Monster Integration - Chapter 2189: Midnight Summon

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Chapter 2189: Midnight Summon

It had been fourteen days since I had a meeting with the Great Commander, and war had become even more intense, and we have lost another Grandmaster.

Things are raging, and even Grandmasters are dying; even they who are just below the Grand Lord couldn't guarantee their lives, and it is not early Grandmasters are dying. The Grimms are even successful in killing one of the elites.

I knew him sort of off; he is the friend of one of the Grandmasters I had healed and came to me thanking me personally.

"You all have done well during experiments and have made huge progress. It is now time for you to show it in the war," I had said to four of my mentees, all of whom are leaving for different battlefields, even Neela is leaving, and she will go without Ida this time.

She needs to learn to fight in huge wars, and with Ida around to handle most dangers, she will not learn that properly.

She will not only fight but will also heal, she is a war medic, and I have to say, her Inheritance is much better during the war than mine. She could heal the patients while they were fighting the enemies and even learned to tweak the chemical balance of the body.

It will help her even make dying humans a raging powerhouse. Though there are serious side effects of such things, they are sometimes necessary during the war.

"I hope you would put a noteworthy performance in the battle," I said and filled their wine glasses again. 

I have taken out one of the most precious wines I have; it is something I had found long ago when I was a knight, and only Tyrants could drink it safely.

Till now, I have found many wines in the storages of enemies, but I have never found a wine better than it. Even though the vine was crafted with mediocre resources, the craftsmanship was amazing, and thousands of years of aging had made it really good.

Professor always had begged me for some, but I have never given her more than what I had given her initially. I have rarely opened these bottles, but before I knew it, I had reached the last bottle, which will also get empty today.

"You have the best things, Lord Micheal. It is the best wine Ive ever drank by far," Ida said as she took a sip of the vine. "It really is good; I don't think we could ever find such level of the vine in the market," Leonard said.

Before, Leonard rarely spoke, but now he began to open up a little by little; it is a good thing for him and his practice. A caged mind does not help but impedes progress.

"Well-aged wines that are found in ruins are one of the hardest things to get hands-on. Many old monsters like them and would get their hands on it as soon as it appears; in Supremes, you could get a lesson or two from old monsters if you can give them a bottle of good wine," Danielle said softly as she twirled the wine from her glass.

They stayed half an hour more after an hour before they left; each of them was going to leave the Pyramid by midnight.

This time, they will take a while to return, three to four weeks at the least. Their bodies and soul had gone to lots of experiments, and if I continued, it would affect them adversely. The battles, on the other hand, will be very, very useful.

After they left, I shared the remaining bottle with Ashlyn and Nero. I had to give it to them; those two were staring at the bottle hungrily. If I had not given it to them, they would have taken it themselves.

After finishing the bottle, I trained for an hour and went to my core. There I worked on my Inheritance for a few hours before opening the tome.

It had been a long time, but even now, I was not able to pass the test. As always, no matter how good my recipe is, the being would reject it. Sometimes, it felt like it was toying me, and there was nothing above I could learn.

Still, inventing and perfecting new and old recipes, I want to see how long it could keep the farce going, and it is not like I am wasting my time.

I am pushing myself in control Ive never done before, which is not only improving my control, but I have also been able to cook the recipes with even greater expertise; these reasons are more than enough for me to continue trying.

I practiced for a little more than an hour which is days in a time, before I got out of my core and fell asleep tiredly.

Ting Ting Ting!

I was sleeping soundly when my holowatch rang. I opened my eyes in a second and received the call after seeing who it was.

"Micheal, come to my office in half an hour," Lord Whitman said and cut the call. 

I did not question him and got out of bed and walked into the bathroom to freshen up. He did not immediately ask me in his office, so it should not be an emergency, but it is important, seeing he had called me in the middle of the night.

Knock Knock

Exactly half an hour later, I knocked on the door of Lord Whitman's office, and it had opened a second later. I walked in and was surprised to find a familiar person was sitting opposite him.

It was Rhea; I had only seen her two times after I had rescued her in Lancet ruin. After she had been discharged from the hospital, she was sent on the mission the very next day.

It was a secret one, so she did not tell me about it, but she said it was very dangerous and she was nothing but a meat shield for someone important, who I know but again did not tell me about that person's identity.

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