Medical Master - Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 Deeply Shocked!

Fang Qiu said nothing. He untied the hanging copper coin directly, then got out of bed and took one out of the drawer, tied the two coins tightly together, and hung it up again.

When everything was done.

He took a quiet breath, sitting cross-legged on the bed. When the two hanging copper coins stopped completely, his squinted eyes instantly open.

A light flashed in his eyes.

To the left!

Eyes fixed on the coin, Fang Qiu exerted his mental power, and then the power brushed over the coins like a breeze.

The two copper coins quivered a little.

The amplitude of the swing was surprisingly small.

If it were just a copper coin, Fang Qiu’s mental power would surely have caused it to swing back and forth. However, the two coppers before him were just like two startled sluggards. They shivered, and then stopped moving.


Very difficult!

Fang Qiu breathed secretly.

Although it looked small, he knew very well that a single extra coin doubled the weight.

If you doubled the weight, the difficulty was not just doubled, but tripled, quadrupled, and even quintupled.

Even if it was only adding a strand of hair, the difficulty would skyrocket, let alone adding another coin.

However, apparently.

He would not be daunted by such a little difficulty.

Difficult meant feasible.

Without stopping or hesitating, Fang Qiu kept on trying.

To the left!

To the right!

To the left!

After a long time.

With Fang Qiu’s persistent attempts, at last, the hanging copper coins moved.

Not as big as a copper coin’s move, but it was much better than the beginning.

“This is what I expected.”

Fang Qiu smiled and nodded secretly.


Suddenly, the lights flashed and then went out.

Fang Qiu then breathed softly and lay down.

And what he clearly saw in that attempt was that it was not only difficult to swing the two copper coins together, but also very tiring for him.

Just after the short period of time, he felt a tension in his brain, and the fatigue was overwhelming.

“It’s the right thing to increase the weight. Later, I will practice in this way.”

Lying in the bed, Fang Qiu smiled knowingly and closed his eyes to sleep.

On the other side.

In the conference room of the teaching building.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, directors of the ten schools of the university, directors of the First Affiliated Hospital and the Second Affiliated Hospital, all gathered in the conference room.

“It’s eleven o’clock. Why are we having a meeting?”

“I don’t know.”

“What’s going on? Is this an emergency meeting?”

“I haven’t heard any!”

“I say, well, the Director’s meeting is held once every month, and we just had one last week. If this is a Director’s conference, why is there be an associate Director?”

The Director looked at Zhang Xinming beside Qi Kaiwen in a low voice.

In general, an associate Director would be absent from a Director’s meeting.

If there should be associate Directors attending, then they should all come. How come just one of them came?

“This is the point of sleep, we are learning Chinese Medicine. It’s not good for your health to stay up this late! Yang is the richest from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.!”

“What’s going on?”

In the conference room.

The Director of the schools were talking.

In the entire conference room.

Only Qi Kaiwen, the Director of the School of Chinese Medicine, and Zhang Xinming, the associate Director, sat there with a cool face.

At this time, Vice President Chen Yinsheng walked into the meeting room.

The room suddenly quieted down.

All looked at Chen Yinsheng with doubts.

After he sat down, Chen Yinsheng scanned the crowd gathering around the conference table, and he said, “The headmaster has gone out for information and knowledge communication, and I will hold the meeting today.”

“Thank you for attending this meeting this late. I’m sure you are all wondering why I called you to the meeting so late.”

They all nodded after hearing that.

They were really curious.

Chen Yinsheng looked at everyone, smiled, and then very solemnly said, “Actually, I want you here today for one thing: the apprentice system.”

Apprentice system?

What was that?

This sentence directly confused everyone.

They were all confused from head to toe.

“Next, I’ll have Qi Kaiwen, Director of the School of Chinese Medicine, introduce the details to you.”

While saying this, Chen Yinsheng turned his eyes to Qi Kaiwen, the first man sitting on his left.

In the confusion of the people.

Qi Kaiwen stood up, met the eyes of all the Directors, and said with a smile,

“As we all know, students just sit in the classroom to learn various knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, but there are few opportunities for real practice. As a result, students are not able to skillfully use the knowledge they learned. Even if they have good grades, they are not able to treat patients well. And after graduation, they can only get an internship to accumulate practical experience!”

“Five years in college, plus six years of postgraduate studies and doctoral studies, which are 11 years in total, and he’s unable to treat patients. Won’t people laugh at us if they know how long they have studied?”

When the Directors heard this, they all nodded secretly.

They were also unsatisfied with the hands-on and medical skills of current students.

After all these years of learning.

The students were far worse than them in school!

“And today, one of our students suggested that the school let the students get in an apprentice system, to learn from their selected teacher.”

Qi Kaiwen continued, “Don’t be so quick to reject it. You might think that why a student should follow a specific teacher. Please hear me out.”

