Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild - Chapter 673 - The Lu Family Gathered Again (2)

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Chapter 673: The Lu Family Gathered Again (2)

At this moment, the He family had arrived.

He Lai and He Zhang should have already told them the truth. Hence, the moment Mdm Zhao and Mdm Xu alighted from the carriage, they walked towards Lu Sheng with tears in their eyes.

“Is it really Grandma’s Shenger?”

Mdm Zhao reached out to Lu Sheng. Lu Sheng hurriedly held her hand and smiled with reddened eyes. “Grandma, it’s me!”

“That’s right!”

After Mdm Zhao sized her up, she cried and nodded. “It’s Ah Sheng!”

Sometimes, human feelings were very magical.

They were obviously two different sets of skin, but one could tell that they were the same person.

Of course, only someone with a clear personality could tell.

Lu Ran looked at Lu Sheng and seemed to have thought of something. He could not help but purse his lips.

In the past, he did not know why his sister’s personality suddenly changed. Now, he seemed to be able to guess.

However, no matter what happened in the past, no matter if Lu Sheng was his sister from before, she was still his sister.

After all, Lu Sheng treated him and his relatives exceptionally well. Just based on this alone, she was his sister forever.

Lu Sheng, Mdm Xu, Mdm Zhao, and the rest chatted for a while before they sat down.

“Why didn’t I see Sister Yaner and Ah Dong?”

Seeing that He Yan and He Dong did not come, Lu Sheng hurriedly asked.

He Hu said, “One’s in the academy and the other’s at the in-laws. We won’t call them over.”

Mdm Xu smiled and said, “Anyway, we have plenty of time in the future. They can come and see you later.”

Lu Sheng’s smile froze. She pursed her lips and sighed softly. “I wonder when we’ll meet again.”

“What do you mean?” Mdm Xu frowned. “You’re saying it like you’re going on a long trip.”

“I do have to travel far,” Lu Sheng said softly. “Moreover, it’s very far away.”

The distance between the two places was not distance, but time.

“Are you leaving today?” Mdm Xu said, “Aren’t you staying for a few more days?”

“I want to stay for a few more days too, but I can’t!”

“Can’t stay? Why?” Duan Xiang could not help but ask.

Lu Sheng shook her head silently and said, “Anyway, I can’t stay.”

Ye Luo’s eyes darted around before he smiled and said, “Reincarnation is against the will of heaven. She can’t come out for too long. Otherwise, her soul will dissipate.”


The Lu family and the He family were shocked.

Even Leya said nervously, “If that’s the case, there’s no need to stay!”

Compared to meeting, Lu Sheng’s life was more important.

“Yes, yes!” Mdm Xu hurriedly nodded and said, “It doesn’t matter if you stay or not. The main thing is that you’re safe!”

Lu Sheng raised an eyebrow and praised Ye Luo secretly.

Why did she not think of this reason?

She was so anxious that her brain short-circuited.

“Indeed!” She said with a sad expression. “If possible, I want to come back and stay, but I can’t!”

“Forget it!” He Lai said, “Let’s eat first. We’ll talk about other things in the future.”

Everyone nodded and temporarily put down their complicated feelings to start dinner.

“Lord Chu, long time no see. Let me give you a toast!”

Holding his wine glass, He Hu smiled at Chu Sihan.

Chu Sihan smiled and raised his cup to him before downing it in one gulp.

After He Hu spoke, the others also raised their cups in toast.

Even Lu Nian used plain water as wine to toast Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan. Instantly, the Lu family was bustling.

Everyone nearby wanted to investigate, but they could not see anything through the high wall.

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