Monarch of Time - Chapter 785 - 785 Jiang Tianfang's Suggestion

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This time, the people bidding for the 'Soul-locking talisman' were only the experts inside the private rooms, while none of the experts sitting in the normal seats down below looked to join in.

Naturally, a treasure that could even harm a peak rank 9 Sovereign realm powerhouse was enough to attract everyone's attention, but the terrifying starting price of 300.000 high-grade spirit stones was enough to daunt most people from even thinking of participating.

After all, the number of experts present in the auction today who were similar to Jiang Tianfang and could afford to spend that many high-grade spirit stones in one go could be counted on one hand, and even though they all coveted this 'Soul-locking talisman', they knew that it was already bound to end up in the hands of one of the experts in the private rooms.

Even Jiang Tianfang who was renowned throughout the northern part of the central region couldn't compete with a Sovereign realm expert in terms of wealth.

If it wasn't because Zhuan Jie needed to conserve most of his spirit stones to bid for the earth flame later on, it was practically certain that the price of the 'Golden light flower' would have exceeded the 500.000 high-grade spirit stones mark, and even Jiang Tianfang would find himself in a tough spot in that case.

In the end, the price of the 'Soul-locking talisman' reached an exorbitant amount of 1 million and 120 thousand high-grade spirit stones, and was purchased by one of the experts sitting in the private rooms, just like everyone else had expected.

With a smile on his face, Jiang Tianfang looked at Shun Long and asked

''Nephew Shun, do you know who is the person sitting inside the private room that just won this bid?''

Shun Long looked at Jiang Tianfang and shook his head before he asked

''I don't know. Could it be that uncle Jiang is familiar with that person?''

''Familiar? Haha, no, although I have met him once before, I can't really say that we are familiar with each other. However, nephew Shun might be interested in his identity instead. That person is the 7th general in the Northern Sovereign's army, Zi Hu.'' Jiang Tianfang said calmly as he stared at the blurry figure inside the private room that had just won the bid for the 'Soul-locking talisman'.''

''The 7th general?'' Shun Long asked in a somewhat curious tone as he stared at the blurry figure inside the private room opposite of his.

The only 'general' that he had met so far was the golden-armored old man back in the Northern Sovereign's estate, 'old Lin'.

Although Shun Long had heard from the Northern Sovereign herself, that there were 12 Sovereign realm experts in the Northern Sovereign's city, he had yet to meet another one of those experts.

At that moment, Jiang Tianfang realized that Shun Long didn't know too much about the top powers in the northern part of the central region, including the inner structure of the Northern Sovereign's army, so he nodded his head and begun to explain to him

''Right. It's only natural that nephew Shun doesn't know too much about the big powers of the central region, so let me explain.

The 'Northern Sovereign's city' is, unquestionably, the largest power in the northern part of the central region.  Other than the Northern Sovereign herself, you probably know already that there are 12 other Sovereign realm experts guarding the city, and those 12 Sovereigns are all subordinates of the Northern Sovereign herself.

Every single one of those 12 Sovereigns is an extremely powerful expert of their own, and they all rumored to train in the immortal-grade cultivation techniques and even immortal-grade martial skills from the Tianhuan dynasty.

Since nephew Shun has come to Murong city to deal with private matters, you should already have a certain degree of confidence in succeeding so I am not going to say anything. However, if you find yourself in trouble, I am sure that Zi Hu will help you with whatever it is that you may need as long as you reveal your identity to him. Naturally, if nephew Shun needs my help as well, all you have to do is ask. I may not be able to do too much right now, but I can at least assure you that no middle-stage Dao Emperor will be able to so much as touch you while you are with me.''

Shun Long nodded his head and cupped his hands at Jiang Tianfang, before he bowed slightly towards him and said in a grateful manner

''Thank you, uncle Jiang, but there is no need to worry. Even if I can't deal with my matters this time, I can always try to do so in the future. As for the Northern Sovereign, I would rather not ask her for help, unless it's absolutely necessary.''

Jiang Tianfang nodded his head and didn't say anything else, as he turned his attention towards the main stage of the auction venue where 2 late-stage Dao Emperors received the 'Soul-locking talisman' and took it to Zi Hu's private room, under the other experts' eyes.

Naturally, since Shun Long had already decided on his course of action, Jiang Tianfang wouldn't try to persuade him against it.

After all, as a powerful expert himself, Jiang Tianfang understood clearly that one of the things that was really hard to repay in the cultivation world, was a favor from another powerful expert.

If Shun Long owed the Northern Sovereign, it was very likely that the Northern Sovereign would wait until Shun Long became much stronger, perhaps even stronger than herself before she called in this favor.

Of course, what Jiang Tianfang didn't know was that Shun Long's target this time was an extremely powerful peak rank 9 Dao Emperor and the patriarch of the Murong family, Murong Tian.

Even if the Northern Sovereign knew about this, it was uncertain whether she would agree to help Shun Long kill him.

After all, Murong Tian wasn't any random Dao Emperor, and his death would greatly anger the Murong family.

At the same time, in Zhuan Jie's private room, the Sovereign realm expert from the 'Black mist valley' who had remained silent after the auctioning of the 'Golden light flower' suddenly exploded with laughter, as he looked at Zi Hu's private room in front of him and said in a mocking voice that resounded throughout the entire fifth floor

''Hahaha! Zi Hu, you would rather spend 1 million high-grade spirit stones on the 'Soul-locking talisman' instead of keeping them to bid for the earth flame? It seems that even the generals of the Northern Sovereign's army are just as stupid as the normal soldiers.''


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