Medical Master - Chapter 820 - I Always Boast about Myself

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Chapter 820 I Always Boast about Myself

On the Internet, because Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi went to the variety show together, it was bustling for an entire day. Not only their fans, but also countless netizens were involved.

Although they had found the photo of Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi, they still doubted whether it was them.

Therefore, the topic that they talked about most was still their speculation about the silhouette.

Countless people were still asking the official Weibo whether these two images were Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi.

As a result, the official Weibo of the show only posted “please look forward to it!”

It made everyone burst into an uproar on Weibo.

“What the f*ck, who knows where this staff’s home is? I’m going to smash her glass!”

“Half a month in advance without the answer. It’s going to hold us in suspense for half a month.”

“Don’t be so cruel!”

“Tell us, is it really Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi?”

The netizens changed from anger to pleading.

But the staff was still indifferent.

Netizens could only express their bitterness and helplessness for it.

On the other side, after contacting the staff of the program group, Fang Qiu also came to Beijiang International Airport. After taking the plane ticket booked by the program group, he boarded the plane directly to Jiangzhou City of Jiangzhe Province.

A few hours later, the plane landed in Jiangzhou City. As soon as Fang Qiu walked out of the airport passage, he saw the staff who came to pick him up.

Originally, it was unnecessary for the staff of the show to pick entertainers up when they went to the show. However, considering the particularity of Fang Qiu, Director Liu Guobin still sent a staff member to pick him up.

First of all, it was because Fang Qiu had no agent or assistant, and was not very familiar with variety shows.

Secondly, it was because Fang Qiu asked a low price and saved him two million and five hundred thousand yuan. How could he let Fang Qiu, who came to participate in the show at such a low price, feel confused and embarrassed in any part?

Of course, the staff who were sent here were also very excited.

“Fang Qiu, this is Fang Qiu.

“Ordinary people couldn’t see him!”

Hence, as soon as Fang Qiu arrived at the airport, his phone rang.

After handing in, Fang Qiu learned that the staff was waiting for him in the airport hall.

Because Fang Qiu was so famous now. If he openly raised a brand to pick him up, people would definitely gather quickly. In addition, Fang Qiu was a doctor. Once there were more people coming, there may be people who kneel down for treatment at the airport. That would be big trouble.

After all, Fang Qiu was here to record the show.

If there were patients, Fang Qiu would definitely go to treat them as soon as possible, which would probably delay the recording. Therefore, in order to ensure that the show could be recorded on time, the program group didn’t dare to welcome Fang Qiu wantonly.

Soon, Fang Qiu saw the staff of the program group in the airport hall.

Under the guidance of the staff, they quickly walked out of the airport and got into the car.

On the way, because Fang Qiu wore a mask, he attracted a lot of people’s attention, but no one found that it was Fang Qiu.

When they got in the car, Fang Qiu took off his mask.

Seeing Fang Qiu’s face, the staff member who came to pick him up couldn’t help but get excited.

“Fang, Master Fang Qiu.”

The staff quickly took out the contract and handed it to Fang Qiu, saying, “This is the contract made by our show. Please glance it over. If there is no problem, please sign it.”


Fang Qiu smiled slightly. He took the contract and read it carefully. After making sure that there were no problem, he directly signed it.

After taking the contract from Fang Qiu’s hand, the staff still didn’t look away from Fang Qiu. He had been staring at Fang Qiu excitedly, as if he wanted to see him through.

In this case, Fang Qiu could only close his eyes awkwardly to rest.

Fang Qiu didn’t open his eyes and get out of the car until the car arrived in Jiangzhou City and stopped in front of the Jiangzhe TV station tower.

As soon as he got out of the car, Fang Qiu felt strange.

Although this was a square, people seemed to be a little too many. Moreover, many of them seemed to be walking back and forth around the square seemingly to wait on purpose.

About it, Fang Qiu didn’t care too much.

Instead, he followed the staff straight into the tower.

Outside, those people who had nothing to do were so excited when they saw Fang Qiu that they took out their mobile phones to take photos. and immediately uploaded them to Weibo.

“Ha-ha, it’s really Fang Qiu!”

The photo linked all the tags related to Fang Qiu, Song Yaqi, and the show. Soon, everyone saw it.

“Oh my god, it’s really Fang Qiu.”

“We’re right. It’s really Fang Qiu.”

“Jiangzhe TV is awesome. They really invite Fang Qiu here!”

“It must cost a lot of money, must it?”

