Medical Master - Chapter 99

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Chapter 99 Sell Medicine for One Hundred Thousand!

On the floor, the man in his 40s suddenly rose in fury.

He glared at Fang Qiu ferociously and yelled with anger, “How did I annoy you that you threw me a kick without a word? Reason yourself or I’ll hit you so hard that even your own mother can’t recognize you!”

The owner and the old Chinese medicine doctor rushed forward to mediate. After one glance at Fang Qiu’s eyes, they felt frightened.

Who could have guessed that

A young man at this ago would suddenly go wild and get physical with a stranger?

There was another possibility for the owner and the old Chinese medicine doctor.

Fang Qiu was furious at them for not buying his plants that he intended to destroy their shop.

At that time,

Fang Qiu looked at that enraged middle-aged man calmly and asked, “Is your waist still hurting?”


The middle-aged man didn’t get it.

Reminded by Fang Qiu, he remembered his aching waist.


The middle-aged man touched his waist and the anger on his face instantly vanished, replaced by joy.

“How come it doesn’t hurt anymore?”

Pleasantly surprised, the middle-aged man looked at Fang Qiu, confused.

Next to them,

The owner and the old Chinese medicine doctor were also puzzled.

Wasn’t he creating a disturbance?

How did it come back to his waist pain?

“What’s going on?”

Asked the old Chinese medicine doctor.

“One kick and the ache is gone?”

The owner couldn’t understand this.

Over there,

Looking at the middle-aged man, Fang Qiu answered with a smile, “Your waist had a dislocated bone. That kick was to set the bone for you. Now the bone has been set. Of course your waist doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Hearing that,

The three people’s face changed immediately.

With extreme excitement.

One kick and a dislocated bone was set?

“How did you know his waist bone was dislocated?”

Asked the old Chinese medicine doctor hastily.

“Yeah, how did you know my waist bone was dislocated? You didn’t even touch me and you knew me condition?”

The middle-aged man couldn’t believe it.

The owner didn’t speak. He thought to himself, “Could this be an expert? Otherwise, how could he diagnose the patient with a quick look and cure him so accurately?”

“You don’t need to know how I knew. It’s all good as long as the result is positive and your waist doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Said Fang Qiu, shaking his head.

“That’s right!”

The middle-aged man laughed out loud and said to Fang Qiu boldly, “Little brother, I misunderstood you earlier. Sorry. I apologize.

“Thank you for curing me. This waist problem had bothered me for a really long time and I couldn’t find any way to treat it. I’m feeling great after your kick.”

“That’s nothing.”

Fang Qiu nodded.

The middle-aged man rolled his eyes and laughed, “What about you take another look at me for some other illness and give me another kick?”

Fang Qiu was speechless.

So were the owner and the old Chinese medicine doctor.

Someone in this world would ask for a kick?

“You don’t have other illness. I’ll take my leave.”

Fang Qiu was ready to go.

But at that moment,

“Young brother, wait a moment.”

After remaining silent for all this time, the owner suddenly ran forward to block Fang Qiu’s leave and dragged him to sit down by the tea table further inside the medicine shop. He poured Fang Qiu a cup of tea politely and asked with a smile, “Young brother, where did you learn that?”

Fang Qiu frowned.

It seemed like the owner wanted to learn more about him.

“From the people.”

He answered.

“You are a Chinese medicine apprentice. Who’s your master?”

The owner questioned closely.

“I’m sorry but I’m running out of time. I have to go to the next medicine shop to sell my plants.”

Fang Qiu shook his head and got up to leave.


The owner stopped Fang Qiu again and said, “What about you show me your plants again?”

At the moment.

The owner’s attitude towards Fang Qiu changed completely.

Fang Qiu was stunned.

Because his move earlier was too shocking!

As the owner of a Chinese medicine shop, he could tell that Fang Qiu must be a master based on that one move.

For a one hundred years old shop like this,

Knowing a master would mean a lot.


Since he was a master, his plants must be real.


Because the man with waist pain was a regular here for plasters, the owner knew him and knew it wouldn’t be a trapped set up by Fang Qiu and him.

This was enough to prove that he had some real skills.


The origin of his medicinal materials would be beyond doubt.

“Check the plants again?”

Fang Qiu raised his brows and hesitated before opening his backpack and taking out the three wild ganoderma and one wild ginseng.

“Yes. Let’s take a closer look.”

The owner nodded.

He signaled Fang Qiu to put it down on the tea table.

Then he called the old Chinese medicine doctor over. The two of them inspected carefully again.

In the meantime.

“Young brother, have a smoke?”

The middle-aged man came over and handed Fang Qiu a cigarette.

“I don’t smoke.”

Fang Qiu shook his head.

“Thank you. Is my waist really cured? Would the pain come back?”

The middle-aged man approached and asked.

“It’s cured but you have to be careful. Don’t do things that exert great effort. If your waist encountered too powerful force, it might get dislocated again. Take some rest for three or five months. Do some exercise to train your body.”

