Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 1650 - All Are Good Works  

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Chapter 1650: All Are Good Works

After Lu Xiaoping’s explanation, the bosses, including Nie Yunsheng, realized the current situation.

Simply put, both movies had their own emphasis.

From the perspective of imagination and cultural compatibility, “My Property” was undoubtedly better.

That was because this movie used a bold and imaginative imagination to show a very extreme situation. This extreme situation was very novel and resonant to domestic audiences.

It might also have a certain impact on foreign audiences, but the effect of irony might not be so strong. After all, there was a certain cultural difference.

From the perspective of the filming skills and details of the movie itself, “The Future You Choose” had the upper hand.

That was because the movie ‘The Future You Choose’ had a lot of detailed plots and a rich worldview. The protagonist went from an ordinary homeless man to the leader of a gang and then became a tycoon through a specific method. This image was easier for the audience to substitute.

What’s more, Director Zhu Xiaoce had used many pleasing filming techniques and metaphors in these complicated plots. Thus, the judges would be more interested in the art of the movie.

If he really took both movies to participate in the film festival’s award, the movie ‘The Future You Choose’ would probably win in the end.

However, the key was that both parties were not competing to win prizes at foreign film festivals.

In fact, in recent years, the domestic film industry had been showing a trend: More and more domestic directors had begun to look toward the domestic market. Their first goal was to satisfy the domestic audience’s viewing experience.

The core of the expression of ideas was becoming more and more compatible with the taste of domestic audiences.

A film that did not win an award overseas did not necessarily mean that it was a lousy film. The opposite was true.

Therefore, the specific reputation of these two movies remained to be seen after they were released in China.

Lu Xiaoping was not confident about this at all.

A literary work had to be widely tested in the end to determine its value.

These two movies also had an important mission: an extension of the war between Tengda Corporation and the anti-Tengda Alliance.

From Lu Xiaoping’s point of view, the goal of ‘My Property’ hinting at Tengda Corporation had basically been achieved. However, ‘The Future You Choose’ might have been to participate in the film festival. It paid a lot of attention to art, but it sacrificed a lot of aggressiveness.

This movie was not much of a threat to the companies that were opposing Tengda Alliance.

From this point of view, the anti-Tengda Alliance had undoubtedly seized the initiative.

Tengda Corporation might have completed surrounding the anti-Tengda Alliance through the game and movie content, but if the anti-Tengda Alliance movie could receive strange effects, it could also break out of the situation in an instant.

However, he still had to leave the final outcome to public opinion to be tested.

Nie Yunsheng nodded slightly and said, “Boss Lu, you’ve indeed made the arrangements. We’ve already done everything we can for the movie.”

“However, I have another question.”

“That is, would there be any unexpected connection between the game and the movie?”

“The game ‘The Future You Choose’ has already shown its edge. Teacher Qiao’s interpretation seems to be very lethal to us. If the game and movie really have a deep connection under such circumstances, the situation would not be good if we are attacked from both sides.”

Lu Xiaoping thought for a moment and said, “Until now, I haven’t seen any particularly close connection.”

“The game and movie are completely different plots and can even be said to be completely different stories. There doesn’t seem to be a deeper connection apart from the fact that Tengda Corporation is the villain in both works.”

“Of course, to be safe, we still have to deal with it.”

“The public opinion battle after that will mainly revolve around the movie. We will try our best not to mention the game-related content.”

“We’ll catch up and fight. At that time, most of our attention would be attracted to the movie. There are relatively fewer players in the game after all.”

The bosses expressed their agreement with this playstyle. After all, the anti-Tengda Alliance did not have any game works. What’s more, even if they had estimates, it would be a disadvantage. At this time, they had to accept one loss in order to ensure two wins. They had to divert the battlefield to their advantage as much as possible.

Zheng Hao said worriedly, “Then why did Boss Pei use the same name to name the movie and game? If there is no deep connection between these two works, I don’t think that is in line with Boss Pei’s usual style.”

After some consideration, Lu Xiaoping said, “Tengda’s internal department is monolithic. It’s very difficult for us to get Boss Pei’s first-hand information when he was making decisions through internal employees. Therefore, we can only make some guesses.”

“I think this might be a relatively safe consideration.”

“If the game and movie plot are highly connected like ‘Mission and Choice’, then it would be mutually beneficial. If one project fails, the other project would be dragged down.”

“For the previous Tengda Corporation, it’s not a problem to focus our strength on making big things. However, Tengda Corporation now has the advantage. Our goal should be to win as steadily as possible.”

“I think Boss Pei probably asked the person-in-charge of the games and film department to conceptualize separately and come up with an idea each. The two would not affect each other.”

“That way, the chances of both projects failing would be minimal.”

“Even if one of the projects is not very effective, another project can make up for it. Tengda will always have the advantage.”

“However, such a conservative decision would have little loss when both projects succeed. It would be very difficult to form a deep link.”

