Medical Master - Chapter 895 - Only Compete on Swordsmanship Without Using Internal Qi!

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Chapter 895 Only Compete on Swordsmanship Without Using Internal Qi!

“Pitter-patter…” At this moment, hurried footsteps could be heard.

Everyone looked over.

He Gaoming was coming over with a large group of people. He found a good spot to stop, ready to watch the battle.

In the field, Fang Qiu and the Sword Fanatic were not disturbed by anyone else in the slightest.

“Where is the Heaven Treasure?” asked Fang Qiu.

“Here.” Without hesitation, the Sword Fanatic reached into the inner pocket of his shirt and took out a piece of rag wrapped into a ball.

As soon as the rag appeared, it immediately drew everyone’s attention.

They could see a faint golden gleam giving off in the rag.

Fang Qiu, who was closest to them, also clearly felt that there was a gust of extremely strong and considerable energy around the rag.

The Sword Fanatic opened the rag.

A carrot-shaped plant about the size of a finger was revealed.

“Luotu Ginseng!” A person around called out the name of this thing.

Luotu Ginseng was a Heaven Treasure ranked 17th, shaped like ginseng and radish. It was a highly spiritual Heaven Treasure. Because it grew underground, the Luotu Ginseng contained the energy of earth attribute, giving people a rather heavy feeling. It also had a strong effect on healing and relieving the pain.

It was also because it grew underground that it was difficult to be found. Even if it was found, it would be hard to pick it.

It was because the Luotu Ginseng had a spirit, and it would flee whenever it met humans. It would only stop when it matured.

It was not easy for people to meet a Heaven Treasure. But once the Heaven Treasure they met was Luotu Ginseng which was still growing, they would be in a dilemma about whether to pick it. Though they tried to chase it, how many days could they chase?

As people gave a second thought, they believed that the Sword Fanatic must have spent considerable effort to obtain the Luotu Ginseng.

“It’s really Luotu Ginseng!”

“Is it really worth it to exchange such a Heaven Treasure for a sword move?”

“Why is it not worth it? The energy contained in the Luotu Ginseng is of the earth attribute, which is entirely opposite to the swordsmanship that the Sword Fanatic cultivated. The energy of the earth attribute is heavy, while the swordsmanship focuses on agility and sharpness. If it were a metal-attribute Heaven Treasure, the Sword Fanatic would definitely not be willing to take it out. Now he doesn’t know if he should take the Luotu Ginseng. It’s definitely worth it to take it out as a bet to exchange it for an invincible sword move.”

“Where’s the divine sword?” Raising the Luotu Ginseng in his hand, the Sword Fanatic was not afraid of anyone’s evil intentions at all. He merely stared at Fang Qiu with a gleam in his eyes and asked.

“Whoosh!” Fang Qiu clenched his right hand.

The Heaven and Earth energy gathered around him.

In an instant, a sword hilt condensed in his palm!

Then, the body, the blade, and the tip of the sword appeared one by one.

In the blink of an eye, an ancient bronze sword appeared in Fang Qiu’s hand. The style of the sword was like that of the Qin dynasty. There was nothing special about it. The guard of the sword was not big with a round shape, and there was a word engraved on it—sword!

The wide blade was engraved with some strange patterns, which looked quite pleasing to the eye.

As the divine sword appeared, everyone’s eyes widened.

There seemed to be no difference between this divine sword and the ancient bronze sword.

But it was also because of this that everyone was astounded!

This was an actual bronze sword that wasn’t condensed by energy!

A real ancient sword inexplicably appeared in John Doe’s hands just like that.

It was like magic.

It was exceptionally magical!

“Where did this sword come from?”

“Does this sword have an invisible property?”

“I’m so envious. How nice would it be if I had such a divine sword?”

“It’s amazing. He can actually use it to perform magic at the New Year’s Gala!”

“This sword is too invincible. If you get so close to him and he suddenly stabs you, you don’t even know where the sword comes from!”

Everyone was talking about it.

Yun Yangzi’s eyes gleamed the moment he saw the sword.

He was shocked.

Was this the legendary divine sword?

