Martial Peak - Chapter 2419 - Boy, You Dare Blackmail Me?

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Chapter 2419, Boy, You Dare Blackmail Me?

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“Trying to disgrace yourself with these paltry tricks?” Yao Zhuo sneered, reaching out to catch the bead with his hand and trying to crush it, all while ridiculing Yang Kai’s futile efforts.

But in the next moment, his expression changed drastically as a terrifying force burst from his palm. This force was so great that even a Second-Order Emperor Realm cultivator like him was shocked.

“An Emperor Authority Bead!?” Yao Zhuo was an experienced man and immediately realized that the bead Yang Kai threw at him wasn’t an ordinary one. It was an Emperor Authority Bead!

As the bone-piercing cold covered his body, Yao Zhuo trembled and both his arms and legs felt frozen stiff.

Amidst violent bursts of energy, a beautiful illusory phantom appeared in front of Yao Zhuo.

Seeing this illusory phantom, all the Masters from Ice Heart Valley were dumbfounded and their beautiful eyes were fixated on it as their tender bodies trembled.

“Master…” An Ruo Yun’s offensive had already lost its strength as she stared in a daze at that face she hadn’t seen in three thousand years. She found it impossible to suppress her excitement.

Sun Yun Xiu, Zhang Sun Yin, and the others were in the same state. All of their momentum was gone and they fell to the ground one after another as they looked at the illusory phantom, continuously calling out their Master’s name.

“Bing Yun!” On the other hand, Yao Zhuo seemed to have seen a ghost in broad daylight and stared at the phantom with palpable fear. Thousands of years ago, he had also met Bing Yun, so he immediately recognized her. It seemed that the one who had created this Emperor Authority Bead was none other than Bing Yun.

A low voice echoed at that moment, and although the sound was light, it spread across all of Ice Heart Valley, shaking every person who heard it to the core.

“Pear Flower Ice Snow Sword!”

Along with the sound, a longsword made of pure energy materialized in the hands of the illusory phantom. The pure-white sword shook and locked onto Yao Zhuo’s vitals, shooting out like a dragon.

Yao Zhuo’s face paled and he roared as he summoned a halberd, mobilizing all of his energy to protect himself.

A series of clanking sounds echoed, Emperor Pressure collided and spread everywhere, and World Principles shattered.

In less than ten breaths, Yao Zhuo was forced to his knees after retreating several hundred meters, gasping for his breath. Bing Yun’s illusory phantom put away its sword, and just as if it had spirituality, it turned its head and looked at An Ruo Yun and the others before it started to dissipate, turning into dots of light and disappearing without a trace.

Yang Kai opened his eyes wide in surprise.

He’d used an Emperor Authority Bead in the past. Back when he used the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Emperor Authority Bead, the Four Seasons Principles had spread everywhere, allowing him to comprehend the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao under the effects of the Flowing Time Force. This was what allowed him to break through to the Third-Order Dao Source Realm.

Yet, the difference in power between this time and the previous one was huge.

Although Bing Yun’s usage of the sword was extraordinary, her Sword Intent unparalleled, and her Divine Ability excellent, it was still vastly inferior when compared to Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Emperor Authority Bead.

Moreover, it lasted only ten breaths of time before disappearing.

Was this the difference between an ordinary Emperor Realm Master and a Great Emperor? However, both of them should have been Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters when they created their Emperor Authority Beads! Theoretically speaking, they should have about the same level of power.

Yang Kai began to check the scene. Although Yao Zhuo was embarrassed due to the attack, there was no trace of injury on him, so Yang Kai could not help but wonder what happened.

Just as Yang Kai was pondering this though, Yao Zhuo’s face suddenly turned pale and he let out a snort. Immediately after, every inch of his body was covered in frost as pear flower shaped ice blossoms suddenly began to sprout all over him.

These ice flowers were as white as snow, decorating Yao Zhuo’s shoulders, waist, abdomen, arms, and legs. It was as if Yao Zhuo had picked up numerous ice flowers and inserted them into his body.

When these ice flowers started appearing, Yao Zhuo felt his whole body was frozen in place and he could not help but tremble violently as his lips turned blue from the cold.

“Martial Uncle!” Feng Xi was shocked and shouted in a panic.

Yao Zhuo could not even utter a word due to the cold, his whole body encased by the Ice Principles, and it took him a long time before he could manage to let out a scream. With the circulation of his Emperor Qi, he shattered the ice flowers covering his body and slowly restored his freedom.

However, his whole body seemed to be on the edge of falling apart, with a mouthful of blood periodically spewing out. It was clear he had suffered an extremely serious injury.

Feng Xi quickly stepped forward to help.

“Valley Master An, Elder Sun, is this what your Ice Heart Valley calls hospitality?” Yao Zhuo gathered his strength and gritted his teeth while calling out to An Ruo Yun and Sun Yun Xiu.

An Ruo Yun wrinkled her brows as she coldly stated, “If you were a guest, Ice Heart Valley would definitely treat you with care!”

She was implying that Yao Zhuo and Feng Xi were not guests of Ice Heart Valley.

When Yao Zhuo heard this, he became livid and almost spat out blood again. Grinding his teeth, he declared, “In two days, Xi’er and your noble Sect’s Zi Yu will be married. You and I will also then be considered family. Valley Master An, must you be this rude?”

“Zi Yu is the disciple of this Queen. Without this Queen’s consent, she will marry no one!” An Ruo Yun coldly snorted.

During Yao Zhuo’s stay, he had never seen An Ruo Yun take on such a strong stance. He thought of this woman as docile and weak; however, today, she seemed like a completely different person.

Yao Zhuo naturally knew the reason for this change; it was obviously because there was news of Bing Yun still being alive. He sneered in his heart, [What a shameless woman. She only dares to display such a strong attitude because she finally got some backing.]

