Lust Knight - Chapter 339 - No more regrets

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Chapter 339 - No more regrets

All Lucien's girls seem too excited to do the ceremony; even Little Ko wants to plant a tree with Lucien to show her innocent feelings for him.

But to make sure everyone wants that, Lucien asks them. "This ceremony is something very specific of some cultures, so, if some of you don't want to do it, it's really okay."

As soon as he speaks, the girls look at each other and think about it. Yet, none of them, except for Ghalenna, who is also with the group, shows any d.e.s.i.r.e to not participate in the ceremony. Although that is a ritual generally used by couples about to get married, the offering to the nature spirit is something that everyone can do and pleases everyone as well.

Lucien smiles. "Then we will all do this tomorrow. Even if you are strong, you should stay together and take care when looking for materials in the forest."

"..." The girls make a strange expression, and Lucien can feel their discomfort. He thinks it's because he asked them to be together, but Anne quickly explains.

"We are very excited, and we cannot wait to start tomorrow." She speaks with a pleading expression. Her ears even fall slightly, making her request irrevocable to Lucien.

"But it's night, my dear," Laure speaks to Anne. Although she knows that Lucien's group is strong, she doesn't know how strong they are.

L.u.s.t smiles. "Even a mythical beast from the Sky Realm would have a hard time dealing with those girls while they work together. Also, Amelia and Envy will be in the brides' group, right?"

"I'm hubby's favorite wife, don't I?" Envy smiles seductively at Lucien.

He cannot deny that Envy is extremely beautiful, and her expression makes him horny. Also, he understands her behavior more and more and knows that even she has no real control over her emotions, like any normal person.

Still, he doesn't smile at her but makes a confused expression. "Oh, really? Nobody told me about it."

Envy continues to smile seductively at Lucien, but then her body turns into a cloud of gray dust when Amelia 'tries' to kick her.

"Stupid Envy!!" Amelia speaks in an annoyed tone.

Then she looks at Lucien and smiles. "But she is right about something: we are certainly going to do the ceremony."

Lucien's wives already expected that because it is evident that Amelia loves Lucien as a brother, man, and any other way to love someone, but Laure can't but get shocked again.

"B-b-but... y-you are his..." Laure doesn't want to question Amelia, but the words come out of her mouth on their own.

Amelia looks at Laure with an upset expression. She still hadn't forgiven mama fox for being a little rude to Lucien when they arrived. Probably Lucien would also feel that way if anyone had been rude to Amelia as both siblings are too overprotective.

But before the mood gets weird, Lucien approaches Amelia and strokes her beautiful white hair lovingly. "In my view, this ceremony is something that represents respect for the nature spirit and other people, so everyone can do that even without the meaning of a marriage."

Everyone agrees with Lucien because they think so too. He smiles at Ko. "Even little Ko wants to do it to demonstrate her familiar love, so it's normal for Amelia to do it too."

Laure still seems to find that strange, mainly because of the way Lucien and Amelia touch and look at each other. But she doesn't want to meddle in their lives.

Lucien smiles at her as he talks to Amelia mentally. 'Our relationship must be complicated for other people to understand... or accept. Yet, it has nothing to do with others, but only ourselves, my love.'

'Mm.' Amelia responds with a sound of agreement as she hugs Lucien tightly. However, she wants everyone to know that she is also his wife, and the most important of them, of course.

Then she looks at Dawn and extends her hand. "You also want to do the ceremony, don't you, my friend?"

Dawn blushes but gets up and takes Amelia's hand while looking at Lucien. "I want to do this to show my respect for you and also for the culture that was once told me to be heretical, but in fact, it looks beautiful."

"We are going to plant a beautiful tree, which will grow just like your new life." Lucien hugs Dawn with his other arm, and both she and Amelia enjoy his scent and warm touch for a minute.

Dawn cannot deny that she is attracted to Lucien like any other woman, but she especially likes him because he is always very kind to her and is helping her to start her life over.

Laure gets up and talks to Lucien's wives. "Come with me, I have a book about rare flowers, so you know where to look for the one you want."

The girls can't wait to start looking for the offerings and then follow Laure to learn more about their part.

They all kiss Lucien before going with Laure, leaving only Lucien, Clovis, and Elsie in the living room. Even L.u.s.t is interested in the ceremony, but Elsie seems to be a little hesitant.

Clovis notices the tense look between Lucien and Elsie. He takes his glass of wine and gives Lucien a positive signal. "I want to talk more, but I have to take a nap now."

Lucien nods to Clovis. "Good night, father-in-law."

"Good night, my good son," Clovis speaks as he leaves the living room.

