Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Authors : Thousand Birch Shedding , 千桦尽落

Status : Completed

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 1461

Last update: a year ago

3.8 /5

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With his engagement at hand, the most terrifying and legendary person of the legal world, Fu Huai'an, returns with a son. Before the engagement He asks, "Since you love Wen Moshen, why are you in my bed?" She says, "Because I cannot watch idly as Wen Moshen's woman enters an engagement with you." With a cigarette in Fu Huai'an's mouth, he crosses his legs. Across the light cloud of smoke, he squints his eyeswatching as Lin Nuan's slim arms wrap around his neck; he feels stirred. So a person can love another so passionately. "You call what you did a kiss?" "" "What a pure lady!" Fu Huai'an spews out a cloud of smoke and snuffs out the cigarette. With a mellow voice, he says, "Let me teach you what kissing is!" But, what he teaches Lin Nuan doesn't seem to be only a kiss

Mr Fu, I Really Love You