Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 1158: Recovery of the Spirit Osta Fortress

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Chapter 1158: Recovery of the Spirit Osta Fortress

“The white jade phalanx bone and the Empyrean corpse are the most precious treasures among the spoils. Unfortunately, the Empyrean corpse is too badly destroyed. It’s immortal essence is largely gone. If that wasn’t the case, I would be able to create a quasi-Empyrean rank existence.

Yang Feng looked at the Empyrean corpse, whose flesh was corroded by the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast’s poison, leaving only the skeleton behind, with regret in his eyes.

The Empyrean corpse was originally seriously damaged and had little immortal essence. After it was refined into a weapon by the golden bones race and went through successive wars, most of its immortal essence was consumed.

Even if such a dilapidated Empyrean corpse had a Empyrean Root Corpse Bead, it wouldn’t be able to become a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse.

Quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses are world-shaking beings. With the Empyrean Root Corpse Bead, an Empyrean corpse whose immortal essence is preserved by 90% and countless treasures of heaven and earth can be used to refine a quasi-Empyrean rank corpse powerhouse.

“There is only the purest variant corpse aura left in the Empyrean corpse. With my current strength, it will consume a lot of time and energy to refine it. It’s not cost-effective. I should feed it to the Xi Shen Armor to let it progress a step further.”

Yang Feng willed, and the Xi Shen Armor appeared from the void. Countless mechanical tentacles extended from the Xi Shen Armor, stabbed into the Empyrean corpse, and began to devour it.

The Empyrean corpse was quickly wrapped and completely covered by countless mechanical tentacles, which absorbed its immortal Empyrean essence.

After all, Yang Feng is only a Holy Spirit Warlock. Although he can devour the immortal Empyrean essence, it will take thousands of years to refine it. Moreover, the immortal Empyrean essence is not as useful to him as the life origin of a Holy.

As the supreme crystallization of Yang Feng’s alchemy, the Xi Shen Armor has all kinds of incredible powers. It can perfectly devour the Empyrean corpse and evolve into a more powerful existence.

“Is this really Eternal Sovereign remains?”

Yang Feng took out the white jade phalanx bone, and countless runes flashed in his eyes. Detection spells fell on the white jade phalanx bone one after another.

The white jade phalanx bone is full of mystery. No matter what spell was used, it couldn’t detect anything out of the ordinary.

Yang Feng pondered for a while, and then spread the fingers of his hand. A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the white jade phalanx bone.

A terrifying devour force enveloped the white jade phalanx bone, yet couldn’t devour so much as a sliver of the white jade phalanx bone’s power.

Yang Feng mused: “Amazing! Even if its a Warlock Emperor rank existence, I can devour and refine it. This is definitely an Eternal Sovereign existence, or even an existence above the Eternal Sovereign rank.”

“Yang Feng, can I absorb the Empyrean corpse? It is a great tonic to me.”

The Spirit Osta Fortress, which turned into a mysterious brand on Yang Feng’s ear, suddenly spoke.


Without hesitation, Yang Feng willed, and the Xi Shen Armor’s tentacles pulled back, revealing the Empyrean corpse.

Along with a flash of light, the brand flew out of Yang Feng’s right ear, turned into the Spirit Osta Fortress, and swallowed the Empyrean corpse.

After swallowing the Empyrean corpse, countless mysterious runes emerged from the Spirit Osta Fortress. The countless cracks covering its body were quickly mended at a speed visible to the naked eye.

On the Bloodmoon Battlefield, Yang Feng was able to escape because the Spirit Osta Fortress blocked the attack of the Wing Eternal Sovereign. Had it not been for the Spirit Osta Fortress, Yang Feng may have died at that time. Although the Empyrean corpse can make the Xi Shen Armor evolve by a large margin, but that is nothing compared to saving his life.

“Thank you!”

A thought sounded directly in Yang Feng’s mind.

Yang Feng smiled and asked, “What are you thanking me fore? You saved my life at that time, so I should be the one thanking you. By the way, how is you recovery?”

The Spirit Osta Fortress replied: “After absorbing this Empyrean corpse, 90% of the damage caused to me by the Wings Eternal Sovereign has been healed. The rest will be slowly healed. If I can absorb a few more Empyrean corpses, I’ll be able to recover faster.”

“Do you need this?”

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and the Empyrean Root Corpse Bead suddenly appeared.

The Spirit Osta Fortress answered with excitement and agitation: “This is an Empyrean Root Corpse Bead, a treasure that can be barely seen once every 100,000 years. If it’s properly used, one may even be able to create an Empyrean rank corpse powerhouse. It is also a great tonic for me. Are you sure you want to give it to me?”

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and the Empyrean Root Corpse Bead flew towards the Spirit Osta Fortress: “Here you go!”

