Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 1232 - Strict Condition

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Chapter 1232: Strict Condition

September 24th, Monday…

Long Yu Corporation’s headquarters.

Eric sipped his coffee as he read the discussions about Eternal Reincarnation online.

It might only be downloadable content, but this downloadable content has caused too much popularity online. Eric found it difficult to ignore it and more or less tried to understand it.

Apart from the new hero, ‘Prison Keeper’, GOG had collaborated with it, this matter was not related to IOI. However, Eric still instinctively felt panic and fear.

That was because the more such things happened, the stronger Boss Pei would become!

There were so many people in Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation. All of them were racking their brains for a countermeasure to defeat GOG for IOI. However, Boss Pei did not need to spend much effort to resolve all the attacks one by one. He even had the energy to do something else while launching a counterattack—for example, design a downloadable content that had high ratings.

The more Boss Pei played with ease, the more Eric felt that his strength was unfathomable, so powerful that it was difficult to win.

Of course, from another perspective, perhaps Boss Pei’s achievements in other games had given GOG a huge boost.

Initially, GOG was completely suppressed by IOI because its heroes were too Chinese.

However, Boss Pei quickly turned the situation around by acquiring Hurricane Comics Company and launching a series of new characters that suited foreign players’ taste.

At this stage, GOG and IOI already had a huge user base. It was very difficult to have a decisive impact just by buying a few IPs.

Under such circumstances, original IPs were extremely important!

Tengda Corporation made use of the success of their other games to continuously use GOG and other games to launch new heroes.

It was the same for the new hero, “Skylark”, released jointly with Mission and Choice and the new hero, “Prison Keeper” released with Eternal Reincarnation.

They were not only redirecting traffic to the new game through GOG’s popularity, but also redirecting traffic to GOG through the popularity of the new game, or rather, consolidating GOG’s players.

That was something that IOI would find difficult to achieve.

There might be many game manufacturers who made 3A games in the world but they were very careful with their own trump IPs. It was impossible to sell them.

Even if Finger Games wanted to buy it, they could only buy some marginalized copyrights. How could it be like GOG, where Tengda released a new game and combined it with a new hero?

What’s more, as Boss Pei had meticulously designed different gameplay, these new heroes had very unique mechanisms.

For example, the new hero, ‘Prison Keeper’, was compatible with the novel combat mechanism of Eternal Reincarnation. It enriched the gameplay and created a huge discussion.

What’s more, Boss Pei’s plan was not just a new hero, a new game. The related publicity plans and linkages of various industries were all part of the plan.

It was impossible to achieve this compatibility just by buying IPs.

This was the effect of a business genius and genius designer on the situation…

These current situations might not be able to deal an extremely famous blow to IOI, but Eric could already vaguely feel that the situation was worsening bit by bit.

Eric fell into deep worry, but he was helpless.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door. It was Zhao Xuming.

Eric took a document from his desk and handed it over. “The headquarters have answered Boss Pei’s previous proposal for cooperation. These are their conditions.”

Zhao Xuming took it and flipped through it seriously.

Then, he looked shocked.

“This… What harsh conditions!”

Zhao Xuming might be on IOI’s side but he still felt that the conditions given by Dayak Corporation’s higher management were too harsh.

It could be said to be an unfair agreement!

The upper echelons of Dayak Corporation made very detailed rules about the cooperation plan on this document.

Cooperation area: All regional servers around the world.

The method of cooperation: GOG and IOI would add a new section in their respective game clients. After players logged in, they would be able to register an account for another game through this section and bind the two accounts.

GOG had to abide by the following conditions:

In the eye-catching position of the client and the official website, the event would be exposed and promoted, and IOI’s eye-catching logo would be added.

GOG had to give generous rewards to gamers who registered and entered IOI, including but not limited to rare skins, head portraits, limited expressions, and so on.

These rewards were not distributed at one go. Instead, they had to be distributed for a long time, at least two weeks. In addition, certain rewards had to be obtained after spending a small amount of money in IOI.

The terms that IOI had to follow were quite vague.

He did not say that he wanted to publicize GOG on the client or on the official website. He also did not say what rewards would be given to players from IOI to GOG.

Obviously, the reward would not be good. In fact, it might not even be necessary.

In layman’s terms, this clause was: We could arrange for our players to play with each other, but GOG would use a very good reward to tempt players to come to IOI. What’s more, there was a time limit. They could not just register and run. They had to play for a period of time. On the other hand, IOI was just messing around. It was not my fault that no players went to play GOG.

Zhao Xuming shook his head after reading the document.

“Boss Pei is not stupid. How could he accept such conditions?”

“Even a three-year-old can tell that there’s no sincerity in working together.”

Eric nodded. “It was not sincere to begin with. What do you think?”

“The headquarters are also very vigilant against Tengda. If Boss Pei took the initiative to propose such a cooperation, using your proverbs, it would be like ‘weaselly cat and mouse’. It would definitely not be a good thing.”

“However, if we reject them directly, we would seem too timid. We would not even dare to raise conditions.”

“Therefore, I might as well propose a condition that the other party would definitely not agree to and dissuade him.”

Zhao Xuming nodded. “Yes, that’s right.”

“What’s more, if Boss Pei really agrees, we shouldn’t lose out.”

It was just like a certain someone had a very precious family heirloom. If someone came to ask how much it was, he would look a little stunned if he said that he would not sell it. The best way was to directly say a sky-high price that the other party would definitely not be able to afford.

For example, this thing was obviously only worth 10 million yuan, but wanted 200 million yuan.

If the other party retreated in the face of difficulty, he could say that it was not that he did not want to sell it, but that he could not afford the price. He could blame himself for not being sincere enough. If the other party really wanted to buy it, he could use this opportunity to ask for a huge sum and obtain an extremely high premium.

Eric was stunned. “Do you think Boss Pei will agree?”

Zhao Xuming shook his head. “I don’t know, but who can say for sure? No one knows what Boss Pei’s thinking is.”

Eric was silent for a moment and nodded. “That’s right.”

“I might have been stripped of my rights and become a transmission tool, but that might not be a bad thing. At the very least, I don’t have to rack my brains to fight Boss Pei anymore.

“I’ll send the document to Boss Pei now. Whether he accepts it or not is his business.”

Eric sent an email to Boss Pei first. After a while, he called.

“Hello? Boss Pei, the headquarters have already replied about the cooperation plan that you mentioned previously. The specific requirements have been sent to your email.”

“Hehe, there are a little too many terms. If you don’t think it’s appropriate, there’s nothing I can do. After all, I can’t make the decision on this matter. It’s all decided by the headquarters.”

Eric took the initiative and blocked the possibility of bargaining.

However, Eric’s smile froze on his face after two seconds.

“What? You completely agree?!”

Eric looked at Zhao Xuming, who was looking at him with the same confused expression.

They had indeed thought of the possibility that Boss Pei would agree, but that was probably based on a negotiation.

Unexpectedly, Boss Pei agreed without any hesitation!

The time was so short that people wondered if he had seen the specific terms in the plan carefully.

Over the phone, Boss Pei sounded relaxed. “Yes, I completely agree.”

“When can we start? I’ll let them arrange once the time is set.”

Boss Pei had actually agreed so readily. This made Eric panic.

Something was amiss!

He quickly emphasized. “Boss Pei, are you sure you’ve read the terms seriously? I suggest you spend another two minutes to take a closer look so that we won’t have any unhappiness in the future.”

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