Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 815 - Prof Rong Was Such A Failure!

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Chapter 815: Prof Rong Was Such A Failure!

Wu Yue looked at Huo Yao quietly and suddenly felt that this young woman was too cocky.

She was blatantly looking down on Physics, Biology, and Chemistry!

Huo Yao could detect Wu Yue’s intense looks. She cleared her throat before taking a sip of water looking like an obedient student.

Wu Yue gathered his thoughts and glanced at the coffee table where Huo Yao’s paperwork was placed. He took the documents and went off without waiting for Prof Rong to come back. “Let me register you.”

She was such a fine Physics talent. He could not understand why Prof Rong was taking his time. What if she ran off to some other department?

Wu Yue shook his head and completely forgot that Prof Rong was in a meeting.

He walked up to the computer and turned it on. He accessed the registration system and swiftly entered Huo Yao’s particulars.

After he was done registering her, he walked up to the archival room, entered the password, and archived her paperwork.

Wu Yue finally felt better after taking care of her paperwork.

He chatted with Huo Yao after he was done doing this. Since he had to teach the freshmen, he wanted to use the opportunity and get to know her better. She was very talented, so he was determined to have her.

Wu Yue had already started coming up with strategies to groom Huo Yao while they were chatting. He was stunned when he learned she did not major in Physics.

“… Did you apply for the Biology department as well?” asked Wu Yue hesitantly.

Huo Yao saw the shock in his eyes and cleared her throat before she answered. “Uh huh. My major is in Biomedicine.”

Wu Yue lost his cool. “There is no point learning Biomedicine since it has limited prospects. If you study Physics, you have a much brighter future.”

How could such a fine talent not major in Physics? It was a pure waste of talent.

Huo Yao had already heard the same things from Prof Rong countless times and simply answered. “I have already reported to the Biology department before coming here.”

The moment Wu Yue heard this, he pressed his forehead sadly.

He was a teacher, and was keenly aware of the difference between her core major and second major. Everyone had limited time and energy to study, so it was impossible to study equally hard for both subjects, so one of them was bound to suffer a little.

Since the young woman was majoring in Biology, she would probably spend a lot less time at the Physics department.

Wu Yue could not help griping about Prof Rong. He was a national first-class researcher, but he could not outdo the people from the Biology department.

He was such a failure!

Huo Yao waited for slightly over ten more minutes, but Prof Rong did not come back. Since she was already done submitting her paperwork, she quickly left the room.

Wu Yue did not keep Huo Yao since he did not know how long the meeting would take or when Prof Rong would get back. Instead, he got back to his work.

Rong Jun hurriedly came back to the office 30 minutes later. He glanced around and saw only Wu Yue around. “Where is she?”

“She already left 30 minutes ago,” said Wu Yue powerlessly. He had yet to recover from the fact that Huo Yao was not going to major in Physics.

Rong Jun scratched his head. Before he could start speaking, Wu Yue continued. “Prof Rong, you are such a capable scientist. Why couldn’t you…”

Wu Yue looked at Rong Jun resentfully, but he did not dare to finish his sentence out loud since even he found it embarrassing.

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