Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 816 - I Suddenly Also Feel Like Accepting A Disciple

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Chapter 816: I Suddenly Also Feel Like Accepting A Disciple

Rong Jun looked puzzled. “What are you talking about, Yue?”

He did not understand what Wu Yue was trying to say.

Wu Yue sighed deeply. “Why isn’t Huo Yao majoring in Physics?”

Rong Jun finally realized what he was talking about and instantly felt upset. “She likes Biology. It was already very hard for me to convince her to do a second major in Physics.”

He had done a lot to convince her to join the Physics department. If anyone caught wind that he had gone as far as texting a young woman, it would be a total embarrassment.

“It is a waste of her talent for her to study Physics only as a second major,” said Wu Yue miserably. He picked up the academic journal and told Rong Jun what Huo Yao said about the papers published inside the journal.

The moment Rong Jun heard what Wu Yue said, he almost held Wu Yue’s hand out of excitement. “Did she really say that?”

Wu Yue retreated a step with a complicated expression on his face when he saw Prof Rong’s reaction.

Shouldn’t he be sad that she was not majoring in Physics?

In reality, Rong Jun did not feel there was much difference between a core and a secondary major. He had been communicating with Huo Yao for almost a year by phone. Every now and then, he would let her try first and second year Physics problems.

He was keenly aware of Huo Yao’s ability. Even if this was just a second major for her, she would probably be able to solve all the questions flawlessly.

This was the difference between an ordinary student and a genius.

Rong Jun suddenly looked at Wu Yue and said, “I suddenly feel like accepting a disciple.”

Wu Yue went speechless.

Rong Jun failed to take notice of the look on Wu Yue’s face. It was a bold idea to ask Huo Yao to be his disciple, but he did not know how to bring this up. He took out his phone and thought about how to phrase his suggestion to her.


Huo Yao said goodbye to Yi Feiyu before leaving Tsing University. Chen Ming was still waiting at the entrance when she got to the school gate.

It was already past midday. Huo Yao got into the car and took out her phone. Since she would be occupied in a couple of days after school started, she decided to call Min Yu.

She asked him out for lunch at the private home-cooking restaurant where she had dined with Lei Xiao.

Min Yu did not expect Huo Yao to voluntarily ask him out for lunch, so he was in a good mood. After hanging up the phone, he opened his drawer, took his car keys, and quickly left the office.

Shortly after he walked out the door, he bumped into Yang Yi holding a document. “Are you heading out?”

Min Yu nodded. He glanced at the document in Yang Yi’s hands and said, “Leave it in the office. We can talk about it in the afternoon.”

Yang Yi went quiet before he continued. “This is an order from the Northern underground alliances. Why don’t you take a look before you go? It’s quite urgent.”

Min Yu raised his hand to check the time before taking the document.

Yang Yi handed the documents to Min Yu and said, “We have a big weapons order and the commission is unusually high.”

Min Yu flipped through the documents quickly and answered expressionlessly. “We won’t be accepting the order.” The moment he finished his sentence, he returned the contract to Yang Yi.

Yang Yi just knew that he would say this. “If we don’t take the order, it will affect our development in Europe.”

Min Yu glanced at Yang Yi with his deep cold eyes and spoke without restraint. “If we take it, it will attract trouble for us.”

“But…” Yang Yi wanted to say something more.

Min Yu raised his hand and interrupted him. “I have to go.”

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