Lucien smiles at Elsie, and she smiles back. "You look like you got a good father after all."

He nods. "I think so."

"I see..." Elsie nods too.

"..." And then both are silent.

Lucien wants to understand more about Elsie's character and fears to force their relationship, but she seems to want him to take the initiative.

"I... eh... I just..." Elsie starts to speak, but she doesn't exactly know what to say or how to express her feelings.

"What's the problem? You can tell me anything." Lucien speaks in a gentle tone.

"I don't know how to proceed... This seems very surreal." Elsie bows her head.

Lucien approaches her and raises her head by her chin, gently making her look at his face. "I thought you wanted to do the ceremony with everyone else."

"I want it!" Elsie exclaims. But then she looks to the side as she speaks in a hesitant tone. "But is it that simple? I do the ceremony and become your wife, just like that? Isn't something missing?"

He her fluffy ears, now slightly downward. "I see in your eyes the same spark in Anne's eyes. You feel like discovering new places, meeting new people, living adventures..."

Elsie looks at Lucien with an expectant expression as he speaks. "You are already part of my family. You know about our situation and that things are dangerous in my world. Yet, if you want to come with me, you don't have to do anything else, but just say."

She makes a thoughtful expression. "I always thought my destiny was to follow my mother's steps. Few people know that, but my grandmother's first daughter was Laure. But while she chose a life other than to be the Queen, my mother accepted that position willingly. My mom likes to take care of the clan and our people..."

"That's her selfishness..." Elsie smiles. "But I also know that she would do anything for me. She is perfect as a mom and Queen, and I thought I wanted to be like her one day."

"It seems like a good life, a noble goal." Lucien comments.

Elsie pouts. "But when Anne went to Portgreen, I felt bad... First, I felt lonely, but then I also realized that I was regretful because I didn't go with her."

She is embarrassed to be telling Lucien those things, but he seems like an excellent listener because she knows he is not judging her.

She continues. "I thought about going to Portgreen after Anne, but my mom needed me. My mom didn't want to marry my dad, and she doesn't want to involve Laure in the clan matters either, so I couldn't leave her alone."

"But..." Elsie pauses for a second and then continues while Lucien pats her head. "I found Anne again, and I met you... She is so happy beside you and along with your wives. I was envious of her."

Lucien kisses Elsie's head. "It's okay to be jealous. You didn't hurt anyone and just wanted to be with Anne, living the same life as her."

Elsie giggles. "Are you encouraging me to be envious? You really are a devil."

He also laughs. "Seriously, we shouldn't contain our feelings while it doesn't hurt the ones we love."

She nods. "I understand, and... I really want it. I want not only to go with your group, next to Anne but... I also want to receive the love and power you give her."

Elsie gets even more flushed while 'confessing' to Lucien, and he finds her reaction very cute.

Lucien again makes her look at him, but he shakes his head, which leaves Elsie confused. "I cannot give you the same love that I give to Anne, as that is only hers."

"I... I understand..." Elsie tries to look around to hide her sad expression.

But Lucien continues to hold her by the chin and quickly explains. "But I can give you a special place in my heart. I can love you in a unique way as I do with all my wives... if you want it."

"I want!!" Elsie exclaims as her eyes sparkle again. So she tries to contain her excitement while she repeats. "I really want it. I want to be your wife."

Lucien smiles and kisses Elsie's lips gently. She does not act passively but begins to move her lips around his animatedly.

He can't deny that she looks a lot like Anne, but Elsie also has many unique characteristics, which attract Lucien a lot.

Elsie quickly forgets everything that is happening around them and completely focuses on the kiss with Lucien. The taste of his lips, the smell of him, the gentle but also passionate way he kisses. She easily finds a rhythm of sync between their movements. Then he starts to hug her closer to him.

Everything seems fine, but Elsie stops kissing and looks at Lucien with a thoughtful expression. "Are you doing this because of Anne?"

Lucien quickly shakes his head. "I accepted you into my family because of Anne, but I want you as my wife because I really like you and because I am very selfish and greedy."

Elsie giggles. "I am like that too because I want to be your wife. We are both very selfish people."

He smiles and starts to kiss her again. At the same time, he puts his hand on her belly, which has cute hair that he loves so much, and begins to pass his demonic energy on to her.

Elsie feels an incredibly comfortable warmth entering her body. She is thrilled to be receiving Lucien's love that way and to be making the soul connection with him.

His tattoo is quickly formed in her low belly area, and she hears his voice in her mind as they continue kissing. 'So let's be selfish together from now on.'

She still needs time to learn to use mental communication, so she speaks between the hot kisses. "Yes... let's go to... my home... my bedroom... my bed..."


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