Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 962 - Old Friends Reunited

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Chapter 962: Old Friends Reunited

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Jiang Yu’s intuition had always been very accurate. However, she believed that Anna had just met Mo Long and would not be so unreserved.

Moreover, Mo Long was not a fool. It was not that he could not see through Anna’s thoughts.

At the beginning, he did not say much because of Anna’s supermodel status. He thought that as long as he ignored her, she would tactfully stay away from him.

He didn’t expect that this method would make Anna even worse. She didn’t know how to restrain herself.

It seemed that if he didn’t teach her a lesson, she would really become worse.

“Although there aren’t many scenes today, the clothes are very thick and heavy.” Jiang Yu sighed. “I’ll go take a shower first. Then, we’ll go out for dinner.”

“Okay.” Mo Long lovingly kissed Jiang Yu’s forehead and watched her enter the bathroom.

When Jiang Yu entered the bathroom, the affectionate expression on Mo Long’s face disappeared in an instant. With a gloomy face, he gave Teng Yi a call.

“Look up Malaysia’s international supermodel Anna,” Mo Long gave a simple order. “I want to know which partners are working with her.”

Teng Yi replied, “Yes, President Mo…”

Mo Long hung up the phone and stood in front of the French window for a while. Not long after, Teng Yi sent the results of his investigation to Mo Long’s phone.

Mo Long took a quick glance and only remembered the few partners and those international famous brands.

After he finished looking through these things, Jiang Yu had already finished showering and came out.

“What are you looking at?” Jiang Yu asked curiously, “Is it work-related?”

“No, I just asked Teng Yi to look into something.” Mo Long put his phone away with a smile. “Let’s go, I’ll take you to dinner.”

“Okay!” Jiang Yu was elated.

“Are you still filming tomorrow?” Mo Long asked as he walked, “When can we finish filming?”

“I don’t know, because Zaka said that she was not satisfied with some parts of the script and wanted to revise it,” Jiang Yu replied.

“She became more active at this time.” Mo Long frowned.

When she was talking about cooperation with Zaka in Malaysia, she was still frowning. She wanted to disappear from this world immediately. She didn’t expect that when it came to filming, she was so active and serious.

“What’s wrong? You seem to be unhappy.” Jiang Yu looked at Mo Long’s expression and felt that he was hiding something from her.

“No.” Mo Long shook his head and denied it.

Why would he say something that made him unhappy.

However, if he did that, Jiang Yu would stay at Zaka’s place for a period of time. If he wanted to deal with Anna, he wouldn’t have the chance.

He couldn’t say “Anna has feelings for me, so I have to get rid of her” in front of Jiang Yu, right?

“But the expression on your face is really ugly.” Jiang Yu was a little worried. “Did you not rest well? Why don’t we go back and have a simple meal? Then you should hurry up and rest.”

“I’m fine. It’s just that I’ve had too much to do recently, so I’m a little tired.” Mo Long smiled and said, “I promised to bring you to eat, so I’ll definitely bring you there.”

Jiang Yu frowned. “Are you really fine?”

Mo Long replied, “I’m fine. Don’t worry too much about me.”

Jiang Yu was still worried, but Mo Long insisted on bringing her to dinner, so Jiang Yu could only follow along.

Mo Long brought Jiang Yu to a high-class restaurant. Just as they entered the door, they saw a group of people coming out of the private room inside.

There were more people there, so Jiang Yu wanted to pull Mo Long to make way for them. However, she didn’t expect the man in the lead to walk over excitedly and hold Mo Long’s hand.

“President Mo! Long time no see!” The man held Mo Long’s hand with an excited and friendly expression on his face.

He was speaking Chinese, so Jiang Yu could understand him.

Mo Long knew the man in front of him. He was a businessman whom he had worked with a while ago. His name was Yang Fei, and he was a Chinese man doing business in Malaysia.

“Long time no see, President Yang,” Mo Long replied politely.

Yang Fei then saw Jiang Yu and asked, “This is?”

Mo Long answered without hesitation, “It’s my wife, Jiang Yu.”

“So it’s Mrs. Mo!” Yang Fei’s smile became even brighter. “She’s very beautiful. Standing together with President Mo, she’s a beauty!”

“Thank you,” Jiang Yu thanked him politely.

“I’m telling the truth!” Yang Fei said, “Compared to that arrogant and domineering supermodel Anna who only knows how to throw a tantrum, she’s much better!”

Hearing Anna, Mo Long raised his eyebrows. “Why? From president Yang’s words, it seems like there’s some unhappiness between you and Anna?”

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