Monster Factory - Chapter 606: I will pay you 200 Yuan.

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Chapter 606: I will pay you 200 Yuan.

The little girl’s parents were suddenly stunned. Is it true that the broken copper tripod oven in front of them is really worth 300,000 Yuan? Is this man, an expert in the program [Explore the treasures.]?

“I ~ I want to call the police. You said it was priceless,” The cook dressed in simple clothes, shaking, pulled out the phone and wanted to call 110. Not to mention three hundred thousand, even a hundred thousand, it’s a huge amount of money for them.

Han Si gestured indifferently and sat down in the chair again, cross-legged, with a sidelong expression, “There’s no point in calling the police. ~ “

“~ Don’t say that I, Han Si, intimidates you, ordinary people. The value of this tripod oven is priceless. My brother’s behavior is a little reckless, yes, but you hire a robot to do the job and let a minor child play with it. This is certainly not legal, and as the parents of that child, you naturally have to take responsibility.”

“No need to fight, I’ll pay that money,” Ye Qing stood up and said.

In the eyes of all present, there was a look of surprise and admiration. The guests were angry at the domination of the two men and sympathized with the family in the restaurant. But that’s only limited to verbal help. You can’t say they’re mean. After all, even if they want to help, they can’t help. These parents were stunned, and Han Si and his brother were stunned at the same time, even more, very stunned.

Coming from behind, Ye Qing walked over, “Pop ~” tapped two hundred pieces, and placed them on the table.

“It’s to compensate you for that brassware. You can take the money and can empty the place.”

“Who is insulting you?”

Aqiang slammed, the ghost fire burned from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head, and he silently raised his fist to punch Ye Qing. A powerful palm intercepted his attack in the air. Aqiang’s face changed dramatically and he tried pulling out his fist, but his bones were about to be crushed, so he must have screamed in pain. Then he was kicked in the stomach and sent back out the door. The guests were surprised by the sudden change.

Didn’t they know, when behind this young man stood a man in a suit with a cold face and a dangerous look? When Han Si’s eyes came to touch him, it was as if he had encountered a brutal and ruthless beast, making his back shiver.

“Don’t say I’m intimidating you two, I only pay 200 Yuan for this broken oven. ~ If you’re unconvinced, call the police.”

After speaking, Ye Qing walked over to the Guardian robot and helped it up as it fell to the ground. That kick didn’t hurt any part of the robot, but it hurt a little girl’s mind, then the Master Metal Expert added: “This big boss will pay you to compensate you instead of others.”

Han Si’s face has turned red and white, this man has a big voice, and yet he looks like an ordinary man.

Han Si could not come to terms with this definition: he is 33 years old this year, and he is well known in fundraising circles across the country. Ordinary people can be ignorant and uninformed people. Usually, when he said his name ‘Han Si’, everyone would inevitably say this person is powerful and had a large circle of friends. Now, this young man put two hundred Yuan on the table and said he compensated him for the Tang Dynasty bronze tripod oven that he bought for 300,000 Yuan.

“No kidding, 200,000 Yuan will be unable to solve this case. Two hundred, two hundred Yuan, let you take a taxi and come back.”

The restaurant guests admired the gesture that Ye Qing made in their hearts, and couldn’t help but secretly worry about him. The two in front of him are uneasy to provoke at first glance. The older brother was really kind of an antiques expert, who got on TV, and now he’s punched his younger brother…

“Since you are an expert in antiques and especially in bronze, you must be a connoisseur of watches. There are also a lot of well-known brands and names. “

Ye Qing stretched out his left hand and displayed his watch in front of his sight. “Do you know it?”

Han Si looked at him disdainfully. This watch belonged to a collection of watches. He hadn’t seen anything like it. He thought he was going to see a beautiful and bright watch, which Ye Qing just wanted… wait… Han Si’s gaze suddenly became extremely surprised, even more, incredible than seeing the bronze cauldron of the Tang Dynasty that he had put a lot of effort into picking up before he was broken. It was a watch with a round dark gold dial, three small dials that can be seen through the mirror, and Patek Philippe’s unique timing button design watch.

“Bay… Patek Philippe, 2499 red gold model?” Han Si shuddered: “It is impossible. There are only ten watches of this kind of watch in the world, but only nine watches in circulation. How could this appear in China? ~ Four years ago? At the Antigulun auction, the same model was sold for over 10 million yuan. Your watch is copied so well that you can sell it for 40 million Yuan. A fake… a fake isn’t it? “

When he said that sentence, he let Bai Douer chuckle to the side.

Han Si was unsure; this beautiful girl who looked like a little fairy seemed to express herself with a smile on her face. His imagination was so rich. He had looked at the cold man next door with dangerous eyes he had a bodyguard style, that was obvious. He unknowingly oozed cold sweat on his forehead and realized he had provoked a great man who cannot be offended.

“I… I, I can’t afford to offend you, I admit it. ~ I’m sorry.”

Han Si’s response left the guests stunned. Three hundred thousand Yuan for an antique bronze tripod kiln worth five million Yuan is scary enough. My God, now they were talking about a watch on that young man’s wrist that’s worth $ 40 million?

Even if they heard this kind of thing on the internet, they wouldn’t believe it, but it was real…

A customer had laughed in his heart. To drive this expert mad again, he didn’t expect a random watch to be worth more than seven or eight precious antique bronze tripod ovens. What is the origin of this young man?

“But why did you only give two hundred Yuan? I really am not a stray, and you have to believe me, this tripod oven is really worth 300,000 Yuan,” Han Si very distressed, cleaned the table and picked up the oven tripod broken into three pieces.

“You experts, you haven’t learned any other skills, and you’ve learned ten percent of science during your study time. ~ Two hundred Yuan is already a lot to pay you because the rags in your hands are fakes,” Ye Qing looked at Han Si with silly eyes.

“Impossible, I am an expert in bronze. I studied this stove for a long time before daring to buy it,” Han Si continued to shake his head, trying to accuse the young man of not knowing the bronzes, but he did not dare to speak.

Ye Qing picked up a piece of bronze from the table and said: “Come see the color inside the fracture.”

“The color is correct. The ancients used molds to cast bronzes. When the red copper juice was melted, lead was added. Over time the original dark red bronzes were oxidized and turned blue-gray on the outside, but dark red on the inside can be kept forever. This is the case with all bronzes. The color is not dark red, and there is no trachoma on the inside. This is not a fake,” Han Si explained very tactfully. Even if this young man had knowledge of bronze, he would not dare to laugh at him.

His professional explanation made the guests nod their heads in a seemingly understandable way. This expert does not have a good character, but he still has professional knowledge.

Unexpectedly, the young man burst out laughing.

“Do you know that the grade of China copper mine has always been very low, and there are a lot of other metals associated with it?”

“Do you know the subtle color difference between the copper mine with silver, thallium, and selenium and the imported copper mine with high grade and less biomass after smelting?”

“Do you know that this furnace tripod in your hand, a fake craftsman, deliberately imitates the ancient smelting method without modern purification of copper ore, inadvertently exposing the fact that it is an imported copper mine from Australia?”


The restaurant was completely quiet, and Han Si was completely stunned.

“Is that a copper kiln imported from an Australian copper mine?”

In 1606, the Spanish navigator Torres, who became the 6th Australian, the Tang Dynasty was over a thousand years earlier than this period in history. At that time, Australia may only have kangaroo inhabitants. The ancient Tangs couldn’t trade tea for copper mines with kangaroos.

“Oh no… I… was cheated on?” Han Si was completely confused by this huge and ruthless blow.

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