Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 1032 – The Sea of Filth

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Chapter 1032 – The Sea of Filth

With a fierce flash in its eyes, the Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor suddenly opened its mouth and bit at Yang Feng.

Runes shone on the star thunder lion’s body and formed a spear of lightning that shot at Yang Feng.

Bona Xiongfei’s eyes flashed with a cold ray, and the thirty six divine runes intertwined and formed a terrifying sword that slashed at Yang Feng.

A river of time suddenly surrounded Yang Feng, making it look like he’s treading in a different time and space, certain evasion karma surged, and an afterimage received the attacks of the three powerhouses.

The Spirit Moon Snake Ancestor bit down and tore a huge hole in the void.

The attacks of the star thunder lion and Bona Xiongfei also hit empty air.

After he missed, runes emerged in Bona Xiongfei’s eyes, and he stared coldly at Yang Feng in the distance and said: “The essence of time. Who are you, my friend?”

The Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor suddenly shrank and changed into human form. Standing on a wooden boat, he stared coldly at Yang Feng.

The star thunder lion changed into a man with thick hair and beard, radiating a fearsome breath, and looked coldly at Yang Feng coldly, and his killing intent surge.

Yang Feng responded lightly: “I am the Arcane Ancestor, a rogue cultivator!”

The Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor’s eyes flickered with fierce light, his killing intent surged, and he said in a cold voice: “Arcane Ancestor, what boasting! A mere quasi-Imperishable (quasi-Holy) step small fry dares to provoke us, how reckless. Hand over the swallowing star sparrow, or you will die here today!”

As a a Holy Spirit Warlock rank existence, the swallowing star sparrow can devour stars and destroy worlds. It has a terrifying combat power.

If it wasn’t for the swallowing star sparrow’s arrogance, if it hadn’t tried to contend against the sea of filth’s lightning, it would not have been ran through by the spear of lightning and seriously wounded, and Yang Feng would not have been able to defeat it easily.

“Are you sure you want to fight me here, Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor? There are not only you two Imperishable step (Holy Spirit Warlock) powerhouses here!”

Yang Feng pointed with a hand, and a mass of fire emerged. Then, three flames turned into flame dragons and engulphed three boats.

On top of the three boats, there stand three Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses respectively. The flame dragons should be able to burn the three Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses to ashes.


With a flash of anger in his eyes, an ordinary-looking man snorted coldly, unleashed immortal Holy might, and glared at a flame dragon, and a gray radiance erased the flame dragon.

A dashing, green-skinned man gazed coldly, and a green tendril bearing Holy might swept another flame dragon and extinguished it.

An ugly man covered in pustules opened his mouth and inhaled with Holy might, drawing the last flame dragon into his stomach

The Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor’s eyes constricted, and he looked at the three powerhouses with apprehension: “Three Imperishable step powerhouses!”

“Was that a challenge, Arcane Ancestor?”

The eyes of the ordinary-looking man flashed with the shade of anger, his black hair rose into the air, countless runes shone, and the space around him distorted and collapsed.

When a Warlock Monarch is angry, blood flows in rivers, when a Holy Spirit Warlock is angry, worlds are destroyed.

In a fit of rage, that Imperishable step powerhouse can destroy a large number of worlds.

Planes below grade 4 cannot withstand attacks from Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses. The plane origin of planes below grade 4 cannot suppress Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

The eyes of the dashing, green-skinned man flashed with enmity, and he uttered coldly: “Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor, that person of unknown origin must be a renegade of another universe. If you slay him, you are sure to obtain great benefits.”

Yang Feng glanced at the dashing young man and said with a cold smile: “Green Nocturne, you are a renegade from another universes. Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor, if you kill this renegade, you’ll surely obtain great benefits.”

After Yang Feng sneaked into the Gumana Universe, he never stopped gathering information on the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses.

Powerhouses below the Holy Spirit Warlock rank are one thing, but powerhouses above the Holy Spirit Warlock rank are famous all over the universe. Except for some Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses hidden in different parts of the universe, the name and background of most Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe are known.

That Green Nocturne comes from another universe that was engulfed by the Gumana Universe. At the time, he betrayed his original universe, sold himself into servitude, and became the pet of a bigwig of the Gumana Universe. Later, after going through numerous adventures, he promoted to an Imperishable step powerhouse. The thing he hates the most is when people speak of his origins.

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Green Nocturne bellowed: “You’re seeking death!”