“First, there have been many retired teachers in our school over the years. It is a waste of the old teachers’ skill. What’s more, all of us are traditional Chinese doctors who teach Chinese medicine and want to heal the wounded and rescue the dying.”

“So they’re also willing to continue the work. I think there are a lot of retired teachers who are willing to share their clinical experience with the students they appreciate.”

“Of course, the in-service teachers can also serve as a master in the system.”

“And once a student follows a teacher, the student’s ambition will naturally be stimulated. You know, students will inevitably compare themselves with each other, so do our teachers. After all, no one wants their students to be surpassed by other teachers’ students.”

“I want everybody to consider it.”

“As soon as this apprentice system takes effect, and with our director’s encouragement, the academic atmosphere in school will definitely change in an instant.”

“By the time, it will be a blooming and thriving situation!”

“You don’t have to worry about the gradual decline of talents in Chinese medicine anymore!”

Qi Kaiwen listed all the benefits of the apprentice system, and then looked at them with a smile on his face.

“That’s right.”

Zhang Xinming immediately stood up and hurriedly followed. “If students work hard, there is no doubt that the overall strength of the school will be rapidly promoted. When it comes to the graduation rate and the overall quality of students, our school will surely surpass other Chinese Medicine schools!”

Hearing that.

The eyes of all the Directors in the audience brightened immediately.

They were also Directors, and they could understand what Qi Kaiwen and Zhang Xinming meant.

The students tried their best.

The graduation rate went up, and the quality of the students went up. That would mean the rapid progress in their achievement in work. They would definitely be promoted In time.


That was not a bad thing.

This system could not only effectively improve the performance of the school, but also effectively stimulate students’ learning momentum. It was also a great thing for students!

Everyone looked at Qi Kaiwen and Zhang Xinming with different eyes.

They actually came up with such a brilliant idea.

As long as it was put into effect, it was absolutely a great piece of work!

“Well, Old Qi, I didn’t expect you can think of such a wonderful idea! I have been thinking about how to bring up the students’ learning momentum. It’s been months, and I haven’t come up with a good idea. Now if Director Qi comes up with this idea, I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

And one of the Directors immediately said.

They agreed at this time, and then put it into effect as soon as possible.

The biggest credit belonged to the School of Chinese Medicine, and the second biggest credit belonged to the school that ran the system well and fast!

The others nodded one after another.

They also agreed on this.

They could not help but agree.

There was no harm in the system and they could also get good work achievement from it, and it was also good for the university. They must agree!

Hearing this, Qi Kaiwen smiled and said, “I didn’t come up with this idea.”

“Then who came up with that?”

The crowd was amazed.

Some people even looked at Zhang Xinming and thought it was him.

“A student!”

Qi Kaiwen said.

A student?!

Everyone was in a daze.

A student came up with such a brilliant idea???

That was impossible!

If so, it would be embarrassing.

What the Directors couldn’t come up with, a student actually did it. They were totally embarrassed.

“A student? Is it the student union President of your school, Li Qingshi?”

One Director asked curiously.

He really only knew that there was a famous student in the school of Chinese Medicine.

Other Directors also speculated like this.

The student who came up with this brilliant idea was a very talented student anyway.

And he must have been in school for years, or he wouldn’t have come up with this insightful proposal.

Li Qingshi happened to be a senior.

Qi Kaiwen shook his head suddenly and said, “It’s not Li Qingshi.”

“Or is it another senior or some graduate?”

Now they were really curious.

If it was not Li Qingshi, or a gifted senior, or a graduate, then who would it be?

Qi Kaiwen shook his head again and said with a light smile. “It’s a freshman in our School of Chinese Medicine named Fang Qiu.”

A freshman?

A junior student?

The meeting room suddenly became quiet.

All of them, with wide eyes and faces of disbelief, looked at Qi Kaiwen.

A freshman could come up with such a great idea?

All of them here were at the top of the respective schools.

Even those who were in senior positions could not think of an idea that was better than a freshman’s.


Deep shock!


Deeply embarrassed!

Just at this moment.

“Who is it?”

A startled voice suddenly rang. “Fang Qiu?”

They turned their eyes.

It was Su Mudong, the Director of the First Affiliated Hospital, who asked.

“Yes, it’s Fang Qiu.”

Qi Kaiwen replied with an affirmative nod.

“It’s him…”

Su Mudong could not help laughing bitterly at the answer.

Seeing this, people’s eyes immediately turned from Qi Kaiwen to Su Mudong. One by one, they became more confused than before.

Was there any relationship between a new student and Su Mudong, the Director of the hospital?

Seeing everybody was confused.

Su Mudong explained with a wry smile on his face. “This student named Fang Qiu has been specially admitted to the orthopedics department of the hospital.”


The Directors sitting there were all stunned.

Includeding Qi Kaiwen and Zhang Xinming!

It was more shocking for them to hear the freshman’s apprentice system.

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