Martial Peak - Chapter 2155 - You Can’t Enter

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Chapter 2155, You Can’t Enter

To the side, Kong Qi was shocked.

He and Gong Wen Shan had indeed known each other for decades, and they also understood each other’s personalities and temperaments. Gong Wen Shan was born to only eat soft food and refused to eat hard food. If one negotiated politely with him, everything could be discussed, but using threats was a big taboo.

And Gong Wen Shan was undoubtedly threatened by Wu Chang just now.

Kong Qi seemed to be able to foresee the scene where Gong Wen Shan unceremoniously walked off.

If Gong Wen Shan were to leave like that, no one would be able to crack the barrier around the Flowing Time Temple.

Considering all this, Kong Qi didn’t care whether he would offend Wu Chang or not and his expression sank as he shouted, “Wu Chang, did you go mad from cultivating too hard? Brother Gong didn’t say he wouldn’t crack the barrier, so why are you making such indiscriminate remarks?”

Wu Chang glanced over at him coldly and snorted, “Who the hell are you? Why should I care what you think?”

Kong Qi was angered and shouted, “Do you think everyone here is a fool you can bluster in front of?”

Although he was not as famous as Wu Chang or Xia Sheng, Kong Qi was still a rising star who possessed extraordinary aptitude from Seven Glories Chamber of Commerce, so how could he not lose his temper when he was so blatantly despised?

“And if I do?” Wu Chang smiled arrogantly, “If you want to be put in my eyes, you need the corresponding strength!”

Something possessed Xiao Chen at that moment, causing him to insert himself into this argument and further exacerbate it, “Brother Wu Chang seems to not put anyone here in his eyes… heh…”

As soon as this statement came out, Luo Yuan frowned and silently stretched out his hand, causing his battle-axe which had bounced off by the golden barrier to fly back to him with a whistling sound.

Although Wu Chang was rampant, he was no fool, so when he heard Xiao Chen’s malicious comment which was clearly meant to direct the crowd’s anger towards him, he couldn’t help sneering at him and shouted, “Brother Xiao, do you have something to say?”

“Not at all!” Xiao Chen smiled lightly. “Brother Wu Chang is already the strongest under the Emperor Realm, how could this Xiao dare offer any advice to him?”

These words were even more provocative than his previous ones, causing even more ire to be directed towards Wu Chang. Even Xiao Bai Yi, who had been standing to the side silently, also began showing some fighting intent.

“Enough senseless bickering! ​​Don’t disturb Brother Gong from cracking the barrier!” Lan Xun suddenly shouted.

When everyone heard these words, they turned back to find that the root of this whole quarrel, Gong Wen Shan, had at some point sat down cross-legged in front of the golden barrier and was continuously sweeping his eyes over it, intently studying the barrier.

“Seems you know your limits!” Wu Chang coldly snorted, secretly thinking that Gong Wen Shan had been frightened by his threat just now.

Not only him, everyone present basically thought so as well; after all, Gong Wen Shan had just been asking for benefits from everyone in order to break this barrier, but after a few intimidating words from Wu Chang, he had actually obediently sat down and complied.

For a moment, many people directed looks of contempt at Gong Wen Shan. Despite needing his ability to enter the Flowing Time Temple, that did not prevent everyone from despising him.

There was only one person present who had some cold sweat leaking from his forehead as he looked at Gong Wen Shan profile thoughtfully, muttering to himself, “Something’s not right… Brother Gong has always had an intractable temper and never gives in to threats, yet now he’s being so cooperative. Just what kind of wicked scheme is he plotting… Haa… now, he’s even wearing that smile… he must be up to something!”

The more Kong Qi observed, the more he felt that Gong Wen Shan’s behaviour was odd and he couldn’t help feeling an ominous premonition in his heart.

Soon after, Gong Wen Shan, who was fixedly observing the barrier, seemed to have gained something and flicked his wrist, taking out an exquisite artifact from his Space Ring which was about the size of a palm. There were countless mysterious runes and patterns engraved on this artifact, giving it a mystical air.

“The Gong Family’s Heaven Disrupting Plate?” Lan Xun’s eyes suddenly brightened as she stared at the plate closely, but soon she showed a disappointed look because what Gong Wen Shan had in his hand was obviously not the real Heaven Disrupting Plate, but an imitation.

Gong Wen Shan formed a series of seals with his hands as he poured his Source Qi into the plate, causing some streams of light to shoot out from it and sink into the barrier like fish leaping into a pond.

Everyone watched intently, but few could discern anything about what was happening.

Yang Kai could only speculate that this artifact was some kind of tool that was used to help determine weaknesses in barriers.

Things were indeed as Yang Kai thought. The Gong Family’s Heaven Disrupting Plate was famed for being able to break any Spirit Array that existed in this world. It supposedly functioned by searching for weaknesses or Array Nodes which could then be exploited to crack a barrier or array. However, the Heaven Disrupting Plate was the supreme treasure of the Gong Family, so even if Gong Wen Shan’s status was not low, he was not qualified to carry it with him.

The artifact which he took out was a lesser imitation of the Heaven Disrupting Plate the Gong Family had refined, but although there was a big gap between it and the real Heaven Disrupting Plate, it could still provide great assistance in this situation.

More and more streams of light leapt off the plate and sank into the barrier as time passed, and after a while, Gong Wen Shan’s eyes brightened and he shouted in a low voice, “I found it… hahaha, seems it was just as I thought…”

He seemed to be talking to himself about something no one else could understand.

