Monster Integration - Chapter 2640: Unless Someone Is Really Dying…

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Chapter 2640: Unless Someone Is Really Dying…


The formation of the bronze energy cauldron lit up, and the cooling solution began to rapidly drain from it till nothing remained.

When the last drop of solution from the cauldron was drained, the cauldron had vanished, and I appeared back into the hall and saw him slumping on the ground with dense sweat piled all over his body; and when he looked at me, he glared angrily.

“What was that? You were so crazily refining the energy, barely giving me the time to manage the energies. If I had made even the slightest mistake, the solution would have failed, and these huge amounts of precious resources would have been wasted,” he screamed through his tiredness.

“You have succeeded, and looking at the color, the result is not bad,” I said, taking one of the two bottles floating in front of me.

The solution inside the glass bottle is vibrant green; we have created the perfect grade solution. We have been hoping for the best grade but ended up crafting a perfect grade solution. A thing he should be proud and looking at his eye, he is feeling proud.

“Yes, the result is not bad,” Jim said softly as he got up and took the bottle in his hand. “Good luck, next time you should use your own fiancé for it,” I said.

I am not planning to participate in another session of alchemy anytime soon. I have been boiled alive, and till I forget what I have experienced today, I will be coming back to this hall. “Don’t say that if the usage of solution proved as good as the formula said, we might have crafted another one soon enough,” he said, looking at me with a fawning smile.

“Like, I had said, Use Your Own Fiance,” I said, emphasizing on words, before walking toward the door.

Jim walked with me toward the exit of his artifact, and we discussed some things, and soon, we were out in the garden.

“So, you are out tomorrow?” Jim asked, “Yes, don’t contact me unless it is a question of life and death,” I said with all seriousness, but it had made the smile on his face bigger.

“Who is she? The one who had finally made you take a day off,” he asked with a teasing smile. “There is no she; I am burned out, and if I do not take a break, I will simply collapse,” I said without a change in my expression. He is not the only one who has asked me this question today.

“Keep lying; I know you are dating someone,” He said and looked at me seriously; I smiled at him and walked toward the teleportation formation.

I may not look like it, I am in a hurry, but I am walking at normal speed. As there was still quite a redness on my skin, and I wanted to disappear before I stepped into the formation.


I was walking toward the formation when my holowatch buzzed with the purple marked mail from the Pyramid. I really didn’t want to open it, but seeing it being purple marked, I opened it with some effort while desperately preying on it shouldn’t be something that needed my attention.


I read the mail, and it couldn’t help but surprise me and also bring a smile to my face when I read about the result.

The last of five teams that had gone to be the ruin had returned, and they had come with the victory. We have gained complete control of the resource site from the Grimms; it is a huge accomplishment that is worth a celebration.

I know Jill won’t have any problem accomplishing this task.

We had sent the five teams to the ruins and realms, and four came back. They were not victorious, but they did not lose either; they came back, killing many Grimms and bringing huge destruction to the resource site.

These resource sites were extremly important to the Grimms that when they sensed our attack, they sent huge reinforcement, and after day, we also began to send the reinforcement. The numbers have reached so high that their sixty-seven Grandmasters were fighting in those five realms and ruins.

Especially this last ruin, which alone had twenty-two Grandmasters and three High-Grandmasters. We have lost three Grandmasters, which is a huge loss but compared to what we have got, it is worth it, especially in these times, when the value of the resources sites have skyrocketed.

Since the big attack, changes have begun to appear in the war; it begins to shift.

We are now sending more and more forces into the ruins; it is not just Emperors and Tyrants, but also Knights and above powerhouses.

The council had said given the result of the battle and how our forces have come out near equal term; both sides will not focus on increasing the number of powerhouses they have, and since both of us have a method to increase the number of powerhouses, the focus will shift to resources.

Soon, the war in ruins is going to escalate, and it going to cost Pyramid a lot; unlike the war on the mainland, the war on the ruin is different, we can not shift too many forces, and it also cost a lot.

It is a huge amount of crystals to activate ream breaking formation and gates, and according to the council, we might need to shift 3% to 10% of our forces into the runes, and we do not have enough chrystals for that or even the ruin breaking formation to shift even minimum of those numbers.

Though there is one silver lining in it, the council calculates that we might have more chrystals than the Grimms, as every Grimm is crystals mine for us, but we might not have enough realm-breaking gates; Grimm has more of them.

The Pyramid had already begun collecting the realm-breaking gates; their numbers had already reached thousand and increasing every day.

I hope we will have enough of them; we could not afford to even slightest in this new frontier.

I read the mail, which is also a summon for a meeting; I looked at it for a while before replying with a no. I will not be heeding the council’s summons this time. It is already past twelve, and unless someone is really dying, I am not going to change my plans.

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