Medical Master - Chapter 819 - They Actually Invited Fang Qiu!

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Chapter 819 They Actually Invited Fang Qiu!

“It’s so f*cking interesting. I’ll definitely make friends with him!”

After discussing everything, Liu Guobin was very moved. He could only hold the phone and clench his fists firmly.

On the other side, the staff in charge of contacting Song Yaqi and Song’s agent, Sister Li, decided all the details of this recording.

After the communication between the two sides was completed, the show’s Weibo immediately began to publicize.

“In this episode of An island survival record, two mysterious guests will be added to the original lineup. One of them is now an A-list female star and new national singer. The other is a big shot who had hardly shown up in all kinds of variety shows. Although he is not a star, he is extremely famous. His appearance has caused a sensation in the whole staff. Who are they? Please look forward to it!”

In addition to the text, there was also a photogram in this post.

It could be clearly seen a woman and a man in this photogram.

Usually, there were a lot of fans and loyal audiences of this show.

The most important thing was that it was also very popular among other people.

There were almost no negative comments because the show was quite real and the content was good and very attractive. Therefore, a lot of people followed the official Weibo of this show.

As soon as this post appeared, it was seen by many followers.

When they saw this post, everyone was stunned.

Because, in the past, the show usually publicized for the episode that was about to be broadcast instead of the one that was being recorded.

It should be noted that there was still a big gap between recording time and broadcast time. After the recording was successfully finished, it would be broadcast on TV after two weeks. In this case, many variety shows would not publicize during the recording period.

For the TV shows that always strived for every second, it was a complete waste of time to publicize in advance.

So, everyone was very curious. “What’s wrong with the official Weibo? Why does it publicize the show being recording? This post is a little abnormal.”

“What’s going on?”

“This is a wrong copy, isn’t it?”

“It’s still half a month before broadcasting. What’s there to publicize?”

“Even if you publicize it a week in advance, I will accept that. Isn’t half a month a little too early?”

“In my opinion, it should be an accident caused by the staff.”

“I’m sorry for you, that staff. I hope you don’t get fired.”

“This publicity accident is too obvious, isn’t it?”

“Why don’t you withdraw this post as soon as possible, and then we’ll pretend that we didn’t see it.”

“Yes, please delete it quickly. We won’t take a screenshot.”

Below this post, many people commented and persuaded the official Weibo to delete this post quickly.

However, not only did the staff for official Weibo not delete this post, but he also posted the second one.

“Thank you for your kindness. I’m very touched, but I really didn’t make a mistake. You don’t have to feel sorry for me. If you have time and energy, why don’t you come and guess that who were in this photogram?”

As soon as it was posted, there was immediately a heated discussion among the audience.

“It’s so cute!”

“Could it be that the staff for official Weibo is a girl?”

“So cute.”

“It’s good that the staff for official Weibo is really a girl. Such a cute girl is really lovable.”

Of course, besides those who flirted with the staff, there were also many people who began to guess.

“No way. I’m afraid something big is going to happen if it’s publicized in half a month in advance!”

“The two people mentioned by the official Weibo seem to be big stars.”

“It seems that this episode is going to rock the boat.”

“The two in the photogram look so familiar, especially this woman.”

“There are only a few most popular female singers in total now, and only some of them are called national singers. Among them there are an elder one, a middle-aged one and a young one. Now it seems that the female singer in the photogram should be very young, because the elder singers generally don’t keep such a hairstyle. In addition, she is thin. I think I have guessed it.”

“Needless to say this is our Song Yaqi.”

“It really looks like Qiqi.”

“It doesn’t look like her. It’s definitely her.”

“Ha-ha, I found it. This should be the original picture, right?”

In everyone’s heated discussion, there was a netizen who found a photo of Song Yaqi at the concert on the Internet. Judging from her movement and posture, the person in the photogram was really Song Yaqi. There was no difference.

Everyone looked at it.

“Here is the answer!”

“What the f*ck, Song Yaqi is on this show?”

“Can she stand it?”

“This show is really tiring. Can she hold on with her weak body?”

“Our Qiqi must be able to stand it. She is not weak.”

“Yes, we back up Qiqi.”

Soon, Song Yaqi’s fans had arrived.

Hearing that Song Yaqi was going to participate in this show, some people suspected her while some encouraged her. Of course, it also attracted more people’s expectations.

After all, this kind of show, which was famous for maltreating stars, was not something that ordinary stars dared to participating, especially for girls like Song Yaqi. Everyone wanted to see if she would be able to hold on.