He looked at Fang Qiu in surprise.

John Doe’s luck was simply extraordinary!

Diwu Qian was also astounded by the divine sword, for she had never expected it to look like this.

He could take it out whenever he wanted!

It was astonishing!

Sure enough, it could be called a divine sword.

The other experts were also amazed. Although they already knew what the divine sword looked like through others’ descriptions.

But when they saw it with their own eyes, they were still marveled.

“Good. Good sword!” The Sword Fanatic’s eyes lit up as he stared at the divine sword in Fang Qiu’s hand. His eyes were brimming with greed as he said, “Let’s begin!”

He couldn’t wait any longer.

Like how people referred to him, the Sword Fanatic was obsessed with the swords!

He couldn’t wait to touch the divine sword, hold the divine sword in his hand, and possessed it!

“Okay!” Fang Qiu nodded immediately and then released his right hand. The divine sword fell from his palm and disappeared before it fell to the ground as if it had never appeared.

This scene astounded everyone again.

After letting go of the divine sword, Fang Qiu shifted the bronze sword which he held in his left hand to his right hand, ready to make a move.

“I won’t take advantage of you in front of so many people,” The Sword Fanatic also put away the Luotu Ginseng and said to Fang Qiu. “Today, let’s only compete on swordsmanship without using internal Qi. How about that?”

Fang Qiu glanced at the Sword Fanatic in surprise.

“Compete on swordsmanship without using internal Qi?” He couldn’t help but look at the Sword Fanatic differently.

This person who loved swords as much as his life had his own moral code.

In terms of internal Qi, he was indeed not as powerful as the Sword Fanatic. The Sword Fanatic was also clear about this.

But he actually gave up his advantage and chose to only compete on swordsmanship.

It was obvious that he truly wanted to see whose swordsmanship was better.

He was indeed someone who knew swords and loved swords like his life!

Fang Qiu admired him!

“Okay!” said Fang Qiu.

As everyone heard this, they were inevitably disappointed.

They came here to watch an earth-shattering battle!

But in the end, the Sword Fanatic actually offered not to fight with internal Qi but with swordsmanship.

The most important thing was that John Doe actually agreed.

How would John Doe dare to agree to such an unfair condition?

Although John Doe might not be as good as the Sword Fanatic in terms of internal Qi, his swordsmanship was even worse. People called him the Sword Fanatic for a reason. But what about John Doe? Did he ever use the sword?

“Do you think John Doe will use the move he used last time again?”

“Which move?”

“The move that repelled the Sword Fanatic!”

There were a lot of discussions around.

As everyone heard it, they thought that it was reasonable.

John Doe had used a sword move to repel the Sword Fanatic before, which meant that John Doe’s swordsmanship was not bad. Although the fight wouldn’t be so earth-shattering without using internal Qi, the competition of swordsmanship must be extremely spectacular!

Thinking of this, everyone, who had been in low spirits just now, suddenly became interested again.

“Move!” Right at this moment, the Sword Fanatic suddenly shouted, and the long sword wrapped in a rag in his hand was revealed instantly.

This sword was extremely unique.

The shape of the sword was like a nail.

It looked like a round spear carried by the Knight of Round, but it was flat, pointed, and sharp!

As the long sword was revealed, the Sword Fanatic immediately wielded his sword, rushing toward Fang Qiu.

Without any hesitation, Fang Qiu immediately swung his bronze sword to meet him.

Neither of them used internal Qi.

It was merely a battle of pure sword moves!

There was not even a sound of collision in the field.

Both of their sword moves were incomparable. They couldn’t hit each other. Each time one launched an attack, the other could find a way to dodge and fight back. The two kept fighting with each other and exchanged dozens of moves, but no one could tell who was better.

This scene intimidated the people around.

“What the f*ck! Is John Doe really good at using swords?”

“He’s amazing. How could he compete with the Sword Fanatic to such an extent in swordsmanship? Isn’t he too strong?”


“Could it be that swordsmanship is actually John Doe’s trump card that has never been revealed before?”

Yun Yangzi and the others also looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

John Doe was truly good at hiding his light under a bushel.

