Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild - Chapter 570 - I Can Have One More Drink

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Chapter 570: I Can Have One More Drink

“Elder Sen, State Minister, long time no see!”

Lu Sheng walked forward and stood in front of the two of them.

“Miss Lu?”

Bailian looked at Lu Sheng in surprise before turning to Lu Zhou and Shangguan Dian. “So, the two of you are Peak Master Lu and the Demon King?”

As both of them had short hair now, which was different from when they were in Xuan Yue Country, it was difficult for them to tell immediately.

Shangguan Dian smiled and nodded. “Yes.”

“Oh, that’s great!” Elder Sen said agitatedly. “I’ve finally found you!”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Let’s go back first.”

“Yes, yes!” Elder Sen nodded. “Let’s go back now.”

As Elder Sen spoke, he took out his sword and prepared to fly on it.

When Lu Zhou saw this, he hurriedly smiled and reminded him. “Elder Sen, there’s no need to ride a sword. We have a car.”

“Huh?” Elder Sen was stunned. “A carriage?”

Lu Zhou suppressed his laughter and shook his head. “It’s not that. You’ll know when we get there.”

When the five of them reached the carpark, Elder Sen and the State Minister were stunned.

“So this thing is called a car?”

They had seen a lot of them today. Some were big and some were small. They were colorful. They initially thought that they were monsters.

Lu Sheng nodded and explained with a smile, “Yes, this is the car that people from this era drive. It’s much faster than a carriage, but it’s a bit expensive.”

“There’s actually such a thing. How rare!”

Elder Sen circled the car, his face full of curiosity.

Although the State Minister also found it strange, he did not show it. He only sized up the car indifferently.

Lu Zhou opened the door for them. “Get in.”

Lu Sheng said to the two of them, “Please go ahead!”

Elder Sen nodded and hurriedly sat in. The State Minister followed behind, followed by Lu Sheng. Lu Zhou sat in the front passenger seat.

After returning to the Lu family, Elder Sen and the State Minister looked at the decorations inside. They touched these and looked at those, like children who had accidentally slipped into a toy store.

“Amazing! How amazing!”

After visiting the furnishings in the room, Elder Sen clicked his tongue in wonder.

At this moment, Shangguan Dian happened to turn on the television, scaring the two of them into revealing wary expressions.

Lu Zhou chuckled and gave them two cans of drinks, hinting for them to sit back on the couch.

The State Minister looked at the television and asked curiously, “What’s this?”

Lu Zhou said, “This is a television. It’s used for television.”

“Television?” The State Minister looked confused. “What’s that?”

“Anyway, you just need to know that this thing is called a television.”

The duo nodded. Elder Sen held the soda can in his hand and sized it up for a long time. Finally, he opened the can and immediately, there was a puff, scaring him.

“Can this be drunk?”

Looking at the bubbles that kept popping and turning into water, Elder Sen asked in surprise.

Lu Sheng nodded. “Yes, this is called soda. There’s air inside.”

Elder Sen licked it and smacked his lips. His eyes lit up. “It’s quite delicious.”

As he spoke, he took another sip, as if he had opened a new world.

“Is there another can?”

After a while, he finished the can of soda. After burping, he asked Lu Zhou.

Bailian’s eyes darted around and he silently hid the bottle in his hand.

If even his master found the water delicious, it must taste good.

Lu Zhou smiled and nodded. “Yes, there’s a lot in the fridge, but you can’t drink too much. You will feel bloated.”


Elder Sen rubbed his stomach and smiled. “I think I can have another can.”

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