Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 831 - My Backer

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Chapter 831: My Backer

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Ah Xiang sat up straight for once and looked at Jiang Yu carefully. He asked uncertainly, “You’re Jiang Yu?”

Jiang Yu didn’t find it strange that Ah Xiang knew her. He must have found out from Li Yue or someone close to her.

But out of courtesy, Jiang Yu smiled and replied, “Hello, I’m Jiang Yu.”

“What are you smiling about? Did you see me smiling at you?” Ah Xiang sneered. “You’re not a police officer, what are you doing in the interrogation room?”

“Don’t be too presumptuous,” Teng Yi, who had been hiding in the darkness, suddenly said, giving Jiang Yu a fright.

Although she knew that Teng Yi was involved in this matter, she didn’t expect that Teng Yi would appear in the interrogation room after capturing the criminal.

Teng Yi noticed Jiang Yu’s confusion and explained, “Madam, I was the one who caught the criminal this time.”

“I see.” Jiang Yu nodded.

When Ah Xiang heard the word “Madam”, he only thought that Jiang Yu was some rich lady and didn’t link her to Mo Long.

Therefore, he became even more unscrupulous and even started singing loudly.

“Stop singing!” Chang Kai couldn’t take it anymore and slammed the table in the interrogation room.

Even though the volume was very loud, Ah Xiang wasn’t afraid, he even provoked proudly, “So what if I’m singing? If you want to send me to prison, then bring out some serious evidence? Without any serious evidence, you want to send me in? Do you know that my backer is Li Yue? She will protect me! It’s useless even if you send me to jail. She will save me!”

When he said this, he was very confident. It was as if if he accidentally went to jail, Li Yue would definitely save him.

Ah Xiang saw that no one was talking and thought that what he had just said had shocked them. Hence, he started to feel proud and was ready to sing another song.

However, Jiang Yu did not intend to give him face. Instead, she calmly asked, “Do you really think that Li Yue will save you?”

Ah Xiang paused and looked at Jiang Yu in disbelief. He asked, “W-what do you mean?”

“Li Yue was the previous movie queen and now I’m the movie queen. But this will motivate her to win the movie queen award. And if she wants to become the movie queen, she has to ensure that her reputation is clean and without any stains. Otherwise, not to mention the public won’t recognize her, she won’t even be able to get on the nomination list.”

“You’re a criminal with a criminal record. Now you’re shouting Li Yue’s name in the police station’s interrogation room, saying that she will definitely save you. Do you think she will give up on you to protect her reputation? No matter if you brought her a poisonous hook beetle or something else, she’ll pretend that she doesn’t know you. She might even turn the tables and accuse you of framing her.”

Jiang Yu was still smiling when she said that.

But when Ah Xiang saw it, he couldn’t help but shudder.

But he still forced himself to hold on, he said, “You, what evidence do you have? Don’t spout nonsense here! Li Yue had promised me that if anything happened to me, as long as I called out her name, no one would mistreat me! Who are you to dare to talk about her here?”

“I’m telling the truth.” Jiang Yu shrugged. “If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try.”

“Who are you? Why should I believe you?!” Ah Xiang was still forcing himself to shout.

“Shut up!” Teng Yi stood at the side and couldn’t stand it anymore. “This is the president of the Mo Group — Mo Long’s fiancée! How dare you make such a big fuss here?”

“Mo, Mo Long?” Ah Xiang was obviously stunned.

When Ah Xiang first joined the group, he had heard of this rule — in this line of work, anyone could be provoked, but Mo Long couldn’t be provoked.

Ah Xiang did not know what the meaning of this rule was, but since his boss had said this rule, as his subordinate, he should abide by it.

So when Ah Xiang went out to do things, he always tried his best to stay away from people or matters related to Mo Long.

He did not know that Jiang Yu was Mo Long’s fiancée. If he knew, he definitely would not have accepted Li Yue and Li Lu’s request!

Wasn’t this obviously sending him to the fire pit?!

“Erm, are you really Mo Long’s fiancée?”Ah Xiang probed Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu looked at him in amusement. “What’s the matter? You believe that Li Yue will definitely save you, but you don’t believe that I’m Mo Long’s fiancée?”

“No, no, I, I believe.” Ah Xiang broke out in cold sweat and stuttered. He was afraid that if he fell into Mo Long’s hands, he would die without a complete corpse.

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