Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 672 - Had A Nightmare

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Chapter 672: Had A Nightmare

Huo Xiang was already up when Huo Yao came downstairs the next morning. He waved and said, “Morning, Yao.”

There was breakfast on the table. Judging from the packaging, he had just bought them.

Huo Yao’s lips twitched when she came over and saw Huo Xiang’s face. “Brother Xiang, were you unable to sleep well last night?

He had heavy dark eye rings and his curly hair was in a mess. He simply looked like a panda.

Huo Xiang sat in the chair listlessly and wasn’t even in the mood to eat. He glanced at his little sister and said deeply, “I had nightmares last night.”

Sigh! All he did was have his little sister spend the night at his place.

But his father spent an hour chatting on the phone with him last night. Then Huo Tingrui kept telling him it was criminal to abduct a minor for over an hour.

When he was finally able to rest, he spent the night dreaming of people running after him with choppers or getting jailed repeatedly. It was impossible to get a good night’s rest.

Huo Yao could sense how miserable Huo Xiang felt and quickly comforted him. “Then sleep early tonight.”

Huo Xiang lay prone on the table and sighed.

Huo Yao picked up a bun and took a bite. She contemplated before she said, “I will give you some incense when we go home tonight.”

The moment she brought up home, Huo Xiang raised his head energetically. “I don’t think I will be going home for a while. I will be out of town filming a music video.”

If he went home, his father would definitely beat him up.

For his legs’ wellbeing, it was impossible for him to go home.

Huo Yao looked at him deeply when she heard what he said. She lowered her head and quietly continued eating breakfast.

After breakfast, Huo Xiang sent Huo Yao to school. Before they left the villa, they took the box of personalized autographs along with them.


The traffic was okay and the streets were relatively clear on their way to school.

There was a traffic light up ahead and the signal was red, so Huo Xiang stepped on the brake with his hands on the steering wheel.

“Oh yes. Do you have any plans for the winter break?” asked Huo Xiang as he turned to look sideways at Huo Yao.

Huo Yao leaned against the car window casually and replied. “I will probably go home.”

“Home?” Huo Xiang paused. “Do you mean to visit Old Madam Yang?”

“Uh huh,” replied Huo Yao softly.

Huo Xiang started the engine when the traffic light turned green. “Since she is living at home on her own, she is probably lonely. I think it is a good idea for you to visit her.”

Huo Yao looked out of the window as she leaned her hand against her chin without talking.

Huo Xiang was afraid that they might be late for school, so he sped up quite a bit. After they got off the highway, the traffic increased, so he stepped on the brake again before he quickly noticed that something was amiss with the car.

Even though he was not accelerating, the car did not slow down. Also, the brake did not seem to be working.

Huo Xiang looked worried. Since they were on the main road, a lot of cars were coming in on the left. Also, there were cars in front of them. If he could not make the car slow down, they would probably get into a traffic accident.

Huo Yao detected the anomaly as well and turned to look at Huo Xiang. “Is something wrong with the car?”

Huo Xiang clenched the steering wheel tightly as he floored the brake.

He had even pulled the handbrake, but it was useless. “... The brakes aren’t working.”

After getting off the expressway bridge, there was a slope. Even if he did not step on the gas, the car was going at high speed.

The moment Huo Yao heard this, she narrowed her eyes and raised her head. She could see heavy traffic up ahead. There was a pedestrian sidewalk on the right and there was low foot traffic on it.

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