As he spoke though, Gong Wen Shan stretched out his hand to collect the imitation Heaven Disrupting Plate.

Next, he took out some array tools from his Space Ring and began flying about, throwing out his tools in a particular arrangement around the barrier.

As time passed, Gong Wen Shan’s expression turned more and more solemn, as if what he was about to do was extremely strenuous and serious.

Those formation flags quickly sank into the Void and disappeared to no one knew where.

Gong Wen continued this process for about a stick of incense worth of time before he came to a stop.

After wiping the sweat from his forehead, he turned around and said to the waiting crowd, “Good!”

“Good?” The cultivators looked stunned as they all stared at the golden barrier which still looked perfectly intact, disbelief written all over their faces.

Gong Wen Shan grinned and said, “I’m finished, so naturally… everything is good!”

His words were filled with confidence.

Having spoken, he clasped his hands together and let out a shout. From the Void, countless rays of light burst out and sank into the golden barrier enveloping the Flowing Time Temple, quickly creating a small gap in it.

“Open!” Gong Wen Shan yelled as he slowly pushed his hands out to the sides, and with his movements, this crack began to expand, like the barrier was really being torn open by his bare hands.

“It really is good!” At this time, many cultivators were shocked.

This barrier had been arranged by the Flowing Time Great Emperor, so even after countless years, it was definitely not something an ordinary cultivator could open, but Gong Wen Shan had managed just that.

“The Gong Family’s reputation is well-deserved!” Even Lan Xun couldn’t help but offer her praise.

She had to admit that in terms of the Dao of Spirit Arrays, Gong Wen Shan had vastly surpassed her. Up until now, she had still yet to find a single weakness in the golden barrier, while Gong Wen Shan had actually gone so far as to break it open.

“Many thanks, Brother Gong, after we return, I will invite you for a drink!” Kong Qi laughed loudly before he rushed into the opening first, his figure disappearing in the next instant.

He instinctively felt that trouble would soon erupt, and the best thing to do right now was to head in first.

With him taking the lead, other people naturally scrambled towards the opening.

Wu Chang, Luo Yuan, Xiao Chen, Lan Xun, and even Xiao Bai Yi and Murong Xiao Xiao all pushed their Source Qi in order to protect themselves from being attacked as well as to guard against any dangers which they might encounter after intruding into the Flowing Time Temple before they too headed to the entrance.

As this group of elites rushed to the forefront, others naturally did not dare to compete with them. With Wu Chang’s explosive temper, if they accidentally annoyed him, it is possible they would die on the spot.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

The sounds of people breaking through the air sounded as one figure after another disappeared into the opening.

However, at that moment, Gong Wen Shan glanced at Wu Chang deeply and grinned sarcastically.

“What?” Wu Chang frowned as a vague feeling of unpleasantness swept over him. However, he didn’t think too much about it as his focus now was entering the Flowing Time Temple to snatch the Star Seals and whatever opportunities were hidden within.

A shocking scene occurred though when he tried to pass through the opening in the golden barrier. Just as Wu Chang approached the entrance, an invisible force struck him from the front and pushed him back several dozen meters.

Wu Chang’s face changed drastically as he quickly stabilized his figure and turned a gloomy look towards Gong Wen Shan.

Gong Wen Shan just stared back and sneered while pointing his finger and shaking his head, “Everyone else can enter, but you can’t!”

“As I thought!” Wu Chang coldly snorted. How could he not understand that this was Gong Wen Shan’s way of taking revenge?

Wu Chang had threatened Gong Wen Shan’s life just now, but the latter had not reacted too strongly. Now it seemed Gong Wen Shan had been plotting this from the start.

It could be said that this was the perfect method of getting back at Wu Chang.

If everyone was allowed to enter the Flowing Time Temple while only Wu Chang was blocked outside because of his previous threats, how could Wu Chang not be furious?

“This guy has such a black heart!” Yang Kai looked at Gong Wen Shan with a happy smile as he secretly approved.

Just now, he too had thought that Gong Wen Shan agreed to break the barrier because he was afraid of Wu Chang, but now, it turns out he was actually hatching this kind of wicked scheme.

Even as he thought so, Yang Kai did not slow his pace; after all, it was best to enter the Flowing Time Temple as quickly as possible. As for what happened between Wu Chang and Gong Wen Shan after, that had nothing to do with him.

“Do you think you can block me?” Wu Chang asked coldly as he looked down at Gong Wen Shan.

Gong Wen Shan smiled and said, “Now that this barrier is completely under my control, only those I allow can enter. Why wouldn’t I be able to stop you?”

“Good… then I’ll just kill you!” Wu Chang coldly snorted as he held his hands up high, condensing two different kinds of energy onto his palms, one fiery red, one icy white. When these two opposite energies condensed, instead of repelling one another, they surprisingly began to merge together and amplify one another. Forming a giant ball of red and white light, Wu Chang hurled it towards where Gong Wen Shan stood.

Gong Wen Shan remained where he was, not trying to dodge or avoid this attack, simply wearing a light sneer on his face.

From this falling ball of light, a terrifying power could be felt, causing Yang Kai and the others who were about to rush into the barrier to hurriedly withdraw, lest they be caught up in this attack by accident.

Just as the ball of light was about to swallow him, Gong Wen Shan waved his hand lightly and a golden light suddenly separated from the barrier and enveloped him.

In the next instant, a loud explosion rang out as the power of Ice and Flame filled the air.

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