Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 1202 - Rong Jun Feels Demoralized

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Chapter 1202: Rong Jun Feels Demoralized

The institute president was an imposing man. The moment he was gone, everyone was finally able to relax a little.

“Aren’t we in luck? I can’t believe we ran into a big shot like the president of the National Research Institute of Science and Technology.” Dai Jie sighed. “It’s just too bad we were unable to see him.”

“People like us will never get to interact with big academic names like him in person. We are lucky enough to encounter them. I would never dream of seeing him face to face.” Tang Jun patted Dai Jie on the shoulder comfortingly.

Dai Jie inadvertently looked at Huo Yao when he glanced at Tang Jun. Her head was still lowered and it seemed as though she had yet to recover from the excitement. He cleared his throat and said, “Huo Yao, he’s gone now.”

Tang Jun looked at Huo Yao as well. She always looked very composed, so he could not resist teasing her. “I never dreamt that I would live to see the day when you became nervous.”

Huo Yao stood with her hands in her coat pockets. She nodded her head without the slightest embarrassment. “Uh huh. I am quite the wuss.”

The moment Liu Qian heard what Huo Yao said, he glanced at her in disbelief. Was she really a wuss?

If memory served him right, she had bargained with Zhao Lian without the slightest shame and hardly looked scared at all.

“Enough. Get into the car. Time to get back to campus.” Qi Hui interrupted them impatiently and opened the car door.

Dai Jie and the others pursed their lips without saying a word.

Before long, they got into the car one after another.

Shortly after leaving the National Research Institute of Science and Technology, Huo Yao sensed her phone vibrating.

She had just received a text message.

When she saw a text message from Prof Rong, Huo Yao rubbed her forehead gently. After some time, she replied: [I am in class.]

Rong Jun replied: [Chuckles.]

He sent a second text message to Huo Yao: [You are my student, so I can spot you from a mile away.]

Huo Yao: […]

Rong Jun raised his brow and composed another text message: [Are you working with the institution on some research project?]

Huo Yao contemplated briefly before she decided to reply candidly since it was no secret: [Uh huh. It’s an AL system project.]

The moment Rong Jun saw her reply, he looked up at President Xue sitting across from him. He asked. “I recall there is a research project about combining AL and AI for the deep-sea exploration project, right?”

President Xue nodded. “That’s right. What about it?”

“Nothing. Just asking.” Rong Jun rubbed his phone screen with his eyes narrowed. He turned on his phone miserably and sent Huo Yao another text message.

[Am I not good enough for you?]

Huo Yao was willing to participate in the Biology research project, but not the Physics project.

When Huo Yao saw the random text message from Rong Jun, she was at a loss: [???]

Rong Jun: [!!!]

Huo Yao: [Can you elaborate?]

Rong Jun: [smiley face jpg.]

Huo Yao scratched her head quizzically. She looked at the conversation again and confirmed that everything seemed completely normal.

She felt it was better just to avoid this subject rather than continue making him upset, so she simply sent a smiley face emoticon this time.

Rong Jun sighed sadly.

President Xue caught the strange look on Rong Jun’s face when he poured the professor some tea. He asked him in concern. “What’s wrong? Why do you look so sad?”

Rong Jun put away his phone and took a sip of tea. “Do you have a disciple?” He paused before he added. “The sort who is a genius?”

President Xue went speechless.

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