All of a sudden, tendrils emanating a fearsome breath crossed the void and swept towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng smiled coldly and spread the fingers of a hand, and a ten-kilometer-long Holy Slaying Artillery engraved with countless mysterious runes suddenly appeared.

That Holy Slaying Artillery is the crystallization of xizu technology, its power is immense. An all out strike from it is as powerful as an attack from a Great Holy step powerhouse. But, unlike Great Holy step powerhouses of the world of Warlocks, its drawback is that it’s attacks don’t contain the various laws of karma and essences, and thus can be dodged.

As soon as the Holy Slaying Artillery appeared, the Green Nocturne felt a terrifying sense of danger. He suddenly soared into the sky and entered the clouds.

The Holy Slaying Artillery fired a resplendent beam that crushed the void, smashed the tendrils, and blasted apart the warship the Green Nocturne was riding.

“What a dreadful fellow! What a dreadful treasure!”

“That’s apex Imperishable step destructive power!”

“It’s only apex Imperishable step destructive power with no law of karma attached. It can be dodged.”

“Even so, only a sacred race like the blasteel race can make such fearsome treasures.”


The complexion of the powerhouses in the sea of filth changed dramatically, and they looked at Yang Feng with graveness in their eyes.

Even Holy Spirit Warlocks are apprehensive of the apex Imperishable step destructive power. When hit, the immortal body of a Holy Spirit Warlock will suffer severe damage and won’t recover easily.

The Spirit Moon Snake Ancestor and the several other Imperishable step powerhouses looked at Yang Feng with a severe shade in their eyes and concealed their previously undisguised killing intent.

After he was forced to evade helter-skelter, the Green Nocturne’s eyes shimmered with a fierce glint and his killing intent surged, intending to fight Yang Feng regardless of everything.

At this time, bolts of lightning dropped down from the sky and slammed into the Green Nocturne, and he sobered up. If you fly in the sky during battle, if you are careless, you will be suppressed by the vortex in the sky and fall.


The Green Nocturne restrained his anger, snorted coldly, and waved his hand, and a warship appeared and landed at his feet. Then, he stared silently at Yang Feng, no longer provoking the other party.

The Holy Slaying Artillery floating above Yang Feng dimmed and disappeared into his body.

The Green Nocturne is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse. If it is not necessary, Yang Feng is not willing to fight with him here. After all, a moment of carelessness may lead to mutual destruction.

The Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor took a deep look at Yang Feng, snorted coldly, and said no more. He is very powerful and believes that he can suppress Yang Feng. But, he doesn’t want to fight in such a dangerous place.

Because the swallowing star sparrow was insufferably arrogant, it was suppressed by the danger zone, and then sealed by Yang Feng. No one wishes to be the fuel for another’s evolution.

The remaining Imperishable step powerhouses snorted coldly, and then silently operated their warships to rush towards the depths of the sea of filth.

After crossing tens of thousands of kilometers, the sea of filth suddenly churned, and hands emerged, grabbed the warships, and pulled them into the sea of filth.


“Damn it!”



The weakest powerhouses aboard the warships are Infinity Warlocks. They all reacted quickly and attacked the hands that emerged from the sea of filth.

Although many of the hands collapsed, but a large number of warships were still dragged into the sea of filth.

When the Infinity Warlocks flew out of the warships, bolts of lightning slammed into them and suppressed them, and they fell into the sea of filth.

Bona Xiongfei glanced at those Infinity Warlocks and sneered: “A bunch of fools. To dare fight over the Empyrean grade secret treasure despite being weak, how really reckless.”

The rest of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses just watched indifferently as the Infinity Warlocks were swallowed by the sea of filth.

These Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses allowed the Infinity Warlocks to follow behind to let them serve as cannon fodder. They don’t want to share their opportunities with those Infinity Warlocks.

“Since they are all going to die! Let me help them!”

The Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor opened its mouth and inhaled, and a projection of its true body suddenly appeared and turned into vortexes that swept towards the Infinity Warlocks who rose into the air and swallowed them.

The rest of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts acted as well and swallowed the Infinity Warlocks who lost the their warship.

Following their example, Yang Feng operated the essence of devour and devoured the Infinity Warlocks who were about to fall into the sea of filth.

The powerhouses of the Gumana Universe and the world of Warlocks are mortal enemies. By killing an Infinity Warlock of the Gumana Universe, Yang Feng can clearly sense his universe’s favor increase by a fraction.

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