Monarch of Time - Chapter 647 - 647 Gathering In The Arena

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After taking a look at the white-colored words that had appeared on his sect identifying token, Shun Long closed his eyes with that same smile on his face as he imagined himself leaving the foggy space in the 'Stone of Time'.

Liu Mei who was sitting on the bed with her eyes closed seemed to have senses something as she suddenly opened them in the next moment, before a brilliant smile appeared on her face as she called out joyously


Shun Long smiled as he walked towards Liu Mei and pulled her into a hug, before he asked her in a gentle tone

''Mei'er, how are you feeling?''

In the last month, Shun Long would often leave the foggy space of the 'Stone of Time' and return back to his room to play the guqin for Liu Mei.

However, unlike the first time that he had done so, when he had played the 'Silverbark guqin' without holding back and had caused the sound of his music to escape past the protective formations of his courtyard and spread to the streets and the nearby courtyards, this time Shun Long made sure to control the music, allowing it to stay within the confines of his own courtyard instead.

The main reason why Shun Long had done this in the past month wasn't to practice his skills with the guqin, but to help Liu Mei get rid of most of the negative effects of her 'Blood Absorption art'.

Shun Long clearly knew that the 'Blood Absorption art' could affect Liu Mei's soul if she ignored it, while its side effects had only grown more powerful in the last 5 months that Liu Mei had been increasing her cultivation.

Thus, Shun Long had told Liu Mei to spend this past month increasing her spiritual strength while Shun Long would also play the guqin for her every few days.

Liu Mei had naturally agreed to it without any hesitation.

Even if she didn't have the need to increase her soul sense, since Shun Long had asked her to do this, she wasn't going to refuse.

At the same time, Liu Mei knew clearly, that if she wanted to keep breaking through even further in the Nascent Soul stage in the future, the power of her spiritual strength couldn't be much lower than her qi cultivation.

This was something that every Nascent Soul stage cultivator had to do, including Shun Long.

Nodding her head, Liu Mei looked at Shun Long and smiled brightly before she said

''Long-ge, don't worry. I don't feel any discomfort.''

Shun Long nodded his head and patted Liu Mei's head gently, before Little Black's calm voice sounded in his mind a moment later

''Master, there is no need to worry.  After listening to master's music, even the last remnants of the effects of the 'Blood Absorption art' inside that little girl will have been completely expelled. Until she attempts to breakthrough and become a Dao King, master doesn't need to worry.''

Shun Long nodded his head seriously as he pondered over Little Black's words.

After all, he clearly understood what Little Black meant.

Although Liu Mei didn't have a problem right now, when she attempts to breakthrough to the Dao King realm in the future, things may not necessarily be the same.

''I will just deal with it when the time comes. As long as I keep Mei'er by my side, it will be alright.'' Shun Long said in his heart as he looked at the bewitchingly beautiful young woman in his arms who was staring back at him with an infatuated look in her black eyes.

As he and Liu Mei left the room, Shun Long saw Jiang Chen, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian, who were all sitting cross-legged in the courtyard outside with their eyes closed.

Shun Long's eyes lit up when he saw the dense darkness that was being emitted from Jiang Chen's body, the golden light coming from Bai Longtian, as well as Xingyi's body that was almost completely covered in shadows.

At the same time, Jiang Chen, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian all opened their eyes as they looked at Shun Long with excited smiles on their faces.

After all, today was the day of the Martial Roll of Honor tournament.

''There are actually so many people and everyone seems to be heading towards the arena as well.''

As Shun Long's group of 5 left the courtyard, they all saw thousands of outer disciples that had filled the streets, as they rushed towards the location of the arena, making Bai Longtian look at them and exclaim out in surprise.

This was the first time that Bai Longtian and the rest were seeing the streets of the Holy sect look so crowded.

''What did you expect? Unless they are idiots, none of them wants to miss the Martial Roll of Honor tournament.'' 

Jiang Chen glanced at Bai Longtian sideways before he said seriously, while the look in his eyes couldn't conceal his burning fighting intent.

Naturally, Jiang Chen was filled with excitement for this Martial Roll of Honor tournament as well.

This was where the strongest outer court disciples of the Holy sect fought each other.

Which expert didn't want to spar with others and become stronger?

Walking through the crowded streets of the Holy sect, it took more than an hour for Shun Long and the rest to arrive in front of the arena that seemed to have an enormous queue in front of it.

By the time that Shun Long and the rest managed to find some seats, it was already noon.

Finally, as the seats in the arena seemed to have been almost completely filled, a white-robed old man with clear wrinkles around his eyes and on his forehead seemed to have appeared out of nowhere in the sky above the arena.

The moment that the outer disciples in the arena saw this old man, the buzzing arena immediately fell silent.


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