Said Fang Qiu.

“Okay! Great! That’s great!”

The middle-aged man smiled and nodded at once.

He was truly happy when he heard he was cured.

The middle-aged man thanked Fang Qiu again before leaving.

And over here.

“These three are indeed wild ganoderma and this one wild ginseng. And they are all well aged.”

After a good while, the old Chinese medicine doctor spoke slowly.

“Young brother, I won’t ask you where exactly you found these plants. Just tell me a rough location so I can determine the plants’ efficacy.”

Said the owner.

“Mount Tai.”

Answered Fang Qiu.

Upon hearing that.

The owner and the old Chinese medicine doctor’s eyes brightened all of a sudden.

Wild ganoderma and wild ginseng from Mount Tai were extremely precious.

“I’ll take these plants.”

The owner clinched a deal right away.

“How much?”

Asked Fang Qiu.

“Okay. Four plants. I’ll give you one hundred thousand in total.”

Said the owner.

Fang Qiu was startled by the number.

He didn’t expect these medicinal plants to be this expensive.

Four plants for one hundred thousand?

Before he left Mount Tai, he sold two wild ginsengs and three wild ganoderma for fifty grand in that village.

Now with one less wild ginseng, the price went doubled!

How could Fang Qiu not be shocked?

“Young brother, this price is already very good. These plants, no matter selling to someone else or processing myself, won’t make me much money. At most a few grand. Maybe only several hundred.

Seeing Fang Qiu’s silence, the owner hastily explained.

“Deal. 0ne hundred thousand.”

Recovered from the shock, Fang Qiu nodded instantly.

“Okay. Give me your bank account and I’ll make a direct transfer.”

Said the owner with a smile.

Fang Qiu wrote down his bank account information immediately.


The owner transferred 100,000 to Fang Qiu without hesitation and then put the plants away.

“Nice doing business with you!”

Receiving the plants, the owner shook Fang Qiu’s hand with a grin.


Fang Qiu nodded.

He wasn’t used to such a business scene yet but he kept the basic manners.

“Young brother, shall we exchange our contact? If you find more medicinal plants in the future, bring over and I’ll buy.”

Said the owner.


Fang Qiu nodded.

This was a good thing for him.

Never mind the future. He had a wild ginseng and two wild ganoderma right then in his backpack.

He planned to bring these three plants to an auction for wulin figures. If they had no interest, he would bring them back here.


He might travel deep into the mountains in the future and it would be possible for him to find more medicinal materials.

Then, having a place to sell would save him some leg work.

He saved the owner’s contact.

Fang Qiu got up to leave.

“So young yet already so skillful. The heroic are indeed among the young…”

Watching Fang Qiu leaving from behind, the owner recalled that impressive kick and murmured with emotion.

“This young fellow’s future is bright.”

The old Chinese medicine doctor nodded and said, “That kick of his. Not many in the current Chinese medicine field are able to do. He’s still so young. He’ll stun the world if he remains on the Chinese medicine path.”

“Speaking so highly of him?”

The owner looked at the old Chinese medicine doctor, full of curiosity.

“How can I not?”

The old Chinese medicine doctor shook his head as he continued, “If I had half of his strength when I was at this age, I wouldn’t be like this now.”

“You’ve had your days. No point comparing yourself to a youngster.”

The owner rolled his eyes.

“Hahah. There are points comparing but I’m no match.”

The old Chinese medicine doctor laughed out loud before walking back to his seat by the consulting desk to resume his medical book.

Over there,

Leaving from the medicine shop, Fang Qiu went to the nearest ATM and inquired his account balance. Exact 100,000. He took 75,000 out of his backpack and made a deposit into his card.

29,000 from Mo Yiqi and 50,000 from selling the plants.

Minus five train tickets for them to come back and the 75,000 he had just deposited.

Now Fang Qiu had just over two grand left on him.

After the deposit,

Fang Qiu went to a random store with his backpack and bought himself a gym suit.

It had been odd for him to do exercise in normal clothes these days.

Of course.

The gym suit Fang Qiu had purchased was not expensive. About three hundred yuan in totoal.

Fang Qiu returned to school afterwards.

He read and ate.

In a wink, the sky began to darken.

After practicing watching the copper coin for a while in the dorm, Fang Qiu jumped off the bed once the light was turned off for the entire university. He changed and dashed out of the school in the dark.

He travelled rapidly.

Following the traces in his memory, Fang Qiu soon reached the wealthy villa area on the way to the railway station.

Fang Qiu came here to inquire information.

As soon as he arrived, he saw two figures walking out of a villa to board a luxury vehicle, ready to leave.

“Has the trade fair started already?”

Fang Qiu suspected.

He knew these were the two rich youths.

“Follow up and see.”

The idea flashed across his mind and he followed closely behind the two rich youths’ vehicle out of the villa area in secret while looking for a taxi.

On the street,

Fang Qiu waved a taxi coming to his direction to stop and ordered the driver to follow the two rich youths’ luxury car.

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