Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2552 - Sachet

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Chapter 2552 Sachet

But, where did this world annihilation black lotus come from? And in whose hands did it fall into?

“The world annihilation black lotus is not the lotus of evil, it depends on who owns it.” Mo Chen said slowly. He looked at Feng Jiu and said: “This time I went back, my Master wanted me to tell you that when the ancient lotus seed appears, you have to collect them. In addition to the primal chaos blue lotus, there are also four lotus seeds in various places. The primal chao blue lotus is the first of the four lotus seeds, so it has the ability to suppress them. This is something that you must do.”

“Suppress? But why was she filled with the black qi of the black lotus last night? The primal chaos blue lotus in her body couldn’t even suppress the black qi on her wounds.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chen’s eyes fell on Feng Jiu and he said: “The primal chaos blue lotus in your body has not yet fully formed and developed, am I right? The primal chaos blue lotus that hasn’t fully grown only has the ability to repair some minor wounds. Only when the primal chaos blue lotus is fully grown will it have the ability to revive all things and suppress the four lotuses, as well as the ability to purify.

Having said that, he took out a sachet from space and held it in his hand for a while. Then he handed it to Feng Jiu: “My Master asked me to give this to you when I came back.”

Feng Jiu was slightly surprised. After she took it, she opened it and her expression was a little weird: “Why does it say that I have to go to Peng Lai Immortal and ascend the Immortal Stairs?” She looked at Mo Chen and asked: “What kind of place is Peng Lai Immortal Mountain? Why are there Immortal Stairs there? And he wants me to go alone?”

Having said that, she looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze instinctively. Going alone meant that he couldn’t go with her? Was this the rhythm for them to separate again? “Peng Lai Immortal Island?” Mo Chen was stunned for a moment, then he shook his head and said: “I’ve never heard of this place before, let alone know where it is.”

“Huh? Is this a map on the back or an array?” She saw an array map on the back by chance and was a little confused.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze took it and looked at it, frowning slightly: “This is a map within an array. If you want to know the map within the array, you must first break the array, then look at the map. If there is no mishap, the map line obtained from this should be the map of Peng Lai Immortal Mountain.”

“Did your Master tell you why I have to go there?” Feng Jiu looked at Mo Chen.

“No.” Mo Chen responded, then said: “But my Master does things for a reason. Since he has asked you to go to that place, then he must have his reasons.”

His voice paused and he pondered for a while, then he said: “Furthermore, I have never heard of this place, I’m afraid this place must be extraordinary.”

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze. Her eyes shifted down and she saw the sachet in his hand, thenshe said: “Let’s go back! I have to go and make arrangements for my elder brother and the others.”

Having said that, she looked at Mo Chen and smiled: “I will take this sachet back and study it. As for whether I will listen to your Master, do let me think about it.”

“Alright.” Mo Chen responded and said: “Then I’ll go back first and have someone inform me if anything comes up.” “I will.” Feng Jiu said. She said to Leng Hua beside her: “You see Mo Chen out!”

“Yes!” Leng Hua responded. She gestured to Mo Chen then walked out with him.

“Let’s finish the arrangements for my elder brother and Feng Ye and the others first before we discuss anything else!” When she saw that he had left, Feng Jiu took Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s hand and the two of them went to another courtyard…

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