Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 480: Such A Poser!

Chapter 480: Such A Poser!

Old Mr. Pei did not go on with the topic. Instead, he said, “Oh yes. Are you interested in Chinese medicine?”

Huo Yao looked at Old Mr. Pei and raised her brow inexplicably.

Old Mr. Pei smiled and explained. “I spent two years breeding a Buddha rhizome. Do you want to check it out at my herb farm?”

Huo Yao was a little surprised. Just as she was about to speak, Old Mr. Pei’s son suddenly interrupted their conversation.

“Dad, you must be mistaken. Our family doesn’t have any Buddha rhizome. Please stop making a fool of yourself in front of outsiders.”

Since the Pei and Yi clans were family friends, Pei Feng had naturally attended Old Mr. Yi’s birthday banquet with his father. However, he did not expect to see Huo Yao here.

Although Pei Feng was impressed with Huo Yao’s medicine-making skills when he observed her in the laboratory previously, it was just pure admiration. He did not feel that Huo Yao was unusual in any way.

Also, he had asked his older brother about apothecaries, so he did not share his father’s obsession about Huo Yao’s skills. To his shock, his father had gone as far as calling her a master.

In reality, he found it irritating when his father addressed her as ‘Little Master’.

Pei Feng felt that his father was absolutely reckless in telling people about the Buddha rhizome that they had successfully bred.

Hence, he swiftly interrupted and stressed on the word, ‘outsiders’.

Old Mr. Pei was stunned to hear his son’s voice. After he composed himself, he frowned and turned to look at Pei Feng. “How could you interrupt me like that?”

Pei Feng glanced at Huo Yao. Since Min Yu was present, he remained courteous and ignored his father’s anger.

“Dad, Buddha rhizome is such a rare Chinese herb. How could we possibly have it?”

Huo Yao tapped the table gently with her fingertips.

Min Yu poured Huo Yao another cup of tea. She picked up her teacup and took a sip.

An odd look rose on Pei Feng’s face when he noticed Min Yu’s gesture. Why was Min Yu treating Huo Yao so differently?

He had asked his father about Huo Yao before. She was just an ordinary middle school student. She was not even from a powerful family.

Old Mr. Pei knew what his son was thinking. His eyes turned dark. “It seems you didn’t take what I said seriously.”

Pei Feng pursed his lips. His father was such a frog in the well and knew nothing about the world.

Regardless of how well she knew Chinese herbs, could she remember tens of thousands of herbs?

She might not even know what Buddha rhizome was.

Old Mr. Pei almost passed out in anger. He glared at Pei Feng angrily before he looked at Huo Yao awkwardly. “Actually, Buddha rhizome...”

Huo Yao put down her teacup. She smiled vaguely at Old Mr. Pei as she interrupted him.

“Mr. Pei is right. Buddha rhizome is very rare. Since it is very picky about its environment, it only thrives in old forests, so it is quite hard to grow.”

Pei Feng wanted to laugh when he heard what Huo Yao said. Was there any rare Chinese herb that did not grow in a stringent environment?

She simply spoke generically and acted as though she was an expert.

She was such a poser.

Pei Feng shook his head.

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