After confirming Song Yaqi’s identity, the netizens all turned their eyes to the man.

“This man looks so familiar as well.”

“Hardly? That is to say, this person once participated in variety shows, but now he doesn’t. He is not a star, but has a very high popularity. Is he a national athlete?”

“The athletes nowadays are all young, much better than those stars.”

“It’s true. The popularity of the current athletes is no less than that of stars.”

“If it’s an athlete, who could it be?”

“It’s so hateful. It’s okay even if one arm is exposed. Why do they make this kind of sportswear for him?”

“It’s indeed a sportswear so he should be an athlete, right?”

“A national athlete? The world champion?”

Instantly, everyone thought he should be an athlete.

Then, everyone began to give examples one by one.

As a result, they found that everyone was wrong.

Either the hairstyle was not right, or the neck, or the body, or the height, and so on.

Everyone was really confused!

After thinking about it for a long time, they still couldn’t figure it out.

Just when everyone was tired of guessing, a netizen’s comment suddenly woke them up.

“Could it be Fang Qiu?”

“Fang Qiu?”

“It really looks like him!”

“That’s possible.”

“It seems possible. Fang Qiu has been to the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor before, and since then, he has never participated in variety shows. I remember that Fang Qiu often wears sportswear on the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. Fang Qiu’s current popularity is not small, and he is almost the same as a A-list celebrity. If we count the number of fans on Weibo, he will even be better than some big stars.”

“It can’t really be Fang Qiu, can it?”

“What the f*ck, if it was really them, it would be too awesome.”

“If it’s really them, I can be sure that the staff really didn’t issue the wrong copy. These two big stars are worth publicizing half a month in advance.”

“If it’s really them, it’s too amazing!”

Fang Qiu’s fans were also alarmed by the commotion.

Many fans flooded into the official Weibo of the show.

It was not long before someone found a photo of Fang Qiu, which was completely consistent with the silhouette.

Sure enough, this was the photo of Fang Qiu on the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

“Oh my God, it’s really Fang Qiu!”

“Is this show so awesome?”

“They invited Fang Qiu?”

“No way. Since the end of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, Fang Qiu hasn’t had any variety show. Is he really going to participate in this show now?”

“If it’s really Fang Qiu, I’ll definitely watch this show.”

“The official Weibo, come out quickly. Are these two people Song Yaqi and Fang Qiu?”

“It must be Fang Qiu, right?”

“Needless to say, it’s Fang Qiu!”

“The official Weibo, quickly come out and confirm it!”

“Are we right? Why don’t you say anything?”

“He asked us to guess without telling us the answer. He’s so naughty.”

Countless people were asking on Weibo whether it was Fang Qiu.

Everyone asked for a long time.

However, the official Weibo didn’t answer.

It seemed to be

a hint of tacit approval.

On the Internet, with the confirmation of the netizens, Song Yaqi and Fang Qiu, who were already very popular, immediately caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

With the discussion heated up, the other variety shows were also shocked.

Especially those TV stations who regarded Zhongzhou TV as their deadly enemy, who also majored in entertainment variety shows, were shocked.

“What the f*ck, they actually invited Fang Qiu?”

“How is that possible? Isn’t Fang Qiu no longer in the variety show?”

“It’s said that Fang Qiu has to study hard because term starts. He doesn’t participate in any show, does he?”

“It can’t be true, can it?”

“Damn it, Zhongzhou TV paid a heavy price. They even invited Fang Qiu. How much money does it take to do that?”

The TV stations all sent people out to find out how much Zhongzhou TV paid to invite Fang Qiu to the show.

However, after inquiring about it for a whole day, these TV stations didn’t find anything.

They just vaguely knew that it didn’t seem to cost too much for Zhongzhou TV to invite Fang Qiu to participate in the show this time. It seemed to be within the acceptable range.


made all the TV stations began to develop ideas.

They thought since Zhongzhou TV could afford it, then their TV station must be able to do so. Moreover, Fang Qiu was on variety shows now, which meant that he didn’t refuse. Such a good opportunity had to be seized before other TV stations, although the best chance had already been taken by Zhongzhou TV.

But the next was the real chance to divvy up the profits.

The leaders of the TV stations ordered that no matter how, they must find a way to create a program idea, and then add Chinese Medicine, so that they could try to invite Fang Qiu. If they succeeded, they could directly started a new show. They couldn’t let the other TV stations take the initiative.

As soon as the order was given, the screenwriters, creative directors, and so on from all the TV stations began to produce, ready to start a new show.

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