Yun Yangzi, in particular, was even more shocked.

When John Doe was fighting with him at that time, didn’t he even use his full strength?

There was a gleam in Yun Yangzi’s eyes.

Where was John Doe’s limit?

At the entrance of the valley of the Sword Enlightenment Stele, the group of people led by He Gaoming was looking at Fang Qiu with great excitement while watching the battle in the field.

“Master, come on!” He Gaoming silently clenched his fists.

“Boss, you must win!” Standing beside He Gaoming, everyone was secretly cheering for John Doe.

Although they truly wanted to shout it out, they knew that they couldn’t do it at this time.

Considering that shouting would definitely disturb the duel between John Doe and the Sword Fanatic, everyone could only cheer for John Doe in their hearts.

In the beginning, they didn’t really believe in him. They all felt that John Doe was too arrogant. If he competed with the Sword Fanatic in swordsmanship, he definitely couldn’t win. But since they witnessed the Combined Attack Sword Formation John Doe taught He Gaoming and the other eight people, they changed their opinions from the bottom of their hearts.

Now they trusted John Doe very much, so they were not worried at all!

On the battlefield, after exchanging dozens of moves with John Doe, the Sword Fanatic, who could not take any advantage, couldn’t help but become excited. The more excited he was, the stronger and more complicated the sword moves he displayed.

Like his opponent, Fang Qiu was also thrilled and had a strong fighting intent.

Fighting with the Sword Fanatic was also a way to improve his swordsmanship!

Such an opportunity could only be met by chance!

The Sword Fanatic attacked with one move, and he broke it with a backhand strike.

“Clank!” The first collision finally sounded on the battlefield.

Everyone knew that the real fight had begun!

“Incredible!” Not far away, Yun Yangzi, who was watching the two people fight, looked at them in amazement and said, “Whether it’s the Sword Fanatic or John Doe, their swordsmanship has reached the stage where they could win even without a proper sword move. When compared with swordsmanship, they are equally matched!”

Standing beside Yun Yangzi, Diwu Qian gently nodded in agreement. Meanwhile, she was also extremely shocked. She never expected John Doe’s swordsmanship cultivation to be so powerful, which was simply appalling!

“If they continue to fight like this, how can anyone win?” Mu Rufeng raised his eyebrows and asked.

Yun Yangzi smiled faintly and said, “It’s very simple. We’ll know the outcome when one person is exhausted or reveals his flaws!”

When the people around him heard that, their eyes lit up, especially those who used swords!

They all knew that the two having a great battle in the field were two super experts reaching the peak in swordsmanship.

It was very rare for them to see such a fight of these experts, and from the competition between the two of them, they could also gain a lot of improvement.

Therefore, they hoped that the battle between the two could last longer so that they could learn more!

On the battlefield, Fang Qiu and the Sword Fanatic indeed fulfilled their wishes.

They kept exchanging moves like that.

Time flew by quietly.

Not a single one of the audience felt bored.

On the contrary, they were all watching with great interest.

Because each of their sword moves had an extremely piercing aura. If they were not careful, they might hurt each other or even kill each other. This kind of competition was an actual life and death battle!

Everyone learned a lot from their fight.

They even forgot the time and space.

There were only two people fighting in their minds.

There were only sword moves in their eyes!

The battle between the two actually lasted from noon to 4 pm.

They already exchanged more than a thousand moves.

However, they were still evenly matched.

The people who woke up from their occasional daze were shocked by the battle between the two.

They were evenly matched for such a long time!

After the shock, they continued to admire and learn from them.

“Rustle…” At this time, the wind suddenly blew.

Fang Qiu, who was fighting with the Sword Fanatic, suddenly smiled.

As he blocked the Sword Fanatic’s move, he made a counterattack.

He waved his sword with his wrist.

Like a fallen leaf in the wind, he followed the wind and went to strike the Sword Fanatic.

When the Sword Fanatic, who was in high spirits, was about to take the blow, the bronze sword in John Doe’s hand suddenly changed its direction.

There was no obvious big turn.

Instead, it turned slightly while following the direction of the wind.

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