Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2907 - Seven-leaf Fire Spirit Blossom

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Chapter 2907: Seven-leaf Fire Spirit Blossom

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“Why don’t you quickly salute your Predecessor?” Wanyan Qianhua stared at them with her beautiful eyes. The two disciples were taken aback and quickly saluted.

“Di…disciples pay respect to the Predecessor.”

“Get up!” Feng Jiu spoke to them while motioning. “Open the front courtyard gate; I want to go in and have a look.”

“Yes, yes.” Since they didn’t dare to stop Feng Jiu and Wanyan Qianhua, they had no other option but to move toward the gate and open it. After the two went inside, one of the disciples followed them and the other dashed to find their Venerable Master.

Once she got inside, Feng Jiu could smell the rich aroma of herbs. She looked ahead and saw a small bamboo house on one side of the medicinal field. As she went further inside, she saw a vast tract of a medicinal field in front of her.

“See it for yourself! I’m going to sit back for a while.” She did not have a great deal of interest in spirit herbs, so Wanyan Qianhua sat down on the wooden post that was located outside the bamboo house. She watched Feng Jiu’s figure go up and down the medicinal field while holding her cheek in one hand.

“The spirit herbs are of excellent quality, but they’re not quite old enough.” Feng Jiu spoke while observing the herbs. After passing the medicinal field in front, she came onto another medicinal field with different-coloured soil behind it and stopped to inspect it. “It turns out to be the red clay from the deep well that has undergone burning.”

She was taken aback and inspected the spirit herbs planted in the red clay carefully. After a brief look, her eyes lit up with delight. “Wow, good stuff! There’s even a thousand-year-old Seven-leaf Fire Blossom. Tsk-tsk. Marvellous, marvellous…”

The disciple who was following her was astonished. Is the Predecessor familiar with spirit herbs? How did she know that the clay soil was the red clay from the deep well that has undergone burning? Before hearing it from the Venerable, he knew nothing of the clay. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know why the red clay was so special.

According to the Venerable, this red clay can cause spirit herbs with the fire attribute to grow faster and more abundantly, doubling the harvest. So, what was growing on this patch of red clay were all spirit herbs with fire attributes.

While he was deep in thought, he saw that the predecessor had taken a shovel out of nowhere and was digging up the thousand-year-old Seven-leaf Fire Blossom. This scared him so much that his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“Predecessor, don’t, don’t do that!” He shouted and rushed forward, exclaiming, “This is the Venerable’s treasure. He treasures it so much that nobody else is permitted to touch it.”

“Because it is a treasure, I must have it. If it isn’t, I have no need of it.” Feng Jiu remarked while digging carefully with a shovel. She wanted to transport this spirit herb to her own space to plant and find time to refine it into a medicinal pill. If she took the pill, her body’s fire attribute would soar.

“Predecessor, this is the Venerable’s lifeblood,” the disciple said with a mournful expression.

When Feng Jiu heard this, she turned around and shouted, “Nonsense! Your Venerable put his treasure in the crotch of his pants!”


Wanyan Qianhua burst out laughing when she heard this. The more she laughed, the louder she became. She was already beautiful, but her laughter just made her more alluring and seductive. When she finally stopped laughing, she patted her chest with one hand and used the other to wipe her eyes. With a laugh, she said, “Little Jiu’er, how could you be so bad? How can Venerable Si Que appear in front of you in the future if he hears this?”

She asked with a grin, “How can I be bad? I’m only telling the truth! This cheeky little disciple said that this spirit herb is his Venerable’s lifeblood. Isn’t this nonsense?”

“Predecessor, Disciple is not speaking nonsense. This is truly the Venerable’s lifeblood.” The pitiful disciple remarked bitterly.

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