Medical Master - Chapter 914 - Fang Qiu Would Perform at the Grand Finale of the New Year’s Gala

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Chapter 914 Fang Qiu Would Perform at the Grand Finale of the New Year’s Gala

Because the fourth rehearsal would strictly follow the actual process and showtime of the New Year’s Gala, it officially began at 8 o’clock in the evening!

In the dressing room, there was no live broadcast equipment, so Fang Qiu couldn’t see the performances on the rehearsal stage at all. Therefore, as the rehearsals of other shows completed one after another, Fang Qiu had been resting with his eyes closed.

Soon, 3 hours and 40 minutes passed.

“Get ready. It’ll be your turn soon.” At 11:45 p.m., seeing that Fang Qiu was still resting with his eyes closed, the assistant quickly patted Fang Qiu on the shoulder and called him in a low voice.

“Okay.” Fang Qiu opened his eyes, took a deep breath, rose to his feet, and strode out.

After he waited backstage for a while, it was time for Fang Qiu to get on stage. The last show on the stage just ended.

Following the assistant’s instructions, Fang Qiu immediately went on the stage.

After getting on stage, Fang Qiu found that other people had been asked to leave. There was no audience at all. Only he and the staff were left. Even those who would perform at the New Year’s Gala like Fang Qiu and were also curious about Fang Qiu’s performance were all asked to leave.

Fang Qiu understood that it was for the sake of confidentiality.

Obviously, it was not his privilege, but anyone who would perform at the gala needed to abide by that. Every show of the New Year’s Gala must be kept completely secret.

When he was on stage, Fang Qiu took a deep breath, holding the microphone. As the background music sounded, he immediately began to sing.

As he started to sing, all the staff on the scene was instantly amazed by Fang Qiu’s singing!

“Oh my God! No wonder he didn’t come to rehearse before. He turns out to be so skillful.”

“His singing is astonishing.”

“Words failed to express how wonderful his singing is. What I heard is not only the beautiful melody but also the unique emotion delivered by Fang Qiu. It’s so beautiful that I’m completely drawn to it!”

Fang Qiu finished the song.

He perfectly delivered the song.

Seeing Fang Qiu perform so perfectly, Director Li Huawen, who had been hiding under the other side of the stage and watching, instantly breathed a sigh of relief.

All the staff on the scene also let out a sigh of relief.

They had been worried that Fang Qiu’s performance would not be so perfect because he didn’t come to rehearse. They didn’t want to stake the quality of the New Year’s Gala on Fang Qiu.

But now, it seemed that Fang Qiu was worth being trusted because his performance was so awesome and perfect!

It was even better than they had imagined.

After finishing the song, Fang Qiu left the stage.

The rehearsal continued.

“Can I leave now?” In the backstage area, Fang Qiu asked the assistant who was waiting for him there.

“No,” the assistant immediately shook her head and said. “You still have something to do later. You can go back to the dressing room and rest for a while. You can’t leave until it’s done.”

“Okay, let’s go back to the dressing room.” Fang Qiu nodded knowingly and then immediately returned to the room with the assistant.

In the dressing room, Fang Qiu continued to close his eyes to rest.

He waited for an hour.

An hour later, under the gathering of Director Li Huawen, all the artists who performed at the New Year’s Gala needed to come on stage together.

With the assistant reminding him, Fang Qiu soon came to the stage.

At the moment, Director Li Huawen was already waiting for everyone on the stage.

When all the artists gathered on the stage, the director said to everyone, “Thank you for your hard work in the past few days. Everything you have dedicated and done for the gala will be shown on the night of the day after tomorrow. I hope that you can be in your best state at that time and present the best and most wonderful gala to the country!”

“Okay!” Hearing that, everyone present answered in unison.

“Thank you, everyone.” At last, Director Li Huawen bowed to everyone to express his gratitude.

After all, he was the chief director of the New Year’s Gala. The quality of the gala concerned his overall strength as a director. The better the quality of the gala was, the higher his personal value would be!

If he wanted to improve the quality of the gala, the most important thing was to be strict. Meanwhile, he had to maintain a sense of admiration for everyone and treat all the artists who were about to go on stage as the people who came there to help him, instead of workers.

Knowing this, Director Li Huawen would certainly do his best!

Soon, after the director finished speaking, everyone left the stage one by one.

Because there were too many people, Fang Qiu did not rush to the front of the crowd to leave hurriedly but waited on the stage.

As everyone was leaving, Director Li Huawen arranged some things for all the staff. After everything was settled, he walked to Fang Qiu, who was still on the stage.

Walking up to Fang Qiu, Director Li Huawen reached out and patted him on the shoulder, saying, “Good luck!”

“Thank you.” Fang Qiu nodded. Under the instruction of the staff, he then checked in the hotel arranged by the crew of the New Year’s Gala.

The next day, the show list of the New Year’s Gala suddenly appeared on the Internet and was quickly reposted and spread.

Seeing the list, the netizens were shocked!

Because from the list, they could clearly see that Fang Qiu was the performer of the grand finale before the countdown of the New Year’s Gala. He performed a solo.

This was simply a great honor!

What did it mean to perform at the grand finale of the New Year’s Gala?

It was a gala which had 1 billion people watching!

Was Fang Qiu’s status higher than that of other artists at the New Year’s Gala?

Suddenly, the Internet was in an uproar.

“He actually performed at the grand finale?”

