Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 1649 - Leave Victory And Defeat to Heaven's Will!  

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Chapter 1649: Leave Victory And Defeat to Heaven’s Will!

The movie ended.

After all, they had booked the entire place to watch the movie. Thus, the bosses were not in a hurry to leave. Instead, they were discussing the movie plot.

They also wanted to know if this movie could really achieve a fatal effect as Boss Pei’s last trump card.

Nie Yunsheng was a little confused as he said, “This movie might be well-filmed, but it seems like there is still a gap from winning the Golden Lion Award.”

“Are you saying that the Venice Film Festival this year did not have any strong competitors, so this movie was picked up?”

Lu Xiaoping shook his head slightly. “There are indeed no strong competitors, but the quality of this movie cannot be underestimated.”

“I haven’t analyzed the movie in detail, but from the experience of my first movie, this movie is indeed unique in many aspects. It’s not strange to be recognized by the judges.”

Nie Yunsheng was a little surprised. “Oh? Boss Lu, tell me quickly. How is this movie compared to ‘Your Property’?”

Lu Xiaoping explained, “The two have similarities in the theme of expression. However, one is more extreme in the plot arrangement, and the other is more inclined to details.”

Nie Yunsheng and the other bosses nodded. Even people who did not understand movies could tell this.

‘My Property’ envisaged an extremely and bizarre scene. In other words, a person would control most of the wealth on the entire planet. He would even monopolize air and water sources.

On the other hand, there was no such extreme scene in ‘The Future You Choose’. All the plots still happened in a seemingly extreme but seemingly logical scene. Even hooligans could take over using various gray methods. The entire world might be chaotic but the ladder to rise was not completely cut off.

Thus, even though their theme content was similar, the final movie gave people a very different feeling.

Lu Xiaoping continued to explain. “I won’t analyze the theme and deeper meaning of the movie. This content has to be summarized by repeatedly watching the details of the movie.”

“I’ll briefly explain some of the methods used in this movie.”

“In my opinion, the balance between business and art in this movie is very good. In some aspects, he is very straightforward, such as using different light colors to show the gap between the characters.”

“Once the movie started, the camera dropped from the highest point to the lowest point. The real rich people lived on the highest point. Not only were they bright, but even at night, they could see the most beautiful lights in the entire city. They lived above the clouds as if they were living in a fairytale.”

“As the camera panned down, the audience saw the scene on the ground floor. Whether it was day or night, this place was gray. That cloud blocked out the sun and the light. It made the lower world into a jungle society in a certain sense. It fell into absolute chaos.”

“At the end of the movie, the camera zoomed up from the bottom, strengthening this feeling.”

“To me, the design of this cloud is very ingenious.”

“These buildings look towering into the clouds. They are indeed very tall, but these clouds are actually from the equipment in the center of the buildings.”

“There might not be a direct explanation in the movie but it can be guessed that the tycoons living in the upper echelons did not want to see the chaotic and dirty scene below. They did not want to disturb their mood when looking at the scenery by the window, so they blocked it through the clouds.”

“The clouds can also be regarded as a means of isolation and monopoly. That’s because the people living in the upper echelons of the building are the upper echelons of the entire society. Thus, they can use this brazen method to monopolize the sunlight obtained by the entire city. Just like in ‘My Property’, the rich monopolize the air.”

“When the protagonist played by Lu Zhiyao schemed to replace the young tycoon, he obviously did the darkest work, but he deliberately used a very bright light effect. After the protagonist replaced the tycoon, he took care of the tycoon’s industry, cleared his gang’s name, and constantly obtained wealth. The entire atmosphere was very lively.”

“There was even a solemn and elegant string song attached to it.”

“Such dubbing and lighting formed a stark contrast with the sinister plot, creating a ridiculous effect.”

“However, at the same time, this seems to hint that in the eyes of a poor man like the protagonist, who is climbing up at all costs, the factors such as right and wrong in his eyes have been completely distorted. In order to climb to the highest point and embrace the sun, he has actually completely given up and even deliberately distorted his moral recognition.”

“In addition, the movie also used many montage methods.”

“For example, during the growth of the protagonist in the gang, the protagonist compared the activities of the protagonist when he first joined the gang and after he joined the gang for a long time. The ugly things that the protagonist was not used to at first quickly became normal.”