“At the very least, until now, we can say that Tengda has guest-starring as the antagonist in both games and movies. The meaning of the game and movie itself is similar, but there is no deep connection between the two after all.”

“We’ll gain an advantage by focusing our strength on movies. At the very least, it looks like the best solution at the moment.”

The bosses nodded, thinking that what Lu Xiaoping said made sense.

“Alright, since that’s the case, let’s wait for good news.”

The next afternoon…

Pei Qian finished watching The Future You Choose.

His first feeling was regret, deep regret.

How did he dig out a treasure like Lu Zhiyao back then?

Lu Zhiyao’s acting skills improved visibly after filming these movies.

This time, one of them played two characters. What’s more, he played the different stages of the characters very well. It was not wrong to come out and win the award.

To Pei Qian, Lu Zhiyao was about to evolve into a lifetime enemy like Ruan Guangjian and Qiao Liang.

However, Pei Qian felt that the movies ‘The future you choose’ and ‘My Property’ had their pros and cons. The two movies might have expressed similar themes but there was a huge difference in form.

If Vinci Media could give some support and create public opinion, it was not impossible for them to turn the tables against the wind.

“I still don’t think it’s safe enough.”

“I really want to do something for Vinci Media, but…”

“We cannot hire fake reviewers anymore!”

Until now, Pei Qian was still on tenterhooks. He was afraid that someone would find out about him hiring fake reviewers one day.

It was already a blessing in disguise that he had not been discovered for the first time. If he still went to look for fake reviewers under such circumstances, he would be courting death. He could not blame others.

However, Pei Qian felt very melancholic and confused after his only good brother was caught.

At such a critical moment, he could not do anything.

Pei Qian sighed silently. He could only wait and see.

Since both movies had been released, the first batch of viewers’ comments had been released. Pei Qian felt that he could take a look at the overall public opinion review.

He decided to watch ‘The Future You Choose’ first.

“Lu Zhiyao’s acting skills have improved tremendously. The Best Actor really deserves it.”

“As expected of an award-winning work. There are no shortcomings in all aspects. What’s more, this movie reminds me of how I felt when I watched Tomorrow is Beautiful. I have to say that Tengda seems to be the only one in the country who can perfectly film this feeling.”

“The film’s editing was very good, and there was a sense of powerlessness in the end. A poor man was born in a poor family, thinking of all ways to change his fate, but in the end, he only ended up dead.”

“Tengda Corporation is also a villain in this movie. It’s even worse than in the game.”

“That’s right. The game also uses a method of borrowing a corpse to resurrect its soul. In the movie, it would be so powerful that it would be invincible.”

“The overall quality of the special effects is also very outstanding, especially the two long shots at the beginning and end. They amazed me. Traveling through the clouds is like heaven and hell. Through the city with the Cyberpunk background, the feeling of rich and poor is perfectly displayed.”

“It’s definitely a rare good movie. I’m prepared to watch it again to show my support.”

Pei Qian felt a little guilty. However, the movie ‘The Future You Choose’ had already won a prize after all. It was expected to receive such an evaluation.

He clicked on “My Property”.

Until now, both movies’ ratings hovered around 9.5. Neither side was giving in to the other.

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up when he saw the netizens’ evaluation of ‘My Property’. He saw hope again.

“The original party expressed that it was too satisfying. They really filmed all the essence of the original movie. Indeed, such a solid movie is the most exciting.”

“Without the interference of too many traffic, every character in it has good acting skills, especially the poor and rich.”

“I felt so aggrieved watching the last scene. The poor tried his best to question them, but the rich rebuked them all with a high and mighty attitude. At that time, I wished I could smash the computer screen.”

“Actually, all the emotional release was in the last scene, but there were many things to be praised in the process of the movie. For example, the change in the protagonist’s life, the age and death of the unemployed parents, and the constant changes in the living environment. These scenes were all displayed by the director in very detailed content. The protagonist’s’ thank you Mom and Dad ‘was really completely broken through his defense.”

“I think this movie is not inferior to ‘The Future You Choose’ in any way.”

“I even prefer ‘My Property’ a little. I can’t say what’s good about it, but I think this movie is more concise, crude, and direct. It spreads that cruel reality directly in front of everyone. Naturally, it gives people more shock.”

“The connotation of both movies are very deep. Let’s wait for the film review obediently. It’ll be easier to say which movie is better once the film review is out.”

“I blamed Vinci Media wrongly previously. I thought that they invested in this movie to advocate against Tengda Alliance and discredit Tengda Corporation. However, after watching it, they felt that the movie was good. They hoped that more companies would invest money to film such a real good movie.”

The two movies seem to be neck-to-neck in their performance.

Even if there was a gap, it could only be a difference in choices and taste.

The length of a movie was limited. It was impossible to perfect everything.

These two movies had chosen different angles and methods to display similar themes. They were done very well.

The final outcome might only depend on some very small details.

Many people were waiting for the film critics to speak.

That was because some deeper meaning would only be revealed when film critics deeply interpret these two movies. Only then would the difference between the two movies be truly distinguished!

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