Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 621 - Side Listening Spot  

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Chapter 621: Side Listening Spot

Carl was so stubborn that the other judges couldn’t say anything, they could only follow his instructions. “If you insist on Jiang Yu going to the University of Cecilia, we can’t stop you. But you have to think carefully. You are only representing the University of Cecilia, but the person in charge of the University of Cecilia is not you.”

Carl’s eyes turned cold as he said, “You don’t have to worry about this.”

The atmosphere at the scene was a little awkward and a little stiff, but no one dared to stand out and say a word. They were afraid that if they opened their mouths and said a word, this fire would inexplicably burn on them.

But in the end, the silence was broken, it was Professor Carl who called the President of Ivy University. “President, this is Carl from Cecilia University. I applied to give Jiang Yu a spot to listen in, so that she can study for a semester.”

Although Kang Xue was not far away, she could not hear what the president said on the other side of the phone.

She could only vaguely hear what Professor Carl Said and secretly clenched her fists.

President, please don’t agree to him! Please don’t give her a spot. Even if there is a spot, don’t give it to Jiang Yu!

However, Carl’s next reaction made Kang Xue’s wish come to naught.

She heard Carl say happily, “Okay, thank you, President.”

What did he mean? Did he mean that Jiang Yu could still go to the University of Cecilia to study?

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Kang Xue turned around and glared at Jiang Yu, not understanding why people were always helping her and favoring her.

Jiang Yu didn’t expect that Professor Carl would fight with so many judges for her. She didn’t know how to thank Professor Carl.

Kang Xue turned around and glared at Jiang Yu, she said, “Jiang Yu, I really hate you. It was clearly agreed that I was the first place, but someone always spoke up for you at the most critical moment and fought for your best interests.”

For some reason, Jiang Yu didn’t get angry at Kang Xue’s words. Instead, she felt a little sympathy for her.

She said, “If you want to hear an explanation about this matter, I can only say that I have no way to explain it. After all, this matter has already exceeded my expectations.”

“Is that so?” Tears welled up in Kang Xue’s eyes. She laughed self-deprecatingly, she said, “Do you dare to say that you really haven’t thought about this matter? Am I the fool in the end? They had clearly agreed that there would only be one first place. But now that the results were out, why did they suddenly add a spot for you to listen in? It was obvious that they wanted you to be the student transfer, not me! Since that was the case, why would they still hold a competition? Why not just pick you up directly?!”

The more Kang Xue spoke, the more agitated she became, and her voice became louder and louder. In the end, everyone present could hear her final words.

Jiang Yu also knew that this matter was not fair to Kang Xue, and she did not have to go to Cecilia University to study. Therefore, Professor Carl did not have to fight for this spot for her.

However, Professor Carl took a liking to her attainments on the piano. No matter what others said, he had to protect Jiang Yu’s chance to go to Cecilia University. He did not want to lose her, a very talented student.

There was no host for this competition. Only the announcer took the place of the host. Now that such a thing had happened on the field, the announcer quickly called for security and dragged Kang Xue, who had lost control of her emotions, down.

When Kang Xue was dragged down, she kept shouting, “Jiang Yu! I will never let you off! As long as I am here, you will never have an easy time!”

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