“The crossover of the camera highlighted the huge change that happened to the protagonist during this period through the beginning and end. It also showed a sense of rebirth. All the members of the gang would actually experience this process. They would gradually change from the childish and inexperienced person who first joined the gang to a ruthless character who would give up on morality and do anything.”

“If you explain it in a normal order, you would not be able to show this sense of rebirth and fate. It would also seem very draggy.”

“Other than that, the details of the movie are also done well. The protagonist is at various stages of life. The food he can obtain and the clothes he wears match his situation.”

“For example, when he was a homeless man, after he joined a gang, or after he became a tycoon, the protagonist’s living environment and clothes changed.”

“What’s more, I have to say that Lu Zhiyao’s acting skills are really good.”

“He’s actually decorating two characters each. One of the characters is even divided into two different stages.”

“At first, the poor protagonist fought with others at the bottom of the hierarchy. He might have killed people but he was actually still persevering internally. As his position in the gang became higher and higher, it looked like his character became stable on the surface. However, he had actually given up on his inner insistence on justice.”

“Not only must Lu Zhiyao act out the feeling of the poor protagonist, but he must also act out the young tycoon.”

“This young tycoon has another character. He is filled with idealism and adventurism. He is filled with passion and hope for life. In terms of fighting spirit, he seems to have many similarities with the poor protagonist. However, on closer inspection, one would realize that their internal spirit is completely different.”

“There is a detail in the film. The rich protagonist and the poor protagonist raise the same viewing plants. However, the viewing plant of the rich protagonist thrive because it can frequently come into contact with the sun on the floor. The poor protagonist’s plant is frequently sick. Its leaves are withered and half-dead. It requires careful care to survive.”

“In other words, the difference in living conditions determines two people who are also adventurous and motivated. In the end, they become two completely different people.”

“The most exciting part is that Lu Zhiyao not only acted out three personalities, but he also acted out the constant changes between these three personalities.”

“It even gave people the illusion that the poor protagonist and the rich protagonist only look alike, but they are actually two different people inside.”

“It’s only natural for him to win the Best Actor, given his wonderful and complicated acting skills.”

Nie Yunsheng nodded slightly. “Indeed. There are many details in this movie. I wouldn’t have been able to tell if you hadn’t said that. I just felt that it was very smooth and natural.”

“What I’m more concerned about is the symbolism of the small stone on the protagonist’s chest.”

“First, the homeless man mistakenly thought that this stone was something valuable and snatched it from him. Then, he accidentally killed the homeless man and was forced to start his gang career. Lastly, it was probably because of this stone that he was exposed. In the end, he fell from the building and shattered, hinting at the protagonist’s failure.”

“It looks like Director Zhu Xiaoce is indeed ambitious. The concept of this movie is exquisite. It is very likely that it was aiming for the award from the beginning.”

Lu Xiaoping was a professional at making movies after all. His vision was much higher than other bosses and he could see many tricks.

Of course, he was not a professional film critic. He had only watched it once. Thus, he only mentioned the few points that he could tell based on his first impression.

Since this movie could win an award, it must not only be outstanding in the art of filming. There must be something deeper that moved the judges.

Nie Yunsheng said worriedly, “Boss Lu, do you think ‘My Property’ will win?”

Lu Xiaoping thought for a moment and said, “There has been no first place in ancient Chinese. It’s too rough and utilitarian to judge if we win or not. It’s hard to say.”

“After all, we are not competing in box office sales or prizes, but in public opinion.”

“From the looks of it, the movie ‘My Property’ accurately hit Tengda Corporation. The movie ‘The Future You Choose’ might have affected us but the impact was not huge.”

“In fact, I think this movie’s lethality is not even as good as the game.”

“After all, the game had attacked our anti-Tengda Alliance through the final ending. The movie was not mentioned at all.”

“On the other hand, both movies are constantly portraying Tengda Corporation as a huge monopoly. The impact on the audience cannot be underestimated.”

“As public opinion continues to ferment, everyone will more or less be wary of Tengda Corporation’s current state.”

“All in all, I think ‘My Property’ is outstanding enough. Leave the rest to fate!”

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