Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 744 - Huo Yulin’s Gift

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Chapter 744: Huo Yulin’s Gift

Huo Yao disconnected her father’s phone and explained. “He is leaving for the capital. He is flying off tonight.”

The moment Huo Jinyan heard this, he blinked. “Has he decided to go back already? He told me a few days ago that he would be spending a bit more time here before he left.”

A few days ago?

Huo Yao glanced at her father. “Are you that close?”

Huo Jinyan laughed. “Well, we are neighbors after all. Anyway, I think Yu is a great guy.”

Huo Yulin automatically frowned when he came downstairs and heard all the nice things his father had to say about Min Yu.

Min Yu had bought over Huo Jinyan just with tickets for an art exhibition. That despicable man!

Meanwhile, he heard his little sister’s voice.

“Uh huh. I think he’s a nice guy too.” Huo Yao nodded.

Huo Yulin glanced at his little sister and wanted to speak up, but eventually changed his mind. He glanced at the book in her hand and noticed that it was ‘Zhuang Zi’s Selected Works’.

He pursed his lips as he walked over and sat down beside her. “Why are you reading the classics?”

Huo Yao waved the book in front of Huo Yulin and said, “My Chinese teacher gave it to me to help improve my grades.”

For the sake of the national entrance exam, she genuinely needed help with Chinese.

Huo Yulin was caught by surprise. “Chinese? Are you bad at arts? ”

Huo Yao nodded before she added. “Very bad.”

She looked at him helplessly as she spoke.

In reality, she had guaranteed placement at Tsing University, so the national college entrance exam wasn’t important to her. However, she had to do her best for the sake of Principal Yu and No.1 Middle School and make them proud.

Huo Yulin looked at her in surprise and contemplation.

Despite being very poor in arts, she stood first at No.1 Middle School. It seemed his little sister was genuinely hurting the pride of other students.

“I see you need language tuition, right?” asked Huo Yulin moments later.

Huo Yao had already gone back to reading her book. She replied in a stifled tone. “I need to read more extracurricular books.”

Huo Yulin nodded and said, ” I understand.”

He pulled out his phone as he spoke.

He had finally figured out what to give his little sister.

Huo Yao looked sideways at her third older brother quizzically. What did he mean by that?


The next morning, Huo Yao soon discovered what Huo Yulin had meant.

A huge box had arrived at home containing extracurricular books, internationally renowned essays, biographies, and classic poetry.

Everything in the middle school syllabus was probably covered in this box. From the looks of it, there were 50 to 60 books in there. Maybe even more.

Huo Yao glanced at the huge box of books and could sense her scalp going numb and a headache coming on.

Huo Yulin did not expect Huo Changfeng to find all the books in a single night before sending them over. He looked at his little sister as she stood beside the box in a daze and rubbed her head. “Yao?”

Huo Yao raised her head and looked at Huo Yulin with troubled breathing. “Did you buy this?”

Huo Yulin nodded. He failed to detect the strange look on his little sister’s face.

Instead, he cleared his throat and said awkwardly, ” I wanted to give you a little something as a ‘thank you’ for the medicine.”

Since she was a good student, she naturally liked books, so he couldn’t go wrong with this gift.

A little something?

Huo Yao pressed her forehead. Huo Yulin had already given her three boxes of revision material previously, and now he gave her another box of books. That stupid second older brother had seriously misled Huo Yulin.

Huo Yao inhaled deeply before making a mental note of what Huo Tingrui had done to her.


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