left.

Lu Zhou glanced at Shangguan Dian and asked faintly, “It’s my turn to watch the television, right?”


Shangguan Dian was surprisingly easygoing this time and passed the remote control to him.

Lu Zhou raised his eyebrows and received it.

Lu Sheng leaned against the sofa with her phone and prepared to watch a video.

She was stunned when she saw the third video.

In the video, an old man and a monk were walking on the streets. A few people surrounded them and kept taking pictures of them with their phones.

The duo did not look too good. They walked forward timidly and were even shocked when they saw a car approaching.

“Master, Uncle Shangguan, look!”

Lu Sheng turned her phone to Lu Zhou and Shangguan Dian, hinting for them to take a look.

“It’s actually Elder Sen and Brother Bailian!”

Lu Zhou watched the video. When he saw the duo being scared by the car, he could not help but chuckle.

He looked at Shangguan Dian and said, “Look, doesn’t this look like when you first came to this world?”

Shangguan Dian’s expression froze before he chuckled.

Indeed, when he first arrived in this world, he was shocked to see these things.

After watching the video, Lu Sheng said in a low voice, “This seems to be Yu Tan Park.”

“Really?” Lu Zhou smiled at Shangguan Dian and said, “Ah Dian, let’s go and try our luck near Yu Tan Park. Let’s see if we can meet them.”

Lu Sheng glanced at her phone. It was just ten in the evening. She hurriedly said, “I’ll go too.”

Shangguan Dian nodded. “Then let’s go together.”

Hence, they left immediately. Shangguan Dian became the driver and the three of them drove to Yu Tan Park.

After alighting from the car, they started walking slowly nearby.

It was already half past ten, and there were not many pedestrians on the streets.

The three of them strolled along and saw that it was already eleven. However, they did not meet Elder Sen and the State Minister.

Lu Sheng guessed, “Perhaps they have already left?”

Shangguan Dian agreed. “Yes. Otherwise, how could we not have met?”

Lu Zhou pursed his lips and sighed. “It seems like we won’t meet them today. Let’s go home.”

The three of them turned around and walked back when they suddenly heard a low conversation.

“Master, if there’s really no other way, let’s contact Peak Master Lu and the rest. Not only are the people here wearing strange clothes, but their actions are also very strange. They’ve been surrounding us all day. It’s really uncomfortable.”

“You’re right. It’s just that I tried it just now and realized that I couldn’t open the Communications Talisman at all.”

Lu Sheng, Lu Zhou, and Shangguan Dian looked at each other and smiled.

Lu Sheng said in a low voice, “Master, it seems like we’re quite lucky.”

Lu Zhou smiled. “Let’s go and take a look.”

Lu Sheng and Shangguan Dian nodded. The three of them walked towards the direction of the voices.

They saw two figures sitting on the grass. From the back, they looked a little pitiful.


Lu Zhou cleared his throat when he walked in.

The duo hurriedly stood up when they heard that. Elder Sen hurriedly bowed and said, “We’ll leave now!”

Then, he pulled the State Minister and prepared to leave.

It seemed like they had been chased out more than once.


Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Don’t the two of you know me?”

The duo stopped in their tracks and turned their heads suspiciously. “You are…?”

The street lamp here was broken, so they could not see the faces of the three people in front of them clearly. They also did not dare to recognize them by their voices, so they could only stand at their original spots and look at Lu Zhou.

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