Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 1388 - A Reminder

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Chapter 1388: A Reminder

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Old Mr. Pei stood up to welcome Min Yu when he saw him. He could not suppress his joy. “Hi, Young Master Min.”

“Nice to see you, Old Mr. Pei.” Min Yu nodded politely. The old man seemed in good shape and did not appear unwell at all.

Old Mr. Pei gestured for Min Yu to take a seat as he said, “You didn’t have to come over just to see me. Thanks for taking the trouble.”

He paused and turned to tell Pei Rong to check if dinner was ready.

Pei Rong looked completely normal. He simply glanced at Min Yu before he went to the dining room.


In the past, he would have pounced on the opportunity to talk to Min Yu. Now that Deputy Chairman Qin had told him some things, he stopped feeling the same way about the Min family.

After Pei Rong was out of sight, Old Mr. Pei veered his eyes and asked softly. “Young Master Min, are you still unwell in any way?”

“I’m good. Thanks for asking,” said Min Yu politely as he looked at Old Mr. Pei.

Old Mr. Pei nodded. Ever since speaking to Pei Rong, he kept trying to figure out what his son meant and could not help feeling uneasy.

He wanted to speak to Min Yu privately, but Pei Rong kept a close eye on him. Pei Rong refused to let him set foot out the door and had even taken away his phone.

He did not expect Min Yu to personally visit him.

After composing himself, Old Mr. Pei smiled and said, “That’s great. If anyone could treat you, it was Huo Yao. Oh yes. Young Master Min, do you know Qin Zheng from the Apothecaries’ Association?”

“Who is Qin Zheng?” Min Yu did not know the name at all. He shook his head and replied. “Don’t know the guy.”

Old Mr. Pei explained. “He’s the deputy chairman of the Apothecaries’ Association, so perhaps he isn’t under your radar.”

“Perhaps.” Min Yu looked at Old Mr. Pei seriously. “What’s wrong?”

Old Mr. Pei hesitated briefly and said, “I think he’s a well-connected man, so you…”

“Dad, Young Master Min, dinner is ready. Why don’t you chat over dinner?” interrupted Pei Rong after he came back from the dining room.

Old Mr. Pei stopped talking and stood up without so much as looking at Pei Rong. He simply gestured for Min Yu to join him at the dining room. “Why don’t we eat first?”

Min Yu nodded.

Zhuo Yun glanced at Old Mr. Pei as he stood by the side and thought about Qin Zheng.

Min Yu might not know about Qin Zheng, but he had told Zhuo Yun to check on Chairman Wang. In the process, Zhuo Yun found out that Qin Zheng was the source of the rife going on in the association, but he did not go into detail nor did he investigate Qin Zheng’s background.

In hindsight, Qin Zheng would never be able to pull the stunt without someone’s help.

Judging from Old Mr. Pei’s behavior, it seemed as though he wanted to warn Min Yu about something.

Old Mr. Pei did not bring up the Apothecaries’ Association over dinner and simply made small talk with Min Yu.

Everything seemed completely normal, it was just an ordinary dinner.

After dinner, Min Yu remained at the residence briefly before he said goodbye and left.

Old Mr. Pei did not try to keep Min Yu. Since Pei Rong was around, it was hard for him to talk to Min Yu anyway.

Fortunately, Pei Rong was on his best behavior today and did not say anything inappropriate in front of Min Yu. Old Mr. Pei could not help feeling unsettled by Pei Rong’s unusual behavior.

After walking their guests out, Old Mr. Pei went back to the living room and observed Pei Rong.

Pei Rong did not speak. He poured himself a glass of water, walked back to the coffee table, and pulled out the incense burner from the corner table next to the couch.

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