Yao Zhuo continued, “The marriage has already been agreed upon by your noble Sect’s Great Elder. If I were to mention how you are acting to the other great Sects in the Northern Territory, that Valley Master An has objected to something already agreed upon, I’m afraid it would make your Ice Heart Valley a laughing stock.”

Sun Yun Xiu took a step forward and cold refuted, “I did agree before, but I am now reneging on that agreement. The marriage between Zi Yu and your Young Sect Master is cancelled! This Queen will bear all the responsibility!”

After hearing these words, Yao Zhuo felt a blood vessel popping and he pointed at Sun Yun Xiu with a trembling hand. He couldn’t speak for a long time, obviously due to being overwhelmed by rage. He would have never thought that such a ceremonious event would simply be tossed aside by Sun Yun Xiu.

Ice Heart Valley couldn’t care less about their loss of reputation, but it was different for Seeking Passion Sect! If the couple did not get married in two days, the entire Northern Territory would see both Sects as jokes.

Feng Xi heard this and could not contain himself any longer, roaring indignantly, “Elder Sun! A man must show proper respect and keep his word! How can you break our trust in you like this!?”

Sun Yun Xiu looked at him with a bewildered expression and stated indifferently, “Does this Queen look like a man to you? This Queen is a woman!”

Feng Xi was speechless. He had shouted off haphazardly due to his anger, but as soon as his words came out, he knew what he said was wrong; still, he couldn’t take it back, so he grit his teeth and declared, “Good! I know your attitude well now. In two days, my father will come here in person and I hope that you will all be able to give him a satisfactory reason!”

Having said his piece, he glanced at Yang Kai filled with hatred. Feng Xi helped hold Yao Zhuo up and moved towards the valley’s exit. After all that had happened, both he and Yao Zhuo had no face to stay in Ice Heart Valley as guests, so they decided to leave.

When the women in Ice Heart Valley heard that Seeking Passion Sect’s Sect Master would come in person two days later, their expressions changed. They clearly feared this man.

Yang Kai stared at Feng Xi and Yao Zhuo with a cold expression and a strong desire for murder. If he hadn’t summoned the Emperor Authority Bead given to him by Bing Yun at that critical moment, even he would have been critically injured by Yao Zhuo’s attack.

Due to Yao Zhuo’s attack, an Emperor Authority Bead had been wasted, so how could he possibly allow these two to leave just like that? They had to pay the price! So, before the two of them turned around, Yang Kai shouted, “You want to leave, now? Naïve!”

Everyone who heard this had their expressions changed.

The Elders of Ice Heart Valley could not believe that Yang Kai truly did not fear the Heavens and was willing to act recklessly at this moment. Today’s incident had already ended, or at least, it should have already ended. It was undoubtedly best to keep quiet for now; however, when they saw Yang Kai’s posture, they all knew that he would not allow things to be settled like this.

He was just a mere Third-Order Dao Source Realm Junior, yet he dared to challenge a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master. The people who saw this couldn’t help wondering if he had more than one Emperor Authority Bead in hand. But even if he had another Emperor Authority Bead, he should not be able to use it in his current state.

Yao Zhuo and Feng Xi could not even begin to process what Yang Kai was doing, but they still stopped instinctually when they heard him shout. Feng Xi’s glare seemed to be shooting out fire, wanting very much to kill this noisy peasant.

Yao Zhuo coldly snorted and asked, “It could be considered to be my loss today. What else do you want?”

Yang Kai smiled coldly, “Vice Sect Master, there’s no need to be this angry! You sound as though you want to kill and devour me whole! I just wanted to remind Vice Sect Master of the fact that just now, you shamelessly bullied this Young Master. Your attack has left this Young Master scared to death. Even my soul has not yet returned! I don’t know if it will ever return. I’m afraid that even if I was born with nine souls, none of them would have come back. The bright future this Young Master had has now been ruined. Vice Sect Master, you have caused such an indelible trauma to this Young Master!”


The Ice Heart Valley Elders all started to feel faint as they stared at Yang Kai with weird expressions.

What scared to death? What soul has not yet returned? What indelible trauma? All of this was obviously nonsense! Yang Kai did not even need to directly take on Yao Zhuo’s attack! He simply summoned an Emperor Authority Bead and resolved the crisis, so how could there possibly be any trauma? He was speaking such nonsense without a single hint of shame!

All the women had also learnt something today, they all had never known a person’s face could be this thick!

Feng Xi furiously roared, “I can see that you are clearly full of life, how could you possibly be traumatized?”

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “Young Sect Master, stop opening your eyes and mouth just to speak nonsense. This Young Master is clearly dizzy and about to faint, can’t you see it? Or are Young Sect Master’s eyes nothing but a drawing on your face?”

“Y-You!” Feng Xi had never met such a shameless person before and for a long while, he did not know how to respond.

All the women from Ice Heart Valley also blushed, secretly feeling that Yang Kai was too crude, without a single bit of self-respect.

To the side, Yao Zhuo thought for a while, and then seemed to have woken up from a dream, “Boy! You dare blackmail me!?”

Yang Kai explained, “Vice Sect Master, there is no need to describe it as something so unsightly. Pay for murder with one’s life is the most righteous method of settling one’s debts and is entirely justified! You have hurt the foundation of this Young Master and caused my path towards the Grand Martial Dao to end! Naturally, you would need to pay your debts to make amends for what you have done, yes?”

“And, to do that, you want to extort me?” Yao Zhuo was furious.

Yang Kai frowned, touched his chin and thought for a moment and before nodding firmly, “Good, let’s just say that I’m extorting you. So, what does Vice Sect Master want to do? Come and bite me!?”

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