Monster Factory - Chapter 607: Unforgettable night.

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Chapter 607: Unforgettable night.

Depending on the color of the metal, the approximate origin of the metal ore can be distinguished. This technique obviously goes beyond the limits of people’s comprehension.

Han Si looked at the fragments of the coin bought for 300,000 Yuan with regret, he had studied bronze for over ten years, and unexpectedly he was deceived by a forgery.

“I really don’t know… how to thank you, thank you for your helping out,” The restaurant chef was excited and wanted to thank Ye Qing: “Sit down please; I will go to the kitchen to make a special dish for you.”

The spectators continued standing. Thumbs up and repeatedly praised Ye Qing’s greatness.

Ye Qing also did not refuse the kindness of the restaurant chef who personally brought the dishes to him and also brought a bottle of the best specialty Tibetan wine from his store. It turned out that when the meal was over and there were no other guests in the restaurant, Ye Qing had accompanied him for two drinks.

Ye Qing had a doubt. This man was able to open a restaurant in an old village in the tourist area. He saw that the layout of the house seemed to have changed after taking the private house as a restaurant, and in this way, the rent was saved. It is reasonable to say this man will not be rich and fortunate in a short time, in addition, he cannot be saved from his poverty until his clothes are replaced by new and clean ones, and for that, it is necessary a few years. Instead, he bought a guardian robot to be a waiter.

The skilled chef smiled bitterly and cleaned a glass of wine, and wanted to explain to Ye Qing why he and his wife were reluctant to buy clothes. The cause of the case was too uncomplicated, because of the savings. Ye Qing got it all in his heart when the guests left in groups of two or three persons and the aunt came pushing a wheelchair with a little girl in it.

In a car accident two years ago, the little girl lost the ability to walk. In order to take care of this little girl named Yang Yiyu, her parents did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to go to the United States to rehabilitate her to walk. Yang Yiyu’s eyebrows were marked with a trace of grief that did not match her age, and the corners of her eyes were red, she had obviously just been crying.

Seeing Ye Qing, she immediately smiled softly: “Thank you, brother. If it weren’t for your help, the two wicked would definitely make us pay compensation for the broken oven.”

“You are brave. You are not to blame for this matter, and it is a pity. Next time you meet a villain, use the Guardian robot to beat him,” Ye Qing touched Yang Yiyu’s tiny head, the little girl was very beautiful, without the inability to walk she would certainly meet many young boys at school.

“Bad people are often unmet; I think there are a lot of good people in society.”

Ye Qing nodded, it seemed like she was still very positive and upbeat.

While continuing to chat, Ye Qing also learned that this little girl Yang Yiyu, after long-term rehabilitation treatment, her spinal injury had improved and her legs had already felt a bit. There is a third hope that she can recover in the future.

“With this restaurant, we have a stable income. It doesn’t matter if we save a little bit of life. As long as the girl can stand up, no matter how hard and tired it is, it’s worth it,” while drinking a rare drink explained the chef, his face full of nostalgia.

“I wish her a speedy recovery!” Ye Qing nodded and had a drink with him, and before he left, he took the initiative to add Yang Yiyu’s WeChat while offering: “If his treatment costs are not enough in the future, I can help you.”


As soon as he left the house, Ye Qing was a little stunned, because he saw Han Si, who was still crouching by the side of the road, taking the broken copper tripod into three pieces, and remaining in a daze.

Han Si looked up and saw Ye Qing. He immediately stuck it on like a dog skin bandage while weeping, and said: “Big brother; big brother; please teach me how I can know the origin of the bronze material. Big brother, you know what, I have been an expert for ten years, and today is the worst time I got slapped by a counterfeit product. I want to learn your skills, from now I will try to not be fooled by a piece of bronze.”

“Just because of your virtue, it’s a good thing to be deceived,” Ye Qing rarely looked at him.

“Big brother, I will definitely change, and I promise I will be polite when I meet you. Big brother, please,” Han Si became a thick-skinned city wall at this point.

“Go back and buy local copper ores and imported copper ores, and slowly smelt them the old way. I’ll teach you that you can’t learn IQ.”

After speaking, Ye Qing brushed aside the “dog skin bandage”.

After leaving the ancient village of Yangteizi, Ye Qing and Bai Douer proceeded to Taiqing Temple, Chess Stone, and Hualou, these famous scenic spots.

The chessboard stone grows at the edge of the cliff, sloping and extending into the cliff, with a large hanging area below.

If there is a pool below, it is a natural diving platform. It’s a shame that there is a big cliff where people have died without paying for their lives, and even Ye Qing got up, feeling a bit limp in his legs and feet. But at a more marginal position, there were a few young people posing there to take pictures with all kinds of dangerous and stimulating actions, they really weren’t afraid of losing their lives.

After visiting several scenic spots, the sky darkened as well. So, they went to town to choose a Turkish barbecue restaurant and ate some delicious special barbecue. The bright moon was already hanging out outside and there was no place to play except the bar.

The atmosphere has become a bit wonderful. Of course, the bar they won’t go to the bar. It seems they can only…

On the way to the seaside villa, in the silent carriage, Bai Douer’s long eyelashes quivered slightly, and her cheeks flushed red.

“Later, let Master Jin open a new room, okay?” Bai Douer buried her face in the spectacle, her voice so weak he could barely hear it.

“Okay,” Ye Qing nodded with heavy breathing.

There are three floors in the sea view villa, the master bedroom is on the second floor and there were separate guest bedrooms on the first floor. Originally, it was planned to let the Master Metal Expert stay on the first floor, but after repeated reminders from Bai Douer, Ye Qing also felt that it was more natural for the two to live alone in the villa.

After arriving at the hotel, the Master Metal Expert spoke quietly to the receptionist and went to live in a standard room. Ye Qing happily held Bai Douer’s hand and pushed open the door to their sea-view villa.

When they entered the master bedroom, the blush on Bai Douer’s face had reached her neck, as if she couldn’t even go.

At this point, Ye Qing had to take the initiative. He adjusted the light to a slightly low level, picked up Bai Douer around her waist, and gently laid her on the bed.

“Uh ~ I haven’t… I haven’t had a shower yet,” Bai Douer buried her face in the soft pillow, acting like an ostrich. The body was weak, but the heartbeat was very strong and an indescribable sensation spread through it.

“Well, you’ll wash up later, let’s talk first,” Ye Qing also lay down, resting his hands on the pillow.

The little cat made a buzz, Ye Qing thought she was so cute at the time but she pinched his little nose in a playful manner. Next to her, he could still smell a faint scent, which seemed to be the residual scent of the wash water, and it seemed to come from his body which had been unsprayed with perfume.

At that point, Ye Qing, who had originally planned to speak and arbitrate the atmosphere, actually didn’t need to say more. Bai Douer’s thoughts were revealed to him wholeheartedly, which he needed to do and make the relationship between the two more intimate. With that in mind, he stood up and closed the curtain on the glass door leading to the pool and the curtain on the window, letting the room plunged into a quieter two-person world. After doing all of this, he, who is much stronger physically than an ordinary person, felt a little short of breath and nervous inside.

No, it was just a heavy breath, and the body was still full of strength.

Then… Ye Qing lifted the quilt, squeezed Bai Douer’s soft waist from behind, gently moved to her beautiful red neck, and kissed her.

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