“After absorbing the Empyrean Root Corpse Bead, I can recover 10% of my strength. I’ll start refining it now. Yang Feng, if your life is in danger, wake me up. Once I recover 10% of my strength, even if it’s a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, I’ll be able to quell them. However, since I’m seriously damaged, I’ll be able to suppress two quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses at one time at most. Furthermore, once I suppress the other party, I will fall into a deep slumber. You have to take note of that!”

The Spirit Osta Fortress gave Yang Feng an incantation to wake it up, and then turned into a brand and entered Yang Feng’s right ear.

Yang Feng pointed to the white jade phalanx bone and asked curiously, “Wait a minute, Spirit Osta Fortress, do you know what this is?”

“Eh! This thing?”

The Spirit Osta Fortress flew out, circled the white jade phalanx bone, and emitted fluctuations of doubt, which ultimately turned into shock.

Spirit Osta Fortress spoke full of shock: “This should be the remains of an existence beyond the Eternal Sovereign King realm. I didn’t expect that there would be such remains in your universe.”

Yang Feng asked curiously, “Beyond the Eternal Sovereign King realm?! What’s that?”

“Universes with different universe energy levels can birth powerhouses of different realms. The universe energy level of the world of Warlocks is fairly low. No matter how talented they are, the most extraordinary genius in your universe can advance to the Warlock Emperor rank at most. Back in the day, when the universe of the Shidna civilization was at its strongest, it was even able to give birth to an Eternal Sovereign.”

“As everyone knows, a universe’s Eternal Sovereign has infinite lifespan. As long as the universe doesn’t perish, their soul will never decay. However, even if the lifespan of a universe is calculated in hundreds of millions of years, there will eventually come a day when its lifespan elapses, and a universe great tribulation will take place.”

“The Shidna civilization’s Eternal Sovereign wanted to take a step further and transcend the boundary of the universe. In the end, he found a way to break through the boundary of the universe and reach the greater universe. He was defeated and seriously injured by an Eternal Sovereign King in the greater universe. As a result, our universe’s universe energy level fell, and it was finally defeated and annexed by the Gumana Universe.”

“Above the Eternal Sovereign realm is the Eternal Sovereign King realm. This phalanx bone is the remains of a terrifying existence beyond the Eternal Sovereign King realm. I wouldn’t be able to refine this treasure even in prime, let alone now.”

The Spirit Osta Fortress explained to Yang Feng in a dignified tone.

“It turns out that there are existences more terrifying than Eternal Sovereigns. Even an Eternal rank treasure cannot refine this remains. How strong was that powerhouse? How strong was the powerhouse who slayed them?”

Yang Feng was shocked. In his eyes, Eternal Sovereigns were already incredibly strong existences that can suppress a universe and instakill a Holy from hundreds of thousands of kilometers away in one blow.

However, in the mysterious greater universe, there are terrifying existences above the Eternal Sovereign realm. This is simply unfathomable.

A faint conjecture streaked across Yang Feng’s mind: “The Eternal Sovereigns born before in the wold of Warlocks have probably entered the greater universe, where they have been defeated. This is probably the reason why this universe’s universe energy level is so low and is constantly falling.”

There are many Eternal Sovereign relic sites in the world of Warlocks. Numerous documents show that the world of Warlocks once had Eternal Sovereigns. The disappearance of these Eternal Sovereigns has always been a mystery.

After listening to the Spirit Osta Fortress’s explanation, Yang Feng vaguely guessed the truth.

Yang Feng asked, “How strong are the three Eternal Sovereigns of the Gumana Universe?”

The Spirit Osta Fortress answered hatefully: “The Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign has gone through several universe wars and is approximately an intermediate Eternal Sovereign. The Wing Eternal Sovereign and the Frost Eternal Sovereign are junior Eternal Sovereigns. But the Shidna civilization’s Eternal Sovereign was a prodigious pinnacle Eternal Sovereign. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was seriously injured by the Eternal Sovereign King and the universe energy level of our universe had fallen, the Gumana Universe wouldn’t have been a match for our universe.”

Yang Feng asked curiously, “Do you know how to go to the greater universe?”

The Spirit Osta Fortress answered: “For people from low universe energy level universes to go to the greater universe, you either must have the guidance from powerhouses from the greater universe, or you must draw support from the power of the universe to break through the boundary of the universe after you have advanced to an Eternal Sovereign. You currently can’t go there. The boundary between the universe and the greater universe is much harder to break through than the boundary between your universe and the Gumana Universe.” 

Yang Feng then asked the Spirit Osta Fortress many questions about the greater universe.

The Spirit Osta Fortress, however, only answered ‘I don’t know’. Although it is an Eternal grade treasure, but it was refined after the Shidna civilization’s Eternal Sovereign returned gravely injured from the greater universe. Next came the invasion of the Gumana Universe. It and its original master basically spent all their time together in battle. As a result, it doesn’t know much about the greater universe.

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