“I can finally see Fang Qiu again.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Since the end of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, I thought that there was no variety show to watch. Now I have a variety show that I can look forward to.”

“It’s been four months. 120 days. I can finally see Fang Qiu on TV. I’m looking forward to it.”

“By the way, this show is not so relevant to Fang Qiu. What kind of program will this be? Why did they invite Fang Qiu here? Do they need him or completely regard him as a popular star?”

“Our Master Fang, no matter where he goes, he will be the most eye-catching one!”

“That’s good. He’s already on the reality show.”

“Are you short of money again?”

It wasn’t just the netizens.

Those stars were also stunned by the heated discussion on Weibo.

Because it was a reality show, there were also many fixed members of this show. There were a total of six, including five male stars and a female star.

However, they were also a little famous in the entertainment circle, but none of them had ever been extremely famous.

After becoming fixed members of the show, their fame also rose a little, and they were becoming more outstanding.

However, because this show had always taken them as speciality and there were very few big stars that could be invited, they were used to the days without guests.

But today, the heated discussion on the Internet stunned the six fixed members.

“Did they really invite Fang Qiu?”

They were in doubt.

They all packed up their things and hurriedly flew to Jiangzhe. They wanted to see if Fang Qiu was really here.

Indeed, in the evening, under the connection of the program group, when the six fixed members met with the two guests, they saw Fang Qiu.

“Is it really Fang Qiu?”

“Oh my god, they really invited Fang Qiu here?”

When they saw Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi, they were very surprised.

They didn’t expect that the program group would actually invite two big stars at the same time!

“Are you surprised?”

Looking at the six fixed members, Director Liu Guobin laughed and said, “Please introduce yourselves first. We will start recording later.”

Hearing that, the six fixed members took the initiative to introduce themselves.

“Hello, I’m MC Liu Qingshi. On behalf of the host group and the program group, I’m very glad to welcome you to our show.”

The first one to speak was the main MC of the show, Liu Qingshi.

He was tall and thin, and his face was also a little thin. He was not handsome and even ugly, but at first glance, he let people feel serious and funny.

“I’m MC Zheng Weilian.”

The next one to speak was a middle-aged man with a round figure, but he was wearing sportswear and looked very dashing.

Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi shook hands with each other and greeted them.

In fact, before this, although Fang Qiu didn’t watch TV very much, he would occasionally watch some shows to relax, so he was quite familiar with them.

Liu Qingshi was in control of the rhythm of the entire show. He was also the elder brother of them and the main host.

Zheng Weilian, on the other hand, was a funnyman who was a little silly. He always did silly things and caused a lot of jokes and often used his age to oppress people.

“I’m MC Zhang Junhe.”

The third one to introduce himself was a comedian who was a little famous in the film and television area. He was in his thirties and was a little short, but his IQ was very high. He often thought of some unexpected jokes in the program and brought laughter to everyone. He was evaluated by the big stars in the film and television area as a genius comedian.

“I’m MC Gu Jianguo.”

Gu Jianguo was a singer working for a domestic company. He was good at singing. Because of his appearance he couldn’t be so famous, so he became one of the fixed members of the show. Although he was not very talented at joking, he often became a villain in the show because he always kept a bald head and a long beard on his mouth.

“I’m MC Huang Huachao.”

The fifth one was a young man.

Huang was a member of a men group. Unfortunately, this group was not very popular, but with his special voice and unique personal charm, he was selected by the program group and became a fixed member of the show.

“Hello, I am the only female MC, Ying’er.”

Ying’er was the only female MC in An Island Survival Record. She was an actress with a beautiful face. She was dressed in a youthful style. Because of her sweet smile, she was loved by public.

They finished their introductions one by one.

Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi also introduced themselves.

During the introduction, everyone was happy and smiled.

After the self-introduction, Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi stood together. While looking at her with a smile, he said, “Long time no see. You’re more beautiful.”

“Have you learned how to praise people?”

Song Yaqi asked with a smile.

“I’ve always been good at praising people, but I always boast about myself. It’s rare for me to come to the show, so I try to praise others,” said Fang Qiu jokingly.

Song Yaqi smiled.

Beside them, the members also laughed in agreement.

At this time, “Get ready, all departments.”

The director’s voice suddenly came.

When everyone saw that it was almost time, they immediately began to discuss it. They asked Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi to go to the side and wait for the show to start recording. After all, they wanted to give the audience a surprise.

Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi walked to the side very cooperatively.

“Camera crew get ready.”

After everything was arranged, the director’s voice came again. “Start!”

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