“Did the crew of the New Year’s Gala make a mistake? How could they let Fang Qiu perform at the grand finale?”

“How could it be Fang Qiu?”

“This is so funny. Fang Qiu is just a doctor, not a star or an artist. Is he qualified to perform at the grand finale on a stage like the New Year’s Gala?”

“Fang Qiu is not even a variety show entertainer, let alone an experienced artist. How can he perform at the finale?”

“The most important thing is that Fang Qiu is not a singer!”

“How can they let a man who is not a singer perform at the finale of the New Year’s Gala? The crew is crazy.”

“I won’t deny that Fang Qiu sings very well, but he rarely sings on stage. He has poor experience of performing on stage. How can they let him perform at the finale?”

“It must be f*cking rigged.”

“The director of the New Year’s Gala this year is Li Huawen, the director of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. It must have something to do with him since Fang Qiu can perform at the gala. Now that Fang Qiu is able to perform at the grand finale of the New Year’s Gala, it’s even more related to him. He must have pulled some strings!”

“I think Director Li Huawen has been admiring Fang Qiu since they worked together in the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. This time, he asked Fang Qiu to perform at the finale of the New Year’s Gala. Apparently, he wants to elevate Fang Qiu. It can be said that he is elevating his own people!”

Suddenly, all sorts of doubts, assumptions of conspiracies, and speculation of inside stories appeared.

Seeing these assumptions, Fang Qiu’s fans couldn’t sit back any longer.

“Are you all out of your minds? This is the New Year’s Gala!”

“That’s right. How influential is the New Year’s Gala? The casting can’t be completely decided by a director. If you want to perform at the gala, you must be extremely capable. Master Fang Qiu must get the chance with his own strength!”

“Yes, Master Fang must have won the center place with his own strength. How could anyone rig such a serious event like the New Year’s Gala?”

“However, Master Fang is under a lot of pressure. My heart aches for him!”

As Fang Qiu’s fans just fought back, others immediately retorted.


“Haha, does Fang Qiu have any strength?”

“Even though Fang Qiu has the strength, he’s simply capable of practicing Chinese Medicine. No one dares to deny this. But the New Year’s Gala is not a stage for performing Chinese Medicine. What else can he do apart from practicing Chinese Medicine? I don’t know!”

“That’s right. He didn’t even go to the rehearsals. How dare you say that he has some strength?”

“He didn’t rehearse for the first three times. When he came to the fourth rehearsal, he directly got the chance to perform at the finale. If this is not rigged, what else can it be? Obviously, Fang Qiu’s finale solo has already been settled long before.”

Reading these refuting remarks, Fang Qiu’s fans once again rebutted.

There was no doubt that more people would pay attention to the gala as the controversy was growing considerably.

Everyone was eager to see what Fang Qiu would present at the New Year’s Gala so that he could perform at the grand finale!

Meanwhile, those who were familiar with Fang Qiu didn’t expect that he could perform at the grand finale of the gala.

“Is Fang Qiu’s show the grand finale?” Fang Qiu’s parents were also shocked when they heard the news.

“That can’t be.” Fang Qiu’s father frowned. “Why did he suddenly go to perform at the grand finale? Although being able to present the grand finale of the New Year’s Gala can bring honor to the family. I’m so worried. I’m afraid that our son gets stage fright and causes trouble in the grand finale. That will be troublesome.”

Fang Qiu’s mother said with a wry smile, “If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have read the news. If I hadn’t known this news, I wouldn’t have been so flustered!”

“The finale?” In Comores, as Jiang Miaoyu heard the news, she smiled with expectation and said, “My dear boyfriend, I’ll see how you challenge yourself this time.”

As she murmured, she downloaded the show list and sent it to her parents. Moreover, she deliberately marked out Fang Qiu’s name on the list.

“Humph.” In the Jiang family in Huaxia, seeing the list sent by Jiang Miaoyu, her father immediately snorted and said, “Do you think I can’t see it if you don’t mark it out?”

“Mom, mom…” In another city in Huaxia, Zhou Xiaotian, who was in a large patio, ran to his mother with his mobile phone, pointed to Fang Qiu’s name on the list, and said, “Look, this is my college roommate!”

“Wow, he would perform solo at the grand finale of the gala.” At the sight of it, Zhou Xiaotian’s mother suddenly cried out in surprise. Then she rolled her eyes at Zhou Xiaotian and said, “Look at him and then at yourself. You should learn from him.”

“Mom, I’m rich now. I have 500,000 yuan,” Zhou Xiaotian snorted.

“You’re lying again.” Zhou Xiaotian’s mother rolled her eyes at him and said, “You’ve been mischievous since you were a child. You always talk nonsense.”

“The money’s in this card.” Zhou Xiaotian proudly took out a bank card. He already transferred all the money from Fang Qiu’s check to his own bank card.

“Really?” His mother was stunned.

“Yes!” Zhou Xiaotian nodded with certainty.

“Okay.” His mother grabbed the bank card from his hand and said, “Then I’ll save it for you and use it when you get married.”

“Don’t, don’t…” Zhou Xiaotian quickly reached out, trying to snatch it back. As he grabbed it, he was saying, “In fact, I don’t. I don’t have the money!”

“Okay, if you say so.” Zhou Xiaotian’s mother shrugged her shoulders indifferently and stuffed the card into her pocket tightly.

Zhou Xiaotian was speechless.

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