Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 791 - The Third Post

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Chapter 791: The Third Post

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“Of course it’s not me!” Jiang Ran suddenly became flustered and exasperated, “Even if you have nothing to do with the Jiang family, according to seniority, you still have to call me ‘sister’! But look at you now, is this the attitude you have when talking to your sister?”

“I don’t have a petty sister like you, who will be jealous when she sees others being better than you.” Jiang Yu snorted coldly, she said disdainfully, “But since you want evidence, that’s fine. I don’t have it now, but it doesn’t mean I won’t have it in the future. So… we’ll just wait and see.”

After saying that, Jiang Yu was about to leave, but she turned to He Li and said, “You’re her friend. Will you attend her wedding ceremony?”

He Li was a little confused and asked, “What wedding ceremony?”

Jiang Yu sneered and said, “So you don’t know? Then it’s fine.” Then, she left.

When Jiang Yu and the other two disappeared completely, He Li asked Jiang Ran, “Ran Ran, what did Jiang Yu mean by the wedding ceremony? Didn’t you tell me that you’re breaking up with your boyfriend recently?”

Jiang Ran then remembered that in order to maintain a good relationship with He Li at school, she had always told him that she was breaking up with her boyfriend recently. When they officially broke up, she would be able to be together with him.

She had been lying to him, but Jiang Yu suddenly came out of nowhere and told him everything.

Seeing that Jiang Ran didn’t answer, He Li was a little anxious.

“Ran Ran, say something! Did you acquiesce to Jiang Yu’s words by not saying anything?” He grabbed Jiang Ran’s arm and asked her to give him an explanation no matter what.

Jiang Ran couldn’t argue with He Li, so she could only make up an excuse, then she got angry with him. “Do you believe what she said or what I said? I already said that I’m breaking up with my boyfriend recently, but he has a big family and a big business. How can I fight against him alone? If I want to break up with him completely, I need time too. Am I going to be with you before I break up with him? If others find out, what will they think of me? Can’t you think about me?”

He Li saw that Jiang Ran was angry, and he couldn’t bear it, he hugged her and kept coaxing her, “I’m sorry, Ran Ran, it’s my fault. I won’t rush you anymore. No matter when you break up with your boyfriend, I’ll wait for you.”

After successfully diverting He Li’s attention, Jiang Ran heaved a long sigh of relief and shrank into his embrace.

He Li sent Jiang Ran back to the dormitory downstairs. He stood at the door and said a few words before the two reluctantly broke up.

Jiang Ran returned to the dormitory and turned on her computer.

The more she thought about what happened today, the angrier she became. She planned to write another post. However, when Jiang Yu found her today, the words she said made Jiang Ran feel some lingering fear.

Could this Jiang Yu have discovered something? Could it be that she had already discovered that the account was her alternate account?

After hesitating for a while, Jiang Ran decided to apply for a new alternate account for safety reasons. Then, she followed a few marketing accounts and started to edit the post.

Twenty minutes later, Jiang Ran finalized the last sentence and posted the post on the forum.

“I changed my account this time. Let’s see what you can find this time,” Jiang Ran said to herself proudly.

The post was quickly retweeted by hundreds of people, and thousands of people commented, “Did this Jiang Yu really say such things to her sister?”

“Isn’t she just an ingrate? The Jiang family raised her for so long, and not only did she break away from the Jiang family, but now when she sees her sister on the road, she still has that attitude?”

“This kind of person really brings shame to our school. Can we ask the principal to expel her?”

“I hope that Professor Bai will find out the truth about Jiang Yu and publicly announce that Jiang Yu is no longer her last disciple.”

“Professor Bai must have been deceived by Jiang Yu and bewitched. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have unconditionally favored Jiang Yu.”

Jiang Ran looked at the comments that were slandering Jiang Yu and felt very comfortable.

She really wanted to know the expression on Jiang Yu’s face when he saw this post? Was he angry, or was he gritting his teeth?

Jiang Ran fantasized in her heart. She couldn’t help but laugh out loud as she thought about it.

However, Jiang Yu’s reaction when he saw the post was completely different from what Jiang Ran had imagined.

Jiang Yu only briefly browsed through the post, then repeated her previous actions and found the IP address of this new account.

It was the same place as the previous account, so this was also the alternate account that Jiang Ran had applied for.

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