Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 670 - Healing Music

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Chapter 670: Healing Music

Huo Yao had been to Huo Xiang’s place once before. The moment she entered, she changed into a pair of slippers before Tong Yu led her to the studio.

Huo Xiang was in the middle of recording when he saw his little sister through the glass window. He stopped, took off his headphones, and walked out.

“Hi, Yao.”

Huo Yao acknowledged gently before she asked. “Are you done recording?”

“I’m almost done.” Huo Xiang picked up the headphones in front of the glass window. “Check out my acapella version and tell me what you think.”

He helped Huo Yao put on the headphones the moment he finished speaking.

Tong Yu took another pair of earphones and plugged them into the equipment. He wanted to listen to the song as well. However, Huo Xiang promptly unplugged the earphones.

Tong Yu was caught by surprise. “Little Princess, what is the meaning of this?”

Huo Xiang did not bother to explain and simply pushed Tong Yu out of the studio and slammed the door behind him.

The door almost hit Tong Yu on the nose and he went speechless.

What had he done?

Huo Xiang adjusted his little sister’s headphone volume before entering the studio and closing the door behind him. He looked up at his little sister as she stood behind the window and put on the headphones nervously.

Huo Xiang inhaled deeply before playing the song.

Music instantly flowed in the background. She was so thoroughly immersed in his song that she could follow the beat effortlessly without looking at the lyrics.

Even though Huo Yao was not a musician, she was awestruck when she heard her fourth older brother’s voice. It was bright, unsullied and felt incredibly soothing. No wonder people loved his music.

After the song was over, she could not help thinking about it.

Huo Xiang came out of the studio and looked at Huo Yao earnestly. “What do you think?”

Huo Yao removed the headphones and stuck her thumb up. “It’s great. I was totally immersed in it. When are you cutting your album?”

Huo Xiang felt a little shy when he heard her praise and cleared his throat awkwardly. “It will be released during the winter break. I will hold a concert when it is out.”

Huo Yao thought about the timing and realized that meant the album would get released real soon.

Huo Xiang sang a few new songs he had prepared for the album before they left the studio.

After they came out, they could hear music playing in the hall while Tong Yu sat on the couch with his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed. It was as though he was thoroughly intoxicated by the music.

Huo Xiang glanced at Tong Yu before he dissed him for being a poser in his heart.

Huo Xiang went over and turned off the music player. Tong Yu promptly opened his eyes and glared at Huo Xiang. “I was listening to that.”

He was not allowed to listen to his new tracks. But why was he barred from listening to his old music as well?

“You are at my place,” said Huo Xiang expressionlessly.

Tong Yu turned sideways with one hand on the couch’s backrest as he looked at Huo Yao. “Yao, see how childish the little princess is?”

Huo Yao pursed her lips. Although she agreed, she shook her head with a straight face. “I don’t think he’s childish.”

Tong Yu was thunderstruck. “...”

Tong Yu had not seen this response coming from Huo Yao.

Huo Xiang laughed gently. “You can leave.”

Tong Yu pretended not to hear him and turned to point at a box on the coffee table. “Yao, here are the pictures he uses for his autographs. There are over 120 copies here. Is that enough?”

“That should do just fine.” Huo Yao nodded before she looked sideways at Huo Xiang. “How long will it take for you to sign slightly over 100 pictures?”

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