Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2906 - Predecessor

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Chapter 2906: Predecessor

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Feng Jiu chuckled, “That’s great! Big Sister, lead the way. Let’s have a look around.”

Both the figures in red were equally stunning. The sight of them walking together was so pleasing to the eye that it caused the disciples to stop and marvel.

“How gorgeous!”

“Senior Uncle Wanyan’s beauty is recognised by the Four Great Immortal Sects. But, Feng Jiu, who suddenly appeared and called Senior Uncle Wanyan a big sister, is also breathtakingly beautiful. What kind of unparalleled beauty would he be if he were a woman?”

In the sect, only the Venerables were able to correctly identify Feng Jiu as a woman. At this time, all of those disciples mistook Feng Jiu for a cut sleeve.

When they reached the main peak, everyone who saw Feng Jiu addressed her respectfully, “Master.”

When she saw the disciples, especially those older than her, stop to salute her with respect, she looked at Wanyan Qianhua behind her and let out a chuckle.

“Big Sister, you want to come here only to see these disciples calling me Master, don’t you?”

“Hahaha, you’re absolutely right. Take a look at them. As they go out, each of them could be considered a figure in their own right. They have become your disciples now that Venerable Si Que worships you as masters.” Wanyan Qianhua covered her enchanting smile with her hand. “I tell you, Little Jiu’er, Venerable Si Que has a medicinal field here with a lot of good things in it.”

The moment Feng Jiu heard about the medicinal field, her eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Of course. Venerable Si Que possessed the wood attribute, and in his spare time, he personally tends to those medicinal fields. Those spirit herbs grow exceptionally well.” Wanyan Qianhua led her to the other side and remarked, “But, he treasures the medicinal field very much and guards it fiercely.”

Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed as she smiled. “Then, it depends on the type of medicinal field. In that regard, they have worshipped us as their masters, but they haven’t brought anything to honour us.”

“They haven’t brought anything to honour you? That’s unacceptable.” Wanyan Qianhua answered with a charming smile, “They keep a lot of treasures. You must squeeze a good amount from them on your return.”

“I’ll take a look at the medicinal field first. If I find good things there, I’ll get them right away.” Feng Jiu followed her to the location. But, before they got close, two disciples stopped them.

“Senior Uncle Wanyan, up ahead is our master’s medicinal field. Since the medicinal field is so important, unauthorized persons are not permitted in.”

In response, Wanyan Qianhua cast a coquettish glance in their direction and asked with a smile, “Unauthorized persons? Don’t you know that your Venerable gave you a Predecessor?”

“Um… Yes, we know. But what does that have to do with this?” The two disciples always watched over the medicinal field. They were not there when their master lost the battle. They only heard that their master had lost, so they had to worship the two winners as their masters. It seems that Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu were the two who came from the world of mortals.

“Because the person who wants to go in is your predecessor. Even your Venerable doesn’t dare to stop. Do you want to die? How dare you block your Predecessor’s path?”

“What? Predecessor?” The two disciples were taken aback when they looked at the red-clothed youngster beside them. They’d heard one of the people from the world of mortals was a handsome young man dressed in red. Could he be the young man in front of them?

A predecessor this